ETX Capital PayPal - Is the 2020 payment method available?

ETX Capital PayPal - are deposits and withdrawals possible in 2020? An overview of the payment methods Read the guide now & top up your ETX Capital account.

In this guide we mainly deal with the question of whether an ETX Capital PayPal payment is possible or not. At the same time, we disclose all other payment methods and fees and explain why PayPal is such an unpopular payment option among brokers. ETX Capital itself is the trade name of the London-based company Monecor (London) Limited. This company is a member of the London Stock Exchange and was founded in 1965.

The most important facts about ETX Capital PayPal:

  • PayPal payments not possible
  • most common payment options available
  • five free withdrawals per month
  • immediate processing for deposits possible
  • lower minimum deposit amount of 50 euros

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ETX Capital PayPal payments no option?

The payment option PayPal is known to many people. In Germany there are millions of customers who regularly pay via PayPal on the Internet. This is mainly due to the fact that PayPal is a good way to make transactions online quickly and securely. The payment method is therefore also supported in many online shops. However, it is often not an option for brokers. It is the same with ETX Capital. Because these offer a whole range of payment methods, however, ETX Capital PayPal payment is not possible because it is not on offer.

So we can state at this point that ETX Capital PayPal is not offers as a payment method. Nevertheless, PayPal is very well known in Germany and is used frequently.

ETX Capital PayPal - Is the 2020 payment method available?

All payment methods, fees & Co.

As ETX Capital does not support PayPal, it offers other online and offline payment methods. On the one hand, there is the option of paying by bank transfer, credit card or EC card. On the other hand, you can also deposit or withdraw via an e-wallet system. These systems include Skrill and Neteller. However, transactions are also possible via Giropay or Sofortüberweisung.

Fees only apply if you deposit or withdraw less than the minimum amount of EUR 50. Otherwise, deposits are always free. Withdrawals [ETX Capital Payouts], on the other hand, are free of charge five times a month and are charged with a processing fee from the sixth time.

The processing time for deposits is only a few minutes. You only have to wait a few days for deposits made by bank transfer. Withdrawals, on the other hand, generally have a processing time of one day.

Based on our experience, we can finally say that there are many payment methods that are all free of charge for deposits and five times a month for withdrawals, Processing fees therefore only apply if the minimum deposit or withdrawal amount is not met or if the sixth payment is made. We also found that the processing time at ETX Capital is sometimes very short.

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Transactions via PayPal as an exception among brokers?

PayPal is one of the most popular online payment methods in Germany. However, it is not offered everywhere. For brokers in particular, it is an exception to offer PayPal as a payment option, and there are very specific reasons for this:

  • Because PayPal charges a lot of fees. However, these fees should not be borne by the customers, but by the options broker. This is particularly due to the fact that PayPal stipulates that transactions must always be free of charge for customers.
  • Therefore, the brokers would all have to pay the fees themselves. These fees include a flat fee of 35 cents per deposit as well as another fee that, depending on the state, accounts for up to seven percent of the deposit amount.
  • So the platforms would have to save at another end, in order to get PayPal in the first place To be able to offer. This could mean that fees for deposits and withdrawals increase. However, since neither customers nor brokers want this, PayPal is not offered as a payment method in the first place.

Because PayPal demands high fees for deposits from brokers and these brokers recoup these fees from other parts would have to, e.g. by reducing the maximum return, the payment option is not included in the offer in most cases.

ETX Capital PayPal - Is the 2020 payment method available?

FAQ on ETX Capital

What types of trading does ETX Capital offer?

You can trade a whole range of trading types at ETX Capital, such as Forex and CFDs.

What can you trade with the broker?

The broker offers more than a thousand stocks, over 50 currency pairs and over 50 indices as well as many commodities with which you can trade.

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How can you contact ETX Capital's customer support?

ETX Capital's customer support can be reached by phone, email and fax. He can be contacted from 9:30 p.m. on Sundays to 9:15 p.m. on Fridays. However, there is a dedicated support service for new customers. This can be reached within the week from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Does ETX Capital offer a bonus?

Yes, the broker offers an ETX Capital bonus code for new customers. How high the bonus will ultimately be depends on the amount of the first deposit. In addition, special promotions are often offered.

How much profit can you make from a broker?

The yield in CFD and Forex trading is not fixed in advance.

Further offers from ETX Capital

The further offers from ETX Capital are in particular the educational offers and trading opportunities. The broker offers three platforms and two ETX Capital Apps with which you can trade. These are all very user-friendly and have many trading tools.

Meanwhile, the educational offer consists of web seminars and courses on trade psychology, etc. In addition, according to our ETX Capital experience, there is also an ETX Capital demo account, which is ideal for beginners and advanced users.

ETX Capital PayPal - Is the 2020 payment method available?

Our conclusion: No PayPal, no fees

Ultimately, we can say that ETX Capital does not offer PayPal, but it does because of the high fees. In return, the broker offers a wide range of payment options, including the two popular methods of bank transfer and credit card. There is also the advantage that ETX Capital does not charge fees for deposits or for five withdrawals per month. The exception is only if a payment is below the minimum amount of 50 euros. So test the broker yourself and benefit from the five free payouts!

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ETX Capital PayPal - Is the 2020 payment method available?

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