Give IG a chance when trading binary options!

IG also cuts a fine figure as a binary options broker. Many markets, trading types and instruments can enable flexible trading. Get on.

The broker IG can now boast a corporate network that spans almost 20 countries worldwide. In winter 2013, an average of five million trades were processed each month via the provider's trading platform. What even many customers of the listed broker do not know: In addition to forex trading and trading in contracts for differences, IG allows trading in binary options to the same extent. For many traders, regulation by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) is important as a basis for their own security. The conditions for binary trading can also convince.

The best IG binary options alternatives

Traders can already trade with options from 60 seconds

It is quite surprising that little is known so far that IG is also represented in the binary options broker comparison. Because the conditions are quite impressive. Because the provider already allows traders to trade with 60-second options. The time limit is currently one month. Binary trading gives traders the opportunity to benefit from acute movements in the prices of many different trading instruments. There are particularly good opportunities here when markets are rather weak. The fact that customers of the broker know as usual what the probability of profit and loss is before opening the positions is clearly an advantage in connection with the opening of an account. In the area of ​​particularly short-term investments, the broker works with its "Sprint Markets" offer. Orders with a duration of 60 seconds are available in total from five minutes. Furthermore, binary options can be traded over a period of 20 and 60 minutes and 24 hours, a week and a month.

Summary of some advantages:

  • Good selection of binary options Options

  • 7 different terms and 6 trading types selectable

  • Trading regulated by BaFin

  • 300 € Minimum deposit for opening an account

  • understandable trading platform MetaTrader 4 and mobile trading

Give IG a chance when trading binary options!

Several dozen international trading venues are available

Trading can take place in many international markets via the broker IG. Several dozen markets come into question, so that in addition to options on the most well-known indices, foreign exchange, raw materials and stocks can also be traded. In this case, traders have various economic indicators at their disposal that enable them to assess the current economic situation. When it comes to the types of trading, traders can also draw on their full resources in order to be able to orientate themselves on the respective market situation and the existing volatility. One of the choices is the so-called "one-touch" trade. In addition, there are currently five other types of trading with the "Leiter", "Tunnel", "Hi-Lo", "Target" models and the classic "Hoch / Tief" range. The exciting thing about the trading model is that all of the instruments mentioned are not only used online via the trading platform MetaTrader 4.

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Broker appeals to all device users in mobile binary trading

At the same time there are apps ready for retrieval for mobile trading. In this case, there are such apps for mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads as well as corresponding devices with Android or Windows operating systems. Even the users of a BlackBerry mobile phone, which in many brokers tend to rely on browser-based trading, are provided with their own suitable application at IG. Several awards speak for the IG model for binary options trading. For traders with a preference for binary trading, the orientation of the offer with the format one-click trading has a favorable effect. The MetaTrader 4 (MT4) can be practically adapted to individual wishes by traders. The layout can be easily changed and adapted to your own wishes. Dealers can continue to take advantage of various so-called "ProRealTime Charts". Due to the often very short-term price developments for binary options, such offers for investors prove to be a good approach for market analysis.

Give IG a chance when trading binary options!

Chart tools facilitate the valuation of the markets

The charts are generally free and can be used for direct trading. Numerous technical indicators allow a conscious evaluation of the current situation on the market. One of the special features of the binary offer is that IG offers direct market access on request. This offer, known as DMA Trading, simplifies opening positions directly in your own order book, especially in connection with the simple price search, especially for more experienced traders. This service, however, plays a role more when trading in contracts for differences. Technically speaking, IG customers have the opportunity to create their own price alarms and watch lists. In this way, the trading risk can be reduced with careful planning - also and especially with automated trading. Worldwide, traders can choose between over 1,000 trading venues. Binary options can also be traded on many of them. According to the broker, the prices and prices for the options are obtained exclusively from so-called "primary stock exchanges", which leads to favorable conditions.

Demo account with a uniform 10,000 USD credit

Around the Traders can get a demo account to test binary options trading, which can be an important contribution to their own risk management, especially for every beginner. This can be used to develop your own strategies. $ 10,000 can be used for testing for 14 days. Should any further questions arise in the course of this introductory process, the broker's German-speaking customer service department is available to answer questions from Monday to Friday between 8:15 and 22:15. Money to the right live account can be made by credit card or bank transfer. 1.5% fee will be charged on credit card payments. A minimum deposit of € 300 is not required by the broker for opening an account. However, the offer of the CFDs on binary options generally provides for a minimum turnover of $ 10.00 or the corresponding amount in the respective local currency at the trading venue. The exact contract details explain which instrument can be used with which trading types and terms.

The broker's fee schedule can be described as transparent. Traders should always inquire about the spreads and commissions as well as the possible further financing costs, as there can always be changes in the conditions that were previously valid. Overall, the broker offers a good selection of tradable values ​​in the area of ​​binary options. Especially against the background that the provider offers such a wide-ranging trading model - beyond binary options.

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Give IG a chance when trading binary options!

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