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flatex promotion code 2020 - tips for more capital to trade

flatex promotion code 2020: secure strong discounts with a voucher. What is behind the flatex campaign? Read practical advice & secure benefits.

What does the flatex promotion code bring? Quite simply: Traders can use it to secure favorable trading conditions. Our editorial team researched exactly what the broker from Kulmbach was doing. One thing is already certain: With flatex, a custody account provider has established itself on the market that can not only keep up in the national broker comparison. Also in comparison with those companies that are located abroad, flatex is a serious growing competitor.

flatex Promotion code - The facts at a glance

  • flatex offers 300 euros plus 10 free bikes in friendship advertising
  • bonus is split up
  • New customers have to register within two months
  • no payout of free bikes possible
  • Broker also offers 0 Euro trading
  • The scope of free trade with premium partners is limited

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flatex Promotion: What is the advantage of the promotion code?

flatex is currently working with a bonus campaign. As part of the friendship promotion, traders secure up to 300 euros and 10 free bikes. In this way, not only is capital available for trading. The Freiorder secure a clear cost advantage for the investor.

But: Traders have to take a close look at the conditions of the campaign. Freiorder apply to new customers only for a limited period of time - more than a month after the share account is opened. In addition, you should not allow yourself too much time to redeem the flatex promotion code, which is only valid for two months.

With the flatex promotion code, the broker offers in the "Customers recruit customers" campaign a clear price advantage. At this point, however, our editorial team must clearly state that certain general conditions apply - which should be kept in mind.

Broker flatex: Overview of promotions

In addition to the friendship campaign, flatex currently only offers investors a new customer bonus of EUR 100.00. In comparison to the competition from abroad, there is no such thing as a deposit bonus for existing customers. But: At flatex, investors who focus their attention on securities trading, for example, can expect special trading conditions.

Background: At this point, the broker is currently working with ten premium partners. If this is traded, there are no fees within the available free order . How many free riders the trader has here depends on the premium partner and the type of trade. Premium partners include:

  • Deutsche Bank
  • Commerzbank
  • HSBC
  • UBS.

Friendship advertising, the deposit bonus for new customers and trading through premium partners are the current flatex campaigns. As a trader, both offer the opportunity to trade inexpensively. In general, however, you should keep an eye on the conditions of the campaign, which applies to the freewheels and the bonus of the advertising campaign.

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Checklist: Reasons for choosing the flatex depot

At first glance, flatex is one of many online brokers. On closer inspection, the investor quickly realizes what potential the broker actually has to offer. In our view, one reason that speaks for flatex is that it is based in Germany. Background: flatex is therefore subject to supervision by BaFin. And it's not just control that is a plus. Credit balances are subject to German deposit insurance. In addition, domestic investor protection applies here.

The flatex fee model should be really interesting. There is no order-dependent commission. The broker works with a flat fee model (fixed price model) in securities trading. This eliminates high costs for high trading volumes. The fact that flatex waives the custody account fee is an additional bonus. Extensive types of trading (Forex, ETFs, CFDs or over-the-counter trading) round off the positive overall impression in combination with the available trading venues.

The reasons for the flatex portfolio at a glance:

  • Regulation and Supervision in Germany
  • Deposit insurance under German law
  • Flat fee model
  • Waiver of custody account management fee

Der Kulmbacher Broker flatex convinced. What is striking is the fact that the order commissions are not quite common. The fixed price model certainly offers savings potential. At the same time, flatex presents itself as a modern broker with various trading platforms.

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flatex promotion code - FAQ

Why did I only get five free bikes?

In our eyes, the flatex campaign is not very clear regarding communication. Advertisers and new customers share the 10 free bikes or the credit. So each of the two ultimately only gets five free riders.

Why does flatex count some trades but not other order instructions?

To use the flatex campaign and pay off the credit conditions are to be met. The new customer must execute 150 orders for the cash bonus. Flatex does not consider trading with premium partners here.

Is trading with premium partners free of charge?

No, investors must check the conditions for 0 euro trading. As a rule, the number of free orders is limited to 300 free orders per month. Furthermore, certain requirements apply to the trading volume.

How long are the free bikes valid for the advertiser?

After using the promotion code, the new customer must use up his free or within one month. Flatex grants the advertiser a somewhat more extensive time window - from three months from the first order by the new customer.

Are the profits achieved with the free riders taxable?

Yes - this is also tax-relevant capital income. The withholding tax, which is retained as withholding tax, is due on this. Investors can avoid the deduction through an exemption order up to the amount of the saver's lump sum.

flatex: What else does the broker have to offer?

We got to know flatex as a broker who is not alone focused on securities trading. In terms of trading types, investors can develop a broad-based portfolio that also uses currencies or CFDs (Contract for Difference). There is also the option of investing in savings plans and ETFs with the custody account. This range actually makes flatex an all-round broker. Tip: If you want to save as a trader, check the trading offers of the broker's premium partners. Trading is possible here free of charge.

Conclusion: Secure discounts with the flatex promotion code

How can discounts be secured with the flatex promotion code? Every trader who asks this question will find answers from us. The broker is currently issuing flatex promotion codes as part of the friendship campaign. 300 euro bonus and 10 free bikes are tempting. Communication is a bit unfortunate in our eyes - since the bonus applies to new customers and advertisers. Together with the 0 Euro trade, traders still have the chance to turn the price screw.

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