FXFlat Webtrader 2020 - We introduce the webtrader

FXFlat Webtrader 2020: trading without software download? Test & experience on the trading platform. Get all the details now & open an account.

FXFlat Securities Bank is a company founded in 1997 that specializes in trading with Forex and CFDs. The company also offers wealth management and advice and develops individual concepts and solutions for all aspects of finance. Everyone can read exactly what FXFlat offers and what services the trader can expect in our FXFlat test report - the following guide deals primarily with the FXFlat Webtrader. We show what the trading application does and which trading platforms are also available.

The most important information about the FXFlat Webtrader at a glance:

  • In addition to the FXFlat Webtrader, there are two other trading applications: FlatTrader and MetaTader 4
  • Mobile applications for iPhones as well as Android, Windows and Blackberry devices can also be found
  • With a demo account you can get to know the trading platforms that are available free of charge for 30 days
  • The WebTrader does not require a download and is accessible from any computer with the Internet

FXFlat Webtrader 2020 - We introduce the webtrader

Which trading platforms does FXFlat offer?

Before we get to the FXFlat Webtrader we will first show you which alternatives are available to you from the broker. In addition to the web-based application, you can also use FXFlat's own FlatTrader or select the globally popular MetaTrader 4. An FXFlat app for Android and iOS devices can also be found.

FXFlat FlatTrader: This trading platform has already received multiple awards and is both easy to use and easy to use a professional way of working. Traders have more than 100 indicators at their disposal, they can use the integrated dashboard function and the application can be accessed both via the web and via mobile devices. The trader can place orders directly from the chart and there is the possibility of working in several applications at the same time.

Meta Trader 4: This software is one of the world's most popular trading applications. The trading platform enables highly professional trading and has a variety of analysis tools and indicators. Furthermore, so-called Expert Advisors can be created, tested and used with the MT4. With the EAs, automatic trading is possible and these automatic trading strategies can either be created or acquired in another way.

All customers who use the MetaTrader DE account with FXFlat will now have a Demo version of AgenaTrader available. The AgenaTrader enables fully automatic trading, offers more than 120 indicators and allows to open over 2,000 charts and 100 trades simultaneously. AgenaTrader is currently still in the beta phase. Afterwards, however, all traders with a MetaTrader account DE should be able to benefit from the trading platform.

Trade platform

Free demo account - Get to know the platforms

Anyone who still has their own FXFlat experience will find it an easy way for the broker to take the first steps without risk. FXFlat offers a free demo account for both the FlatTrader and the MetaTrader, which is available to the user for 30 days. It is advisable to take advantage of this offer, because in this way you can get to know all the functions and services of the trading applications. The user has the opportunity to carry out trial trades and try them out as they please - the money is never at risk and you only use virtual capital for trading.

A demo account can be opened in a few minutes. Simply fill out the appropriate form and send it off. The mail with the activation link comes in a few moments and then you receive all access data that are required for registration. After downloading the platform, the full demo account is available.

FXFlat Webtrader 2020 - We introduce the webtrader

The FXFlat Webtrader - Be flexible at all times

The FXFlat WebTrader is a web-based trading application that does not require a download for use . And this is one of the advantages of this platform. The user can make an FXFlat WebTrader login from any computer with an Internet connection at any time and then go directly to their own trading account.

Despite this flexibility and simplicity, the platform can do a download in terms of performance and functionality - Keep up with the version and the technology is based on that of the FlatTrader. Users receive free real-time courses and current business news at all times. When trading, more than 8,500 CFDs and 120 currency pairs are available.

There are various chart window variants and the trader for price analysis can access numerous order types. The price list shows up to twelve different trading instruments including ask and bid prices as well as profit and loss and the charts can be called up directly from the price list.

Our conclusion on the FXFlat webtrader:

FXFlat is a broker specializing in currency pairs and CFDs. Customers have two trading platforms at their disposal, a mobile and a web-based application. This WebTrader features FlatTrader's award-winning technology and no download is required to use the application. A computer with an internet connection is sufficient and after the FXFlat WebTrader login the whole world of FXFlat trading is available.

FXFlat Webtrader 2020 - We introduce the webtrader

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