Expert comment immediately after close of trading

Expert comment immediately after close of trading in 2020: Information about cryptocurrency at GKFX Trade now directly about GKFX & Bitcoin.

On February 9, 2018, Kristian Volaric comments at 5 p.m., directly after close of trading, in the webinar "The markets on the couch - The live commentary on the market close" at GKFX about the just ended trading week. He also looks ahead to the new week. Among other things, it is about the volumes and volatility to be expected on the markets. There are also tips on where traders can find a good opportunity to trade. The webinar is aimed at all types of traders. If you don't know what type of trader he is, you can find out in a test at

Plan and analyze swing traders

Some traders adhere to a previously drawn up trading plan. Others, on the other hand, act more intuitively and make their decisions spontaneously. Swing traders tend to make extensive planning and detailed analysis. On this basis, they develop their own trading plan and thus have precise control over their trading decisions. Swing traders are considered well informed and know a lot about companies and positions. They often trade CFDs on stocks and indices because they can ideally use their long-term planning. However, a long-term strategy harbors the risk of not being fast enough and inflexible when the market changes.

Think position traders in the medium term

Position traders think rather in the medium term and are often very prudent in their decisions. They choose trades where they feel comfortable and often stick to them for a long time. Your investment horizon is rather in the medium term. They often hold their positions for a few days and always have to pay attention to their risk management. With the help of technical analysis and fundamental data analysis, you can make thorough decisions. However, position traders can run the risk of delaying a decision for too long and risking losses.

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Day traders have knowledge and experience

Daytraders have a lot of experience and often act instinctively and therefore very quickly. They have a very short-term investment horizon and, thanks to their extensive market experience, can react quickly to changes. Most day traders open and close their position within just one day. They are always on the lookout for market movements and know a lot about the economy and the latest news. You can bring this knowledge to bear ideally in Forex trading. Their experience and speed also benefit them here. However, this speed can lead to rash decisions, which can involve risks.

Expert comment immediately after close of trading

Trading in the short and medium term

Some traders also choose Mix of position and day trading. On the one hand, they want to feel comfortable with their decisions, on the other hand they also want to react quickly and take short-term positions. Often, however, they also choose medium-term investments. They can also apply their knowledge of business and politics well, but in comparison to pure day traders they place more value on control over their trades. They secure their trades with the help of the different analysis methods.

Combinations definitely make sense

Combinations of the individual trading types are not uncommon. When choosing the right style, traders should focus primarily on their personality. Some are more willing to take risks, others are more emotional by nature. In the ideal case , trade brings in its strengths and weaknesses optimally and, over time, finds the style that suits them best and thus also an individual strategy.

Reflection and planning

Reflection is very important for traders. The GKFX webinar "The Markets on the Couch" can therefore also be ideal for to go through your own experiences of trading week again. Those who can assess themselves well also recognize where they may still have knowledge gaps or who might want to adjust their strategy. In this way, trading successes can be optimized.

Many traders also create their personal plan for the upcoming week at the weekend. The GKFX webinars can also help here. A economic calendar also provides good orientation. Traders can find all important dates in the economy here and can also combine this data with their personal analyzes.

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Overview with economic calendar

Ideally, every trading day begins with a look at the economic calendar. GKFX also offers a webinar in which the opportunities and risks of trading day are discussed. With many brokers you can find a good economic calendar directly on the website. Personal settings can often also be made here.

Traders often use the economic calendar to plan weeks in advance and note the meeting dates of central banks, for example. Such events often bring a lot of movement to the markets and can lead to trading opportunities. It also makes sense to follow other media here.

Economic calendar with forecasts

In some economic calendars, an assessment of the dates is also given. For example, if the ECB is expected to seek changes to its monetary policy outlook, this is mentioned here. An economic calendar can help with orientation. Traders always know when which events take place. Above all, anyone who trades in stocks, indices, raw materials and currencies should always be informed here. Around an event there is often volatility in the market. Therefore, this is also important with regard to risk management. Positive news can also trigger volatility, for example if labor market data is better than expected.

Plan the week

Many traders use the weekly close for planning. They make a note of the dates of the following week that are important to them. It is also advisable to check the dates again daily before trading starts,, as changes are possible. Current news from politics and world affairs must be read in other sources, as they are not part of the economic calendar.

Training for beginners and professionals at GKFX

GKFX supports its traders in always being up to date. Numerous webinars are offered for this. There is also a large selection of training materials. With its range of training materials, GKFX was geared towards the requirements of beginners and professionals. This also applies to the four offered account models. With four account models, the broker offers a variant for every trading type. The spreads and leverage vary depending on the account model. CFDs or currencies can then be traded on attractive terms via MetaTrader 4 and other platforms.

Expert comment immediately after close of trading


GKRX expert Kristian Volaric comments on 9 February 2018 at 5 p.m. the trading week that has just ended. In "The Markets on the Couch - The Live Commentary on the Closing of the Exchange" he also already looks ahead to the new trading week. At this webinar, traders with different trading styles could get tips on interesting trading opportunities.

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