Find Trading Edge 2020 - Helpful tips & tricks for trading

Trading Edge 2020: what's it all about? Guide explains and provides useful tips. Use strategy now and gain an advantage when trading.

In the last post in this series we presented some tips. On the one hand with regard to the real statement of the market technology; why all successful traders should adapt flexibly to the markets over time and that traders should examine different markets for their own individual characteristics. Why do we give these tips? Trading is about getting an edge. That means your own strategy or trading system should be an advantage over others, because that is what trading is all about.

The first question that the trader mistakenly asks in this connection is: "Which is the best strategy? Which set-ups and indicators do I need to get this edge? " Instead, the trader should ask himself: "How do I use my techniques so that they achieve stable performance in the end?"

So it is not always about the most reliable set-up, which can also be part of it, Almost all traders see the most reliable set-up, but how you use it is different - and with it the edge.

Tip: Focus on what is around

Lax is expressed the "around" a more important component than the technical set-up itself. But because we all like drawing lines and feel confirmed, this line drawing gives us a feeling of security, which would bring us back to the need for security. However, anyone looking for security in the wrong places in trading has practically lost.

The simplest technical set-up can either be used to build a stable strategy or destroy a performance up to a total loss. An ideal example, which we have already presented a few times, is the classic breakout strategy. If the pure outbreaks are traded without further analysis of the individual outbreak candles, this strategy will not work in most cases because courses cannot be squeezed into straight forms. Outbreaks on their own do not confirm an outbreak, see the following chart.

The set-up (triangle) and the strategy approach alone do not create an edge. Unfortunately, trade beginners do nothing more than jump from set-up to set-up, only to ultimately realize for themselves that none of these set-ups generate an edge. But since they cannot imagine that the advantage lies not in the set-up itself, but in the environment, they will not be able to be successful either.

Now, of course, the question remains: What exactly is it? the all around? That can simply be everything, but as so often it is connected with acquiring more knowledge. For example, knowledge of how risk management can be adapted to the trading approach. Do you either do it via further technical analysis parameters (meticulous candle studies etc.) or do you reduce the risk of loss through monetary adjustments?

For the outbreak strategy, of course, the adjustment via the candle studies would make sense, because false breakouts occur far too often than that in this case the risk of loss could be controlled using mere money management. Even fundamental analysis can often generate an edge, provided that you can interpret it correctly.

Of course, this is not easy, but it is never easy to gain an advantage in this great competition - whether on fundamental or technical basis. If you think that it is easier with the market technology, you are wrong from the above. Establish. The set-up alone cannot offer any advantage - if only because all the participants in the competition can see it.

Find Trading Edge 2020 - Helpful tips & tricks for trading

Conclusion - One of the most important tips in trading

Beginners in trading should be aware that they are participating in a large competition and that the courses are visible to everyone. It is therefore almost impossible to gain an advantage simply by identifying a technical set-up. The trader should try to find this advantage through other parameters. These can be either technical, mathematical-statistical or fundamental. In addition, semi or fully automated systems can also contribute to an edge.

On the whole, however, when looking for the edge, it can be found where your own individual preferences and knowledge lie. If you are adept at statistics, you could use your own evaluations and statistical tests. If you are fundamentally influenced and are not afraid to search for and evaluate information, the Edge is to be searched for. In general, empirical values ​​also generate a certain edge over time.

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Find Trading Edge 2020 - Helpful tips & tricks for trading

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