FXFlatApp for iPhone, Android & iPad 2020 - Everything under control

FXFlat App for Android 2020: Attention Android users. You should know these tips for mobile trading. Know tips & trade on the go.

If you travel a lot and worldwide, you can hardly do without mobile apps in everyday life. They offer you flexibility, mobility and independence of locations. In the world of trading it is now essential to be able to trade at any time. The FXFlat securities trading bank from Ratingen, founded in 1997, offers its customers for international forex and CFD trading mobile trading via WebTrader and mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, iPad and the Windows Phone on. Global trading is an additional option around the clock. Viewing price trends, keeping an eye on your account at any time or executing orders quickly and easily works with the mobile app as well as with the software download. How trading with the app is possible and what it offers in detail can be found on this page.

The most important at a glance

  • Trading with over 3200 CFDs and 120 currency pairs
  • Orders are executed directly and immediately
  • Order types from market to parent & contingent orders
  • Real-time prices, prices and charts
  • current stock exchanges - and market news
  • Display of tops and flops of the day as well as opening and closing prices
  • Management of closed positions and executed orders
  • Query current account balances at any time

FXFlatApp for iPhone, Android & iPad 2020 - Everything under control

Everything under control on the move - trading with the FXFlat app

When it comes to trading on the stock exchange, quick reaction to price developments is extremely important - always keep an eye on it on current market prices and on the FXFlat account. With FXFlat is a direct CFD and spot forex hand el possible. With the apps for iPhone, iPad and Android, of course orders can be placed at any time, real-time prices and prices can be queried or daily news can be obtained from business.

Although CFD trading involves a high level of risk, high profits can sometimes be achieved. For this, however, traders must keep an eye on the prices and can e.g. For example, use a real-time financial chart.

Free the app is available in the respective app stores. After installation, the trader can log in with the existing access data for the FlatTrader and FXFlat WebTrader . The data will of course encrypted transmission.

As soon as the dealer has logged you in with the access data, he can immediately display real-time rates or open positions. He can also execute orders quickly with one click. For this it is only necessary to click on the Bid or Ask option. Switching between different accounts is also unproblematic, as is setting market orders, limits, stops and OCO orders. In total, the FXFlat app can be used to

120 currency pairs and Trade over 3200 CFDs.

In the colored realtime charts the trader receives both realtime streaming prices and data from the Past. To observe and analyze the markets using charts, the professional chart tool with line, bar and candle charts is available. It is also possible to work with seven time units and 16 indicators that can be added to the charts:

  • Moving Average (simple and exponential)
  • Momentum
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Ultimate Oscillator
  • Triangular Moving Average and much more

Orders can of course also directly from the chart.

Source: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.devexperts.fl.android&feature=search_result#? t = W251bGwsMSwyLDEsImNvbS5kZXZleHBlcnRzLmZsLmFuZHJvaWQiXQ

In addition, FXFlat offers you further free central functions:

    Set up market alarms for Jones Newswires
  • create their own course lists
  • Show course information, such as daily winners and losers or opening and closing prices

The FXFlat app for iPad offer t further full-screen charts, drawing tools and a flexible user interface.

Source: https://itunes.apple.com/app/flattrader/id449931315? mt = 8

With the free mobile app, the online broker FXFlat offers a variety of options to be always up to date on the move and not to miss current developments on the stock exchange. Quotes, prices, charts or news are displayed in real time and can also provide historical data. You can trade with over 3200 CFDs and 120 currency pairs. Different order types are available to expand trading strategies and secure stakes. Orders are usually placed quickly and executed immediately.

What can you spend $10 on?

Test the app with the demo account: 30 days without risk

In addition to all functions of the trading platforms FlatTrader and MetaTrader 4 can also use a demo account to test FXFlat WebTraders and MobileTraders extensively be. The demo account is available 30 days free of charge with all options and applications. Trading is not with "real" money, but rather with a virtual stake. In this way, trading strategies can be tested and orders placed that are not subject to financial risk. The FXFlat app for Android, iPhone or iPad can also be tried with the access data of the demo account that was previously sent by email. To download the free app for iPhone or iPad, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the app store on the iPhone or iPad and start the search.
  2. Enter FlatTrader in the search field.
  3. Install the app.
  4. After installation, the app can be opened directly.
  5. Enter access data and get immediate access to all functions.

Even experienced traders have the option of continuing to use the demo account, to try out new trading strategies and other functions. All that is required is an extension when opening a live account of the demo account.

To apply for a demo account, it is sufficient to enter the full name, a valid email address and telephone number. The trader receives the access data for the demo account directly and within seconds on the same page.

Source: https://www.fxflat.com/konto/demokonto/

Ein Demo account is opened quickly and free of charge at FXFlat. It is available for use for 30 days and can be extended indefinitely if required and when opening a live account. All functions of the download versions FlatTrader and MetaTrader 4 are also available here - as well as the browser versions WebTrader and MobileTrader. Trading in real time and with all the options of a live account is possible with the FXFlat demo account - but without any risk and possible losses.

FXFlatApp for iPhone, Android & iPad 2020 - Everything under control

Open an account in just a few steps: Here's how

Before an FXFlat Live account can be opened, basic requirements should first be checked:

  • Act on your own account and with your own money
  • Age of majority - At least 18 years

In addition, the payment of a minimum deposit of € 200 is to be made. Here, however, the trader is free to deposit this amount in a foreign currency.

If a trader meets these requirements and is willing to pay the minimum deposit amount, he can follow the instructions in the online Follow the application and provide the appropriate information.

  • First and last name
  • Telephone number
  • Address
  • E-mail address
  • Deposit amount

You must also specify which product type and in which account base currency you want to trade. The choices are:

  • CFD / Spot Forex / FX Options
  • Spot Forex / FX / Options

in currencies:

  • EUR
  • GBP
  • USD
  • AUD
  • CHF
  • HUF
  • JPY
  • PLN

Personal information on the date of birth, gender and employment status must also be provided. In particular, a username and password must already be generated . What annual income the trader has and how often he has been trading in the last twelve months, FXFlat also wants knowledge. Finally, it is imperative to confirm that he is trading on his own account and with his own funds. As soon as all the points have been filled in, the application will be sent. At the same time, also to speed up processing, the customer can already have their identity verified using the PostIdent procedure and send the PostIdent coupon together with a registration certificate to FXFlat. FXFlat checks this and contacts immediately. After the deposit of the minimum contribution of 200 euros by credit card or bank transfer, the account will be activated.

Because brokers are regulated financial companies, they are legally obliged to also comply with the prescribed security standards. Above all, these security measures, such as proof of identity and information, are intended for trading activity, preventively protect from money laundering and terrorist financing.

An FXFlat Live account can be opened quickly after entering personal and economic personal data, provided that At the same time, authentication is carried out by PostIdent and a registration certificate is sent to FXFlat. The opening of an account also depends on the payment of a minimum deposit of 200 euros. The trader should also be of legal age and should only confirm trading in his own interest.

FXFlatApp for iPhone, Android & iPad 2020 - Everything under control

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