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FxFlat trading signals with AutoChartist - benefit as a trader in 2020

FXFlat. Trading signals you should know. Our FXFlat for the AutoChartist offer. What can the software do & where are problems lurking? Our experience.

Every trader who trades foreign exchange and CFDs knows that successful trading is not possible without the corresponding trading signals as a basis. Detecting good trading signals is therefore an important prerequisite for being successful in Forex and CFD trading. For this reason, FXFlat as an online broker offers its customers a special tool with the FXFlat AutoChartist.

You can imagine the FXFlat AutoChartist as a market monitoring tool that continuously analyzes chart patterns and derives trading signals from them. It is important to mention at this point that the broker does not give any trading tips with the tool, i.e. does not actively ask the trader to trade, but only shows him certain trading signals. The decision about the trade itself is still made by the trader. The AutoChartist is therefore not an automatic trading system. Rather, the AutoChartist works on the basis that the chart patterns of many 1000 trading stocks are continuously monitored. If a certain constellation then arises, the AutoChartist shows the trader the resulting trading signals.

How traders can benefit

By the way, traders can use the AutoChartist directly after their FXFlat login. You only have to be logged into the system to use the AutoChartist. In this context, the trader can benefit from several advantages. Anyone who acts as an online broker via FXFlat and uses the AutoChartist option benefits, for example, from the fact that thousands of financial instruments are monitored around the clock, which you couldn't do even in manual work. In addition, practically all markets can be monitored, from the foreign exchange market to the commodities market to the equity markets. This means that the AutoChartist can also be used as the basis for trading CFDs. Every month there are no fewer than a few 1000 trading opportunities that are displayed by the tool. Ultimately, of course, the huge time savings compared to manual monitoring of individual stocks is also a great advantage that the trader can benefit from.

FxFlat trading signals with AutoChartist - benefit as a trader in 2020

Other advantages of the broker FXFlat

The AutoChartist is certainly only a reason why many traders have already opted for FXFlat. For the broker, for example, it also speaks that new traders can use a demo account after the FXFlat login, which is available over a period of 30 days. The broker also offers some good conditions in terms of conditions, such as the maximum leverage of 400: 1 or the fact that spreads start from as little as 0.8 pips. Also worth mentioning is the FXFlat Bonus, which is currently six percent on the deposit, which is definitely worth mentioning as there are many Forex brokers who don't offer such a bonus.

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FxFlat trading signals with AutoChartist - benefit as a trader in 2020

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