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ETX Capital bonus code for new and existing customers 01/2020

ETX Capital Bonus Code of up to 5,000 euros for new customers Special promotions for existing customers Benefit now from the bonuses.

The ETX Capital Bonus Code for new and existing customers offers the opportunity to receive an attractive premium in compliance with the ETX Capital Bonus conditions. The broker himself offers the bonuses for all his customers and potential customers. ETX Capital is the trading name of Monecor (London) Limited. This company was founded in the 1960s and is now a member of the London Stock Exchange. The broker is monitored and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

All facts about the ETX Capital Bonus Code:

  • Welcome bonus of up to 5,000 Euro
  • amount of the welcome bonus depending on the first deposit amount
  • starting credit of 20 Euro for new customers
  • special offers for existing customers
  • bonus payment only possible after compliance with the bonus conditions
  • Withdrawal of bonus upon expiry of the required period

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ETX Capital Bonus Code of up to € 5,000

When we turned to the question of whether an ETX Capital Bonus Code is available, we first noticed that the broker offers a welcome bonus of up to 5,000 euros. This can be requested from customer support and depends on the amount of the deposit:

  • However, no bonus is possible for deposits under 500 euros.
  • On the other hand, you receive one for deposits from 500 euros to 1,499 euros Bonus of 15 percent on the first deposit amount.
  • However, if you deposit a sum between 1,500 and 2,499 euros, you get a 20 percent bonus.
  • For deposits from 2,500 euros to 4,999 euros, you can even get 30 Get a percent bonus.
  • From 5,000 euros to 9,999 euros you get 45 percent.
  • The maximum bonus of 5,000 euros is also available for deposits from 10,000 euros.

However, automatic crediting is not possible. This means that the bonus code must be requested and will not be credited directly to the deposit.

We also found out that there is another bonus for new customers. This is an ETX Capital No Deposit Bonus, i.e. No deposit is required to receive this bonus. Each new customer can thus receive an additional 20 euros as starting credit.

As you can see, new customers receive a welcome bonus of up to 5,000 euros on the one hand and a starting credit of 20 euros on the other, which can even be received without a deposit.

ETX Capital bonus code for new and existing customers 01/2020

How do I secure the ETX Capital Bonus?

Of course, we also looked at the bonus conditions, as these are decisive and are complied with if the bonus is actually to be paid out and used. For both bonuses, you first have to open a binary options account:

  1. In the first step, you select a platform.
  2. Then you fill out the form, confirms the Terms and Conditions and sends them off.
  3. Then you have to verify yourself to confirm your identity.
  4. Afterwards it is important to make the first deposit. However, this step can also be skipped for the starting credit, since it is ultimately a no deposit bonus. For the welcome bonus, on the other hand, you have to deposit at least 500 euros.
  5. In the next and at the same time last step you will also receive the bonus.

If you have received the bonus, you can of course also trade and thus also meet the bonus conditions. So you have to use the welcome bonus 300 percent of the bonus within three months. If you don't, the reputable binary options broker will reclaim the bonus. Up to this point, however, all withdrawals are usually blocked. This means that you should only accept the bonus if you are an active trader.

For the 20 euro bonus, however, you have to close ten trades within two months. Another requirement is that the bonus must remain in the account for at least two months. Again, the following applies: If the conditions are not met, the bonus will be withdrawn. In addition, all payments are not possible here as long as the bonus conditions are not met.

This means that you have to open the account first and then comply with the bonus conditions. If this is not the case, the bonus will be withdrawn. It also makes sense to only accept the bonus if you can actually meet the conditions and will therefore actively trade.

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Special offers for existing customers?

In addition to the two bonuses for new customers, there are also special offers from time to time that are also available to existing customers. However, there is no general or permanent ETX Capital Bonus Code for existing customers. Therefore, as an existing customer of the broker, you should keep looking for an action and, if necessary, obtain information from customer support.

Although ETX Capital always offers special offers for existing customers, there is no general one Bonus that can be received by any existing customer.

ETX Capital bonus code for new and existing customers 01/2020

FAQ about ETX Capital

How to contact ETX Capital customer service?

ETX Capital customer service can be reached by email, phone and fax. It is available for new customers from Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. For existing customers, on the other hand, it is temporarily available on weekends, from Sunday 9:30 p.m. to Friday 9:15 p.m.

Can you also receive a bonus for deposits under € 500?

If you make a deposit of less than 500 euros, you cannot receive a welcome bonus, but you can get the no deposit bonus of 20 euros. The only requirement is compliance with the bonus conditions.

What is the minimum deposit?

In order to be able to make deposits free of charge, you have to deposit at least 50 euros. This also applies to withdrawals.

How is the broker regulated?

The broker is based in Great Britain, in London. For this reason, it is regulated by the FCA, the British Financial Regulator.

What payment methods does ETX Capital offer?

The broker offers deposits and ETX Capital withdrawals the payment methods Skrill, Neteller, Sofortüberweisung, Giropay, bank transfer, online transfer, EC and credit card.

More offers from ETX Capital

In our ETX Capital experience we also found out about the broker’s other offers. Here we first noticed that there are three trading platforms, some of which are web-based, some of which are desktop-based. In addition, there is an ETX Capital app for two of the platforms, which can be downloaded free of charge.

We also discovered an ETX Capital demo account with a virtual starting credit of EUR 10,000. It can be used for 14 days and is available completely free of charge. There is also a trading academy that offers seminars, webinars and courses for beginners and advanced users free of charge. However, the academy is only partially available in German.

You can trade with over 100 indices, commodities and currency pairs. There are also over a thousand shares that can also be traded. The binary options offered are call / put, one touch, long-term and short-term.

ETX Capital bonus code for new and existing customers 01/2020

Our conclusion: Comprehensive bonus offer for new customers

Ultimately, we can say that the broker provides an extensive bonus offer, especially for new customers. On the one hand there is the ETX Capital Bonus Code for the welcome bonus, which can be up to 5,000 euros. On the other hand, traders can also secure the start bonus of 20 euros. For both bonuses, only the bonus conditions have to be met. For active traders, the premiums are therefore probably a welcome starting gift. However, the bonuses are not worthwhile for not-too-active traders.

Although there is a fairly extensive range for new customers, ETX Capital only occasionally offers special offers for existing customers. But active traders can also make a profit here. So get the ETX Capital Bonus Code now and start trading!

ETX Capital bonus code for new and existing customers 01/2020

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