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FXFlat binary options 2020: important information for traders

FXFlat Binary Options 2020: According to the test, the broker has a lot to offer FX and CFD traders Read review & expand horizons.

Trading in binary options is becoming more and more popular not only in this country. These trading instruments are straightforward to understand, even small investors can implement binary options trading and it is possible to make large profits within a short period of time. So there are more and more brokers who have specialized in trading with these instruments or at least have them in their range. But is it also the case with FXFlat? Are there binary options at FXFlat and what other instruments does the broker offer? The following guide deals with these questions and also presents FXFlat in a little more detail.

We recommend our FXFlat test report to anyone who wants to find out more about the broker's offer and conditions. We took a close look at the broker's overall range and show what we have found.

8/10 points

The most important information about FXFlat at a glance:

  • FXFlat binary options are not offered.
  • Currency options can be traded to hedge one's own positions.
  • FXFlat specializes in trading in foreign exchange and CFDs.
  • There are almost 140 currency pairs and CFDs with underlyings such as stocks, indices, forex pairs, commodities and bonds

Does FXFlat offer binary options?

For a while FXFlat offered and had binary options In this regard, traders even provided a special platform. But this is no longer the case today. Binary options can no longer be found at the broker. Anyone who still wants to trade options, even if not in the sense of classic binary options, can opt for so-called FX options at FXFlat.

With such currency options, the trader acquires the Right, but not the obligation to buy or sell a certain currency at a predetermined rate. For this right, the trader pays an option premium. When it comes to the right to buy such an option, one speaks of a call option and when it comes to the right to sell, there is talk of a put option. The returns on these trading instruments are theoretically unlimited and the risk is limited to the premium paid. With FXFlat, customers can trade FX options around the clock and five days a week.

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What other trading instruments can be found with FXFlat?

First Linie, the broker specializes in trading with currency pairs and CFDs and in this regard carries a wide range of underlyings and tradable instruments. In the area of ​​foreign exchange trading, traders have around 140 currency pairs available and trading in these markets is possible around the clock. A forex account can be used from a deposit of € 200 and apart from the spread you will not be charged any further fees when trading. You can freely choose the trading volume and use a leverage of up to 400: 1 for your own trades.

What about CFDs?

As a specialist in trading in contracts for difference, FXFlat provides customers with a large selection of underlyings. The trading instruments offered include:

  • Equity CFDs and ETFs
  • Commodity CFDs
  • Bonds CFDs
  • CFDs interest rate market
  • Forex CFDs

If you want to trade these instruments, please note that certain FXFlat fees are due in CFD trading. Exactly which cost points are involved depends on the selected trading instrument. The spreads already start at 0.3 pips and in most cases no additional commissions are calculated when trading . The broker alone charges trading fees for share CFDs, no trading costs are due for other forms of contracts for differences.

Get to know the broker with the free demo account

Overall, you can find it at FXFlat three different trading platforms:

  • FlatTrader
  • MetaTrader 4
  • WebTrader

The first two applications are download variants and the last platform is a web-based platform that does not require a download to be used. The WebTrader is based on the technology of the FlatTrader and can easily compete with the software variant in terms of performance and functions.

All customers who use the MetaTrader DE account with FXFlat are available a demo version of AgenaTrader is now available. The AgenaTrader enables fully automatic trading, offers more than 120 indicators and allows over 2,000 charts and 100 trades to be opened at the same time. AgenaTrader is currently still in the beta phase. Afterwards, however, all traders with a MetaTrader account DE should be able to benefit from the trading platform.

If you still have your first FXFlat experience in front of you and are not familiar with the trading platforms, it is recommended that Try FXFlat demo account. In order to open such an account, a short registration is necessary, in which the full name, email address and telephone number are required. In this context, you can also choose a platform that you want to get to know and also choose the amount of account balance. After registration, the new demo account is created and is freely available to the user.

Our conclusion on the offer at FXFlat:

Currently there are no binary options to be found at FXFlat. The broker offers trading in Forex and CFDs and has a diverse and extensive range of underlyings in its range. Traders can also trade with currency options and hedge their positions against exchange rate fluctuations. There are three trading platforms available for trading as well as a mobile application for smartphones and tablets. For every trading platform, FXFlat offers a free demo account with no time limit.

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