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flatex demo account 2020: start trading without risk What does the flatex sample account do? Read the demo account check now & open an account.

With the flatex demo account, traders can start trading easily and uncomplicated. Despite the fact that brokers and trading can be tried out safely here - a certain foresight is required. After all, as an investor you want to make profits from real money trading and not just use virtual credit in the wrong place. Why is it worth taking a look at the flatex sample depot? Our editorial team takes a close look at the broker and test account. The flatex experience is positive in many areas. Certain aspects could be approached somewhat differently - at least from the trader's point of view.

flatex sample depot - The fact check

  • flatex allows trading in CFDs, Forex (FX) or securities
  • FX demo account and sample account for CFD
  • Registration simple & uncomplicated
  • Service life unfortunately only 14 days
  • virtual Credit 10,000 euros (CFD demo account)

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Trial account: The advantages of the flatex model portfolio

The trade in financial products has increased in recent years developed its own dynamic. Traders are hoping for high profits especially from areas where leveraged products are used. As a beginner, you are tempted to start trading real money immediately. The jump into the cold water also ensures that there is a lot of ambition for a relatively quick familiarization with the trade. Nevertheless, wrong decisions are particularly lossy as a beginner.

The broker closes this gap with the flatex demo account. Two versions of the test account are offered - a Forex trial account and an account for trading with CFDs. Both offer the trader two main advantages:

  • Trading test with the flatex demo: As a beginner you face challenges in trading. Sustainable success only comes with experience and certain skills. The trial account offers the opportunity to safely test the first steps for both Forex and CFDs. This is an opportunity to try basic strategy.
  • Brokers flatex on the tooth: This aspect applies to beginners and experienced traders. The trial account gives investors an insight into trading software, chart instruments and portfolio management. The test account is the perfect solution to familiarize yourself with the handling of the trading platforms.

Unfortunately, a point can only be displayed temporarily with the flatex sample depot. We are talking about the test environment for trading strategies. At this point, the short useful life unfortunately becomes the limiting factor. At this point, traders are more dependent on a long-term demo account.

Unfortunately, the flatex demo account can only be used for 14 days by default. A fact that actually disqualifies it as a "sandbox" for testing trading strategies. Nevertheless, as an investor, you must not run the risk and ignore the account. The period of use is sufficient to familiarize yourself with the trading platforms.

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flatex demo account: The opening in detail

Traders and our editorial staff regularly have very different experiences when it comes to opening a sample account. On the one hand, brokers can be found where setting up a test account is straightforward. Other brokers and custody providers make opening more difficult - in that the account can only be set up by customer service. Where is flatex?

Fortunately, the CFD and Forex broker belongs to the first category. Clicking on the category tab "Trade" opens a selection menu, via which the trader can choose the FX flatex demo account or the sample account for CFDs. The rest of the process, however, differs somewhat - in terms of information for registration. In addition to the name and contact information, the account data must be specified for the CFD account.

Registration for the flatex demo account is surprisingly easy. Traders need to invest very little time to open the trial account. You should only think about the question of how far you want to release the data for commercial use.

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flatex: Conditions for real money trading

The test account is the first step to trading financial products. Basically, flatex is convincing when it comes to demo trading. What's next? Ideally, a trading account will be opened after the trial period. In order for traders to be satisfied with the portfolio over the long term, the conditions and framework conditions are essential. The broker secures a place in the top group here.

The flatex conditions at a glance:

  • Trading Deutsche Börse / XETRA - 5 euros (plus exchange fees )
  • Exchange trading USA / Canada - 9.90 euros
  • Exchange trading Europe - 24.90 euros
  • OTC trading - 5.90 euros
  • CFD margin between 1 percent to 10 percent
  • Currency, commodity, index & interest rate futures -CFDs without order fee
  • no transaction costs in FX trading
  • trading with Metatrader 4
  • deposit management free of charge

flatex is one of our favorites as a broker for a reason. The clear conditions in particular ensure that flatex continues to defend its position. Our tip: Traders should check the conditions of the broker before opening their test account in order to be able to take their experience with real money trading with them.

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flatex demo account - FAQ

What credit does flatex provide for the test account?

The broker flatex offers traders two test accounts. One for CFD trading entry, the other for Forex trading. To test the trade sufficiently, a corresponding credit is required, which amounts to 10,000 euros (CFD) at flatex.

Can used credit be recharged in the model depot?

flatex does not allow traders to top up their demo account. However, the broker states via his FAQ that investors can open a test account again using the Meta Trader trading software. This is then available for trading again.

What regulation is the broker flatex subject to?

The company is operated from Kulmbach and is a subsidiary of FinTech Group AG. Through the registration and responsibility of BaFin, traders can rely on comprehensive and high-quality regulation.

Does flatex also offer mobile trading?

Yes, the broker also collects points at this point. Traders can access their portfolio on the go - for example with a tablet or a smartphone. In mobile trading, over-the-counter trading is also possible in parallel to exchange trading.

What should you watch out for when opening a securities account?

Generally, various points appear here. However, it is generally advisable to issue an exemption order - to avoid deduction of the flat tax. Flatex has provided a form for this.

Other offers from flatex

Traders are trading with flatex from a very good broker. The conditions are not the only reason. With ZINSPILOT, flatex offers a special service to the offers for investors who want to park capital, for example. Traders use different daily and time deposit offers with just one account. In addition, the investor can also opt for alternatives to CFD or Forex trading - via capital contributions to various savings plans.

Conclusion: Traders use the flatex model depot for CFD and Forex

The broker flatex is clearly one of the front runners for our editorial team. In a broker comparison, the provider is moving forward for a variety of reasons. A clear plus point is the test account from flatex. Sample access is offered for both currency trading and CFDs. Investors find the form for setting it up straightforward. In addition, only a few details are required for its opening. And the credit is also high enough at 10,000 euros. There is still a bit of bitterness: flatex allows use for only 14 days.

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