ETX Capital disbursement - what costs do you have to consider in 2020?

Can ETX Capital pay out in 2020 at no cost? We tested the broker and reveal it in the guide. Inform now & save fees.

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We asked ourselves whether ETX Capital can be paid out at no cost and can therefore determine in this guide. In addition, we present all possible payment methods and clarify how long a payment at the broker actually takes. The broker has its origins in Monecor (London) Limited, whose trade name is ETX Capital. The company was founded in 1965 and is a member of the London Stock Exchange. Since ETX Capital is headquartered in London, the broker is regulated by the British Financial Regulator FCA.

The ETX Capital payout at a glance:

  • most common payment methods available
  • pay out five times a month free of charge
  • minimum payment amount of 50 euros
  • processing time of one day
  • transactions secured by SSL encryption

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The payment methods and their advantages

Each broker offers different payment methods. There are a few common ones that are basically offered by every broker, but in this guide we have dealt specifically with the payment methods of the broker ETX Capital.

Here, we first found that in any case one Can make bank transfer. This has the advantage that it is done professionally and therefore usually without errors. There is also the option of online transfer. This is faster because you don't have to go to the bank.

There is also an EC and credit card payment method. All known ones, apart from Amex, are accepted. For example, you can easily make the ETX Capital payment with Visa, MasterCard or Maestro. Another option is the immediate transfer, which is also very quick.

However, you can also pay out using Giropay or e-wallet. With E-Wallet, the two methods Skrill and Neteller are possible. However, cash withdrawals are not possible during this time. This means that no money letters, checks or similar are accepted.

A wide range of payment methods are available for the ETX Capital payment. Among them are some options that can be done professionally and some options that can be done very quickly.

Withdrawals possible without ETX Capital costs?

A very important aspect when it comes to ETX Capital disbursement are the costs involved in transactions. That is why we got to the bottom of the question of whether payments can also be made free of charge. It turned out that we can answer the question in the affirmative.

Because five payments can be made per month without incurring any ETX Capital costs. Processing fees are only charged for further payments. However, we can also say that five payments per month are a high number that you will probably rarely, if ever, descend over.

Nevertheless, there is another condition for the free ETX Capital payment. So you have to keep the minimum payout of 50 euros. On the other hand, if you want to have less paid out, you have to expect that fees will be charged. In addition, you have to note that costs can also be charged by your own bank.

We can therefore state at this point that an ETX Capital payment is entirely possible without costs. Processing fees only apply from the sixth payment per month and for payments under 50 euros.

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How long does an ETX Capital payment last?

we also asked ourselves how long an ETX Capital payout would take. The broker has a uniform processing time that applies to all payment methods. This is one working day and is therefore a short time. However, depending on the payment option, it may take a few more days before the money can actually be found in the bank account or credit card.

Therefore, you have to make a bank transfer, online transfer, instant transfer or transactions by Wait an additional one or two days for Neteller. With the payment methods Skrill, Giropay and credit card or EC card, on the other hand, you even have to wait another three to four days.

There may also be delays, which can also be avoided. So you may have to wait even longer if the payment is less than 50 euros. However, even if the name of the trading account and the name for the payout account do not match, complications will arise that can be expected to take longer to process.

For these reasons, we can say that an ETX Capital payout is often a lasts up to five days. How long exactly depends on the chosen payment option. You should also note that delays can occur if you do not meet the minimum payment amount or do not want to have the money transferred to your own account.

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FAQ about ETX Capital

What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit, like the minimum payment amount, is € 50. Anyone paying in or out of this amount will have to expect fees.

What is the minimum trading amount?

The minimum trading amount is 15 euros. There is also a maximum trading amount of EUR 2,000.

Is there an option for PayPal payment?

ETX Capital unfortunately does not offer the option of making an ETX Capital PayPal payment. However, the broker is not the only one, because only very few brokers support the PayPal payment system.

What trading types does ETX Capital offer?

As trading types at ETX Capital Forex and CFD trading.

How secure are the transactions?

All transactions are secured by SSL encryption. This encrypts all data over the Internet. This automatically functioning system also sends a message if the browser is not protected by encryption.

Further offers from ETX Capital

We also looked at our ETX Capital also experiences the various assets as well as the educational and bonus offer. First of all, we found that you can trade with over 50 currency pairs, with more than 50 indices, with many commodities and more than 1,000 stocks.

Finally, three platforms are offered for trading itself. Two of these platforms are also available as a free ETX Capital app, so that mobile trading is also possible here.

In addition, the broker offers an ETX Capital demo account with a starting credit of 10,000 euros. This is available free of charge and can be used for a few weeks. It is particularly useful to test the trade risk-free and to try out new strategies.

Furthermore, the broker occasionally offers special offers and offers bonuses and bonuses for existing and / or new customers. However, there is also a permanent ETX Capital bonus code for each new customer.

The range of courses on offer includes seminars, courses, webinars and road shows. However, most of these units are only available in English. Nevertheless, they can be very useful, especially for beginners.

Our conclusion: free of charge is possible

Finally, we can say that the ETX Capital payout without costs and within two to five Days can take place. There is a large selection of payment methods that can also be used for the deposit. So ETX Capital offers a free and fast payment. The only requirement is that the name matches and that the minimum payment amount of 50 euros is adhered to. Make an ETX Capital payment now and convince yourself of the free and fast processing!

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