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GKFX Spread - keep an eye on trading costs in 2020 as well

GKFX Spread 2020: What should you know about the GKFX Spread? - Broker costs under the magnifying glass - Use knowledge now & save a lot of € uros.

The most important characteristics of various brokers include the spreads that they estimate. The spreads are fees that the broker charges for his work, and the costs for one and the same trading instrument can sometimes be different for two brokers. If you are also looking for a trading provider, you can find out more about the GKFX Spread below. We present the GKFX Spread Betting and show which trading accounts are available to the users.

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If you are looking for a complete GKFX Spread Betting Review, the GKFX experiences can be read on this page. There you will find a detailed article on the broker's offer and the reader will find out all the important services and conditions.

The most important information about the GKFX Spread at a glance:

  • GKFX is a British broker who offers trading in CFDs and currency pairs
  • For each trading instrument, GKFX provides information on spreads, trading times, lot sizes and margin requirements
  • The GKFX spread: EUR / USD from 1.5 pips, DAX at 1 point, silver at 4 pips

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GKFX Spread - keep an eye on trading costs in 2020 as well

Which trading instruments can be found at GKFX?

The company GKFX Financial Services Ltd. was founded in 2009 and has its own headquarters in London. The broker primarily offers trading in derivative financial instruments and has set itself the ambitious goal of becoming one of the world's largest brokers in this area. When it comes to GKFX spread betting, the broker has a lot to offer and offers customers a huge range of tradable instruments.

At GKFX there are currently currency pairs and CFDs on commodities, indices or stocks Find. In the area of ​​forex trading, the trader can choose from 50 currency pairs, which include both majors and exotics. With regard to CFD underlyings, hundreds of values ​​ are available and for each of them you will find detailed information on GKFX trading hours, the minimum margin and the possible leverage. As a result, the broker offers maximum transparency with regard to pricing and all conditions and with just a few clicks you can find all the information you need.

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These trading accounts are available to traders

GKFX has two different trading accounts and a free demo account. If you are an inexperienced trader, a demo account is a good way to get to know the broker's trading platform in a relaxed and non-binding manner before you start real money trading. The account is created in a few minutes and you can then start trying out all the functions of the trading application.

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Standard trading account: With this one GKFX Spread Trading Live account has a minimum lot size of 0.1 and the maximum size is 50 lots per instrument and per click. The possible leverage is up to 400: 1 and anyone using a standard account can access all trading instruments. A minimum deposit is not required and the minimum payment is € 100, US $ or British pounds.

Micro-Account: This GKFX Spread Trading Live account is intended for those who want to start want to start a little smaller and don't want to trade large positions. The minimum lot size for the micro account is 0.01 and a maximum of 5 lots can be traded at the same time. The minimum deposit here is EUR 100, GBP or USD and here too a maximum leverage of 400: 1 applies. In contrast to the standard trading account, traders can only access Forex and commodity markets.

GKFX Spread - keep an eye on trading costs in 2020 as well

The spreads at GKFX: What about it?

In In most cases, GKFX estimates variable spreads for the trading instruments , which are based, among other things, on the volatility of the market. So that you always have an overview of these cost items, you will find extensive tables at broker which, among other things, show the associated minimum spread for each trading instrument. The spreads for some of the most important trading instruments are as follows:

  • EUR / USD: 1.5 ticks to 1.8 pips
  • GBP / USD: 2 ticks to 2.3 Pips
  • USD / CHF: 3 ticks to 3.3 pips
  • DAX 30 and UK 100: 1 point
  • S&P 500: 4 pips
  • gold: 5 pips
  • silver: 4 pips

If you always want to be up-to-date and know exactly which GKFX spread the trader will face, then you just have a look the market information table, which contains the current conditions at all times.

Our conclusion on the GKFX spread:

The broker GKFX has focused on the Forex Trading and trading in contracts for differences specializes in this area and offers a large selection of different underlyings such as stocks, indices or commodities. The spreads in Forex trading start at 1.5 pips, the DAX spread is 1 point and for trading in gold CFDs 5 pips are due per trade. You can get detailed information about all trading instruments and underlyings at any time and see at a glance all spreads, trading times, margin requirements and lot sizes. The broker also scores in terms of training courses: Since May 2016, interested parties have been able to continue their advanced training in the video series "Act successfully with technical analysis". Due to the very good price-performance ratio and the exemplary customer support, the participants of the DKI survey voted the broker the best CFD broker of 2016.

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GKFX Spread - keep an eye on trading costs in 2020 as well

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