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GKFX Trading in the morning - Now for the exclusive trading webinar

GKFX trading in the morning (01/20): Broker offers MORNING exclusive webinar Good start to the trading day Use now for GKFX & trading webinar.

On November 10, 2017, at 8.45 a.m., GKFX trading expert Stefan Salomon will present the webinar "Trading in the Morning" on the current market situation. Salomon gives an outlook on the opportunities and risks of the day and looks at the whole range of important financial instruments from indices to forex to bonds. Economic policy decisions and the appropriate setups are also presented.

All important information for the day

For traders, the current stock market news and the market situation are playing always a big role. The market situation is determined by supply and demand in the market or for a specific product. If you always have an overview of the market, will find interesting investment opportunities. Traders can also better classify opportunities and risks. The question of whether the mood on the markets is currently changing also plays an important role.

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News from companies and business

In addition, traders should always keep an eye on the economic policy situation and know which economic and political decisions are pending. These can also influence the mood on the markets. When an interest rate decision by a central bank or the publication of economic data are pending, trading decisions can often be made in this environment.

The situation of a single company or the development of an index such as the Dow Jones can change affect the whole situation on the stock exchange. If traders are not informed about such reports and changes, they will not recognize interesting investment opportunities. In the worst case, they are not informed about risks and dangers. "Trading in the morning" provides a good overview here.

Stock exchange news for traders

Stock exchange news can be the basis for investments. In addition, forecasts are issued on this basis. Politicians and entrepreneurs also used stock market news for their decisions. However, traders have to choose which financial news is of interest to them. So it may be that only the stock market news that is interesting for your equity portfolio play a role for you. Stefan Salomon therefore covers a broad range of financial instruments and their current development in "Trading am Morgen."

News from all over the world for Forex traders

Above all, Forex traders should always be informed about reports from politicians and business around the world, but above all in Europe and the USA. Currencies are traded day and night. Therefore, an important message can come in from the USA at night. Therefore, anyone who is informed in the morning about the current news situation is on the safe side. Even those who trade in other currencies should always keep an eye on messages relating to the main currencies, the euro and the dollar, as these can also affect other currencies.

GKFX Trading in the morning - Now for the exclusive trading webinar

Financial news part of risk management

Traders who are always well informed about current news and the market situation can react to an announcement early. With a little experience, traders can recognize which development can lead to a price change. For many traders, the latest information on economic policy decisions and the market situation is part of their trading strategy. "Trading in the Morning" is an ideal webinar to regularly follow the latest developments.

Markets and News

On a lot of news from politicians, economists and central banks the markets react very quickly. Above all, surprising news can get the markets moving quickly. For example, if economic data does not turn out as expected, or if the ECB makes an unexpected decision, it can affect the markets in a short time. A large number of actors play a role around the markets. Statements from heads of state and government can be as interesting as from individual companies. If you pay attention to the latest news when trading, you can react to it with shares, indices or currencies.

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Economic calendar with important data

Traders can keep track of which important dates are in the Economic Calendar. This can be found not only at many brokers, but also on other websites on the Internet. Almost every day there are market-relevant appointments and publications: Companies have annual press conferences, economic research institutes publish economic or labor market data and central banks explain their decisions at press conferences.

Often there are in the days leading up to the move on markets. Experienced traders can derive the possible reaction of the markets from an appointment or a message and place a trade accordingly. If, for example, it is foreseeable that the Fed will raise interest rates in the USA, one can speculate in forex trading on the dollar.

Fulfill market expectations

If, for example, economic data is better if it turns out to be as expected, an index like the DAX or the Dow Jones can react particularly positively. On the contrary, if, for example, labor market data are worse than expected, share prices can react negatively. If an important decision or publication is pending, experts often give their opinion in advance. A certain expectation arises. If this market expectation is not met because the message turns out to be different than expected, this can cause a lot of movement in the market.

Traders should therefore always market expectations and the mood of the Markets be informed. This is the only way they can see what a publication or message will do. Here the opinions of experts are often a good help. However, a change can only be delayed. Falling exchange rates, for example, usually have an impact on companies some time later.

Find suitable setups

Well-informed traders can find suitable entry and exit points Find. With the help of a setup, traders can find out when they should start trading. A setup is based on different criteria, which traders have often put together according to their trading style and strategy. You can use certain points to assess when you should start trading.

With a setup, market news, market dates, market analyzes or trends can be predefined criteria. Information obtained in this way can now be suggestions for a trade. Experienced traders can also adapt their setup to changes in the market.

GKFX - Fare trading su Forex come i Trader Istituzionali

Conclusion: Use webinars at GKFX

GKFX offers numerous webinars for beginners and advanced users. With "Trading am Morgen", Stefan Salomon, as an experienced expert, gives tips for the trading day, while "Trading am Sonntag" takes a look at the upcoming trading week. Beginners will find numerous webinars in which they can learn more about the first steps in trading.

In addition, advanced materials are available for advanced topics on trading. At webinars and live seminars on site, traders receive interesting information and tips from experienced speakers who are always available to answer questions. If you have any questions, the customer service at the GKFX branch in Frankfurt is also a competent contact.

At "Trading in the morning", GKFX expert Stefan Salomon announced on 10 November at 8.45 a.m. another outlook for trading day. He looks at the opportunities and risks of the day and takes a look at the economic and political events of the day. He will present suitable setups.

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GKFX Trading in the morning - Now for the exclusive trading webinar

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