FxPro cTrader experiences 2020 - trading software tested

FxPro cTrader experiences 2020: Is the broker's own trading platform convincing? Trading software in the test Trade now on FxPro & Forex.

The British broker FxPro offers, in addition to the industry-standard Meta Trader 4, an in-house trading platform : the cTrader. It is available as desktop, web and mobile version . This enables the mobile trader to set their options at any time. Thanks to the deeper market decomposition by the cTrader, the trader receives detailed information at any time, which can help him make the right decision.

The most important things at a glance:

  • FxPro is one of the STP- and ECN brokers.
  • It is regulated by the FSA
  • The trading platforms are cTrader and MetTrader 4.
  • FxPro offers trading in Forex, futures, shares, precious metals.
  • cTrader is an in-house STP trading platform.
  • cTrader was specially developed for CFD trades - especially forex and precious metal options.
  • cTrader offers access to the full depth of the market.
  • cTrader Desktop offers a larger range of functions as a download.
  • cTrader Web enables access to the trading account from all end devices.
  • cTrader Mobile enables access to the Trading account via tablet or smartphone.

FxPro cTrader experiences 2020 - trading software tested

The British company FxPro

FxPro is a global forex broker and follows the agency model . This means that he is only acting as an intermediary and has no influence on the pricing process . His activities take place as STP and ECN brokers . , the cTrader and the Meta Trader 4 (MT4) serve as trading platforms. Depending on the trading platform, FxPro offers trading in forex, futures, shares and precious metals. Due to its UK headquarters, FxPro is regulated by the Financial Regulator FSA . Its liquidity providers include Morgan Stanley, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America Merril Lynch and Commerzbank.

FxPro offers its traders the option of trading Forex and futures through the trading platforms MT4 and cTrader, Shares and precious metals.

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What does the in-house trading platform - the cTrader?

While Meta Trade 4 has established itself as the industry standard, the cTrader is a in-house trading platform from FxPro . The cTrader was specially designed for CFD trades . It is an STP trading platform that supports further market decomposition and access to the full Market depth offers. With the Meta Trade 4 trading platform, all contracts for differences offered by FxPro can be included in the individual portfolio. The use of cTrader only grants the use of forex and precious metal options . For this, the cTrader offers a user-friendly, customizable work surface with a greater depth of information. The orders are fulfilled by FxPro at the VWAP price . The VWAP price is translated as the volume-weighted average price. This also includes the best bid and ask prices from competing companies .

The cTrader offers FxPro customers the opportunity to execute CFD trades at full market depth to be able to. The STP trading platform also includes the bid and ask prices of competing companies.

FxPro cTrader experiences 2020 - trading software tested

How can I use the cTrader:

The FxPro cTrader is often referred to as mobile trading platform . The software of the FxPro cTrader can be easily installed on the PC as a desktop version . This offers a wide range of functions with real-time prices, technical price analysis and order management. The work surface can be designed individually. If necessary, the algorithmic trading software cAlgo can also be used, which implements trades using automatic trading strategies.

Furthermore, FxPro offers the so-called cTrader Web . This is a web version of cTrader that can be used by all available media without further downloads.

The cTrader Mobile Version is ideally suited for trading via smartphone. The operating systems Android and iOS are supported here . The special thing about the different cTrader versions is that they have different screen sizes and different structure of the user interface for the respective devices. There is therefore no annoying up, down or sideways scrolling via smartphone until you have the last information.

The cTrader is an alternative to the MT4 and offers its customers the use of the trading account in three different ways combinable types. Thus, the cTrader with its desktop, web and mobile version covers all operating options of a trading account.

How do I register?

FxPro differentiates under five different account types :

  • trading account
  • demo account
  • SuperTrader account
  • Pamm Account
  • VIP services

For the demo and trading account , the cTrader can be used. Pamm account and the VIP services are rather to be seen as service packages with additional services.

The top-up of accounts with a minimum cash value of € 500 can be in currencies

  • USD
  • EUR
  • GBP
  • CHF
  • JPY
  • AUD or
  • PLN


FxPro offers its customers negative credit protection . As a result, negative account balances are not possible. If you have now dealt with the matter in detail and found that trading in contracts for differences is in your own interest, you can register in just a few steps. For this, the registration form must first be filled out:

In the next step, further information on the topics of trading account settings, financial information, employment information and trading experience is required. In the server field you can already choose between the trading platforms

  • FxPro MT4,
  • FxPro cTrader ECB,
  • FxPro SuperTrader and
  • FxPro MT4 EA Micro


Finally, you will receive a application confirmation, which must first be checked by FxPro before the account is activated and Deposits are possible .

Opening a demo account is less time-consuming. Here are just a few personal questions and questions about account settings to answer. Especially if you were previously only used to dealing with MT4 trading platforms, risk-free gathering of practical experience with the cTrade trading platform is a good way to overcome initial uncertainties.

The cTrader offers the customer the same tools as the MT4 with access to the full market depth. Unlike MT4, however, usage is limited to forex and precious metal options. For new traders or for professional forex or commodity traders, the cTrader offers a trading platform that is up to all requirements.

FxPro cTrader experiences 2020 - trading software tested

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