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Flatex increases prices in 2020 - important information for traders

Flatex increases prices - the most important information for traders Conditions for investors Learn more about flatex & savings options.

Flatex customers have to set higher prices. As of November 1, 2017, the order commission was increased. Now flatex customers have to pay 5.90 euros for trading at XETRA Frankfurt. There are also exchange fees. So far, the broker has only charged five euros in order commission from new and existing customers. The price increase is thus 18 percent. Since the beginning of the month, for each XETRA order total costs of EUR 8.14.

Table of contents

  • Negative interest rates only introduced in spring
  • Manage shares in the custody account
  • Differences between brokers
  • Providers in CFD and securities trading
  • Conclusion

Negative interest rates only in spring introduced

Only in March did flatex draw attention to itself with the introduction of negative interest rates. The broker has been charging penalty interest of 0.4 percent on the credit of its traders since spring. As of January 1, 2018, flatex wants to turn the price screw again. Then, according to the service hotline of the provider , existing customers should also pay EUR 5.90 plus exchange fees for a XETRA order. However, this has not yet been confirmed on the part of the company.

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Further price increases

In addition to the order fees, other costs at flatex also increase. So far, the transfer of registered shares was free of commission. Now customers have to pay a registered share for an order executed on the stock exchange when buying 0.60 euros. There are also changes in expenses and additional costs for gold. For XETRA Gold, traders now have to pay 0.025 percent a month. The calculation is performed quarterly.

Domestic and foreign orders on stock exchanges in the US and Canada will also become more expensive. So far, traders had to pay a commission rate of 9.90 euros for flatex for purchase and sale, now with an order volume of more than 25,000 euros an additional fee of 0.04 percent is due. For example, anyone who orders shares with a value of € 50,000 must now pay € 19.90 instead of € 9.90.

Flatex increases prices in 2020 - important information for traders

Manage shares in the custody account

To trade securities with an online broker investors must first open a custody account or an account with a provider. In this custody account, which is not used for everyday banking, an investor manages his securities. With an online broker, this account form is usually offered for shares, funds, certificates or warrants. If an investor buys a share, for example, it is booked into the custody account and deregistered when it is sold. In a transaction receipt, the investor can see at what price he bought or sold the share and what costs he incurred.

Flexible trading

Who is a custody account over the Setting up the Internet with an online broker is very flexible and can decide for himself which shares he would like to trade. As a rule, the costs here are significantly cheaper than with a deposit at a house bank. However, if you want more advice and personal contact, you are better off with a traditional bank. However, good advice on site often depends on the experience of the bank and its offers.

Transaction costs when buying and selling shares

They play when buying and selling shares so-called transaction costs play a major role, which differ from broker to broker. These fees apply to every transaction and are always borne by the investor. In addition to the order commission, trading venue fees and a commission for the stockbroker are often charged. Many brokers calculate the order commission depending on the order volume. The more shares an investor orders, the higher the commission. In addition to stocks, many brokers also offer ETFs, funds or savings plans. Here, too, you should carefully check the conditions in advance. So it may be that the so-called order premiums for good funds are very expensive.

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Differences between brokers

In addition, brokers differ with regard to custody account costs. Many banks and brokers still charge custody account fees, although this area can be worked very cheaply due to the electronic administration. In addition, many online brokers offer a wide product range. In addition to securities, you can often trade CFDs or currencies. Here, too, it is important to take a close look at the conditions and costs of the broker.

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Trading venues vary

Another criterion is which one Trading venues investors can become active. In addition to exchange trading, over-the-counter direct trading is also offered for many products. There are no fees for exchanges or brokers here. In addition to German trading venues, many brokers also offer trading on foreign exchanges. The major international stock exchanges such as NYSE or the London Stock Exchange have many brokers to choose from.

Investors should also pay attention to the order types and limits offered when choosing their broker. Limits are often advised to avoid having to pay an overpriced price when buying shares. However, some brokers charge additional fees for limits or the removal of a limit.

Deposit protection for brokers

Another important topic is Deposit protection for a broker, An EU directive from 2009 stipulates that deposits in the EU in the amount of up to € 100,000 per investor and credit institution must be secured. Many providers are also voluntary members of the deposit guarantee fund of the Federal Association of German Banks. In addition, customer deposits are secured again above this statutory sum. Securities belong to the so-called special fund, which is separately protected and does not belong to the bankruptcy estate in the event of the insolvency of the provider.

Open an account online

Opening an account at An online broker is usually done very quickly via the Internet. Many have a corresponding form on their website where, among other things, name and address, but also previous experience in online securities trading must be given. You also enter a reference account. After completing the opening application, you usually have to identify yourself using the PostIdent or VideoIdent procedure.

Flatex increases prices in 2020 - important information for traders

Providers in CFD and securities trading

Flatex offers you Customers offer trading in stocks, funds, certificates, bonds, warrants, currencies and CFDs. The broker offers fixed order fees that are independent of the size of the order volume. Depot management is free of charge. No minimum deposit is required to open an account. Despite the current price increase, flatex attaches great importance to transparent pricing with uniform fees. Flatex does not charge any additional fees for limits. The applicable exchange fees are shown transparently in the securities accounts.

Trading in Germany and abroad

Flatex does not provide investment and asset advice and branches. Nevertheless, flatex places value on competent customer service as well as a comprehensive FAQ area and training courses on the retail offer. Trading is possible on all German stock exchanges as well as eleven foreign exchanges and over 19 trading partners in over-the-counter direct trading. Flatex also works with four premium partners, particularly in fund trading. In 2008, flatex was the first online broker to offer fully integrated trading in CFDs, which has also been possible via MetaTrader 4 since 2011. This means that CFDs, securities and Forex can be traded via just one trading platform.

Broker of FinTech Group Bank AG

FinTech Group Bank AG is behind flatex. The flatex GmbH is licensed by BaFin as a contractually bound broker for the provision of financial services. The broker was founded in 2006 and went public three years later as flatex Holding AG. FinTech Group AG is today listed in the Open Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.


Flatex increases its prices. Since November 1, 5.90 euros instead of five euros order fees have been due for trading on XETRA. The cost of buying registered shares and gold is also rising. For trading on stock exchanges in Canada and the USA, an additional fee of 0.04 percent will be charged. Traders looking for a provider should take a look at DEGIRO.

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