FxPro Demo Account 2020 - Trade Forex & CFDs without risk

FxPro Demo Account Experience 2020: Looking for a free demo account? FxPro Demo Account - Functions & Co in the Test Trade now to FxPro & risk-free.

Whether a broker offers a demo account or not is a criterion for many traders to decide for or against a provider. A free test account not only offers the opportunity to get to know all the functions of the trading platform, it can also be a valuable opportunity to test and optimize new trading strategies under real conditions. What about the PxPro demo account? Are all services of the trading platform fully accessible or are there any restrictions? How long is the test account available and how much effort is required to get it?

Who not only wants to find out about the FxPro demo account but also wants to get to know the entire offer and the broker, can read our FxPro review. We took a close look at the services and conditions of the broker and show what we have learned.

The most important thing about the FxPro demo account at a glance:

  • FxPro is a broker, which specializes in Forex trading
  • There are two trading applications available for trading: MetaTrader 4 and cTrader
  • Both platforms are available in desktop, browser and mobile Version available
  • FxPro Demo Account: Download required for both applications

FxPro Demo Account 2020 - Trade Forex & CFDs without risk

Which trading instruments can be found at FxPro?

FxPro is one Broker primarily offering Forex trading. What a real forex specialist wants to be, of course, provides customers with a wide range of these trading tools. There are a total of 69 currency pairs, which are both Majors and Exotics. Forex trading is possible at broker around the clock and spreads start at 1.2 pips. Furthermore, there are numerous contracts for differences on many underlyings such as shares or precious metals available at FxPro.

Trade platform

These trading platforms are available to traders

If you want to trade foreign exchange or other instruments with FxPro, you can choose between two Choose platform variants. On the one hand there is the MetaTrader4 and on the other hand there is the FxPro cTrader. Both versions are available as desktop, browser and mobile versions and it is possible to freely choose one of them.

FxPro MetaTrader 4

With the MetaTrader you get access to all trading instruments such as forex, metals, stocks, indices and commodities. The MT4 is one of the world's best known trading applications and can be very popular with the trader community. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that MetaTrader provides a particularly large number of analysis tools and enables a very professional way of working.

On the other hand, the Trading application so-called Expert Advisors can be created and used. These are automatic, programmable trading strategies and with a little practice everyone can create their own strategy.

The FxPro cTrader

This platform has been specially designed developed for trading with CFDs and provides access to ECN trading. Traders can work with a variety of analysis tools and indicators, find trading instruments with a spread of 0 pips, get the full market depth and only find the best bid and ask prices from all liquidity providers.

FxPro Demo Account 2020 - Trade Forex & CFDs without risk

FxPro Demo Open account: How it works

At FxPro you have the opportunity to get to know both platforms using a demo account. This way, all those who have not yet had any FxPro experience can familiarize themselves with the way the broker works and the functions of the trading applications. First, an account must be opened for the demo account. To do this, open the registration form and fill it out. A complete registration is not necessary and only details of name, email address and telephone number are required.

When registering, you also select the key data of your own demo account. You choose the platform that you want to use, determine the base currency of your account, set the maximum leverage and decide how much virtual credit the account should have. Then send the form and the new demo account is created - an FxPro demo account login is not required, you can go directly to the test account.

What is special about FxPro is the fact that the selected trading platform is available in all variants. If, for example, you have chosen the FxPro demo account MetaTrader 4, you can familiarize yourself with the download version as well as with the app and the web-based version. If you want to use the software version, an FxPro demo account download is required, but this will be completed after a few moments.

Not every broker offers such an extensive demo account and it is recommended that this offer to take advantage of, especially because it takes relatively little effort to create such an account. If you want to log in to the account again after the first login, you will find the corresponding FxPro demo account login data in the welcome email, which you will receive from Broker after opening an account.

Our conclusion to the FxPro Demo Account:

The FxPro demo account has a lot to offer and only very few brokers can keep up with this offer in terms of test accounts. After a short registration, one of the two platforms can be used in full and you can access any platform variant that can be found at the broker. There is both an FxPro demo account MetaTrader 4 and a test platform for the cTrader.

FxPro Demo Account 2020 - Trade Forex & CFDs without risk

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