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FXFlat payout 2020 - 5 steps to FXFlat payout

FXFlat disbursement 2020: questions about disbursement at FxFlat? All details in the guide at a glance Get information now & make a payment.

Every trader wants to have his earned profit paid out after a successful trading phase - and that is no different for FXFlat customers. To make it easier for traders who trade through the German online broker to make their FXFlat payout, we have summarized the FXFlat payout step by step here, to enable you to make a simple trade and transaction.

The 5 steps to your FXFlat payout

  • Familiarize yourself with exchange trading
  • open your FXFlat trading account
  • Make a deposit of at least € 200 before
  • handle successful
  • initiate your payment by clicking on "withdraw money"

FXFlat payout 2020 - 5 steps to FXFlat payout

The first steps on the way to FXFlat payment begin with good preparation

before you can apply for your FXFlat payout, you have to get familiar with the CFD and Forex trading. If you are still inexperienced in exchange trading, you may find the training offer from FXFlat useful: Here you will find selected book recommendations, video courses, German-language webinars, seminars and appearances at trade fairs and exchange days as well as the autochartist for successful trading. You should then gain initial practical experience in CFD and Forex trading by using the demo account of the German provider - this can also be an advantage if you already have experience in exchange trading and are now switching to a new trading platform. This demo account has a term of 30 days and can be replenished with a virtual capital of up to € 100,000 in order to enable numerous trial trades via the FlatTrader or the MetaTrader 4.

To the educational offer from FXFlat belong to regular German-language video courses

If the term of 30 days is exhausted or you feel ready for CFD or Forex trading with real capital beforehand, you can finally open an FXFlat live account. To do this, you either contact the provider's customer support to convert your demo account into a live account, or click on "Account" ->"Live account" to access the online form for opening a real account. Once this online form has been completed and sent, the broker requests proof of identity and a place of residence, which can be done, for example, in the form of a copy of an ID card and a copy of a current consumer invoice. There is now nothing standing in the way of capitalizing the trading account - and the payment should be made before you log in to the trading platform for the first time.

Even before you should only think about your FXFlat payment, you have to acquire a comprehensive background knowledge of CFD and forex trading with the company's educational offer and finally implement this knowledge within the scope of the free and non-binding FXFlat demo account within a term of 30 days with a virtual capital of up to € 100,000 before you can open your live account.

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The FXFlat deposit: Deposit at least € 200 for a successful trade.

Have you sufficiently informed yourself about Forex and CFD trading and finally also opened your live account, this live account should also be provided with sufficient trading capital. The German broker sets a minimum limit of € 200 for this - the customer cannot deposit less money into his trading account. When it comes to deposit methods, FXFlat is rather conservative and only allows its customers to make transactions by credit card or bank transfer - online payment services are unsuccessful for traders here.

All the necessary account details for deposits in euros or other currencies are on the broker's website which enables its customers to make transactions free of charge. However, this does not mean that the FXFlat deposit is actually free of charge, because banks and credit card operators can also levy additional fees for the transactions of the trader, which is why the trader should inform himself in advance about any fees.

In order to be able to request the FXFlat payment, you must first deposit enough money into your trading account for a successful trade. The broker requires a minimum deposit of € 200, which can be transferred free of charge by bank transfer or credit card.

FXFlat payout 2020 - 5 steps to FXFlat payout

Trading via FXFlat and FXFlat payment under the magnifying glass

Once your deposit has finally been credited to your trading account and you have logged into your preferred trading platform with your access data for the first time, there is basically nothing standing in the way of successful trading. At FXFlat you can expect numerous tradable CFDs and currency pairs as well as different trading platforms through which the trading of these financial products can take place. These platforms include the tried-and-tested MetaTrader 4 with its indicators, charting tools and expert advisors, as well as FXFlat's own FlatTrader, browser-based WebTrader and various mobile trading apps for Android and iOS.

All customers who do this Using the MetaTrader DE account with FXFlat, a demo version of AgenaTrader is now available. The AgenaTrader enables fully automatic trading, offers more than 120 indicators and allows over 2,000 charts and 100 trades to be opened at the same time. AgenaTrader is currently still in the beta phase. Afterwards, however, all traders with a MetaTrader account DE should be able to benefit from the trading platform.

When trading via these trading platforms, fees such as spreads from 0.8 pips on EUR / USD, as well as commissions when trading stock CFDs, apply of 0.09% or 4 cents per US share. In addition to the financing costs of 2.5%, which are incurred when holding a position after the market closes, FXFlat does not charge any further fees for trading its customers.

Although CFD trading is associated with a high risk, to make high profits. For this, however, traders must keep an eye on the prices and can e.g. For example, use a real-time financial chart.

If you have finally been able to trade successfully and have made your first profits, you can also start your FXFlat payout. This payment is made via GFT Global Markets and requires the account number and PIN of the trading account and the email address. Once this information has been provided, the payment is usually quick and easy, which is why the company's customers can reward themselves for their success with their earnings within a short period of time.

The FXFlat payment is requested here

For trading via FXFlat, customers have access to numerous different tradable financial products, as well as various trading platforms, which include MetaTrader 4, FlatTrader, WebTrader and various mobile trading apps. Spreads start at 0.8 pips on EUR / USD and should not be an obstacle to FXFlat disbursement. This is done quickly and easily by giving the customer their account number and the PIN of their trading account as well as their email address at the partner company GFT.

Conclusion: The FXFlat payment is quick and easy

The FXFlat payment itself does not take much time or effort - the right preparations for a successful FXFlat payment are all the more time-consuming. First and foremost, traders should acquire extensive background knowledge of Forex and CFD trading by taking advantage of the company's educational offerings and ultimately opening an FXFlat demo account. As a result, there is nothing standing in the way of opening a live account, but this opening entails the first deposit of at least € 200, which can either be made by bank transfer or by credit card. If the trader was able to trade successfully, it is sufficient to provide the account number, PIN and email address to request the FXFlat payment.

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FXFlat payout 2020 - 5 steps to FXFlat payout

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