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ETX Capital app for Android & iOS 2016 - platforms overview

ETX Capital App (01/2020): available for free?. We took a close look at the app. Open an account now & trade via the app.

ETX Capital offers an ETX Capital app for every trader. This can be used free of charge and is accessible as an ETX Capital Android and iOS app. The broker itself is the trade name of Monecor (London) Limited and is therefore headquartered in London. ETX Capital offers global trading in around 6,000 markets. However, we not only looked at the broker, but also looked in particular at the ETX Capital app and the various platforms and their functions.

5 reasons for the ETX Capital app:

  • user-friendly interface available
  • ETX Capital App for TraderPro and Binary Platform
  • available free of charge for Android and iOS
  • calculator tool, drag and drop function and Product information integrated
  • Trading in more than 1,000 markets

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3 platforms at a glance

While examining the broker ETX Capital, we found that it offers not just one, but two different platforms:

  • ETX Capital TraderPro: This platform offers many charts, including also advanced, different drawing tools and several indicators. A computer tool and the drag and drop function are also integrated in the trading platform. In addition, there is a Product Info tab that provides further information about certain broker products. You can create both product charts and individual watch lists. Direct product trading is also offered. It is also possible to individually design the user interface and the layout. Since this platform is built professionally overall, it is particularly suitable for advanced users. It also offers more than 1,000 markets.
  • Meta Trader 4 (MT4): This platform is also ideally suited for experienced traders. It offers one-click trading, prices and charts in real time as well as optimized user functions. Trading decisions can also be made automatically here. However, unlike the TraderPro platform, the MT4 is not web-based. That means a download is required.

Therefore we can say that ETX Capital has 2 trading platforms on offer. Two of these are particularly suitable for advanced learners and one for beginners. However, each platform offers many functions, a customer-friendly interface and individual trading options.

ETX Capital app for Android & iOS 2016 - platforms overview

ETX Capital Android & iOS app available for mobile trading?

Who but does not want to trade on a laptop or PC, can also use his smartphone for trading. This is achieved with the ETX Capital App, of which there are two. One of these apps is the ETX Capital TraderPro platform, the other ETX binary. Both enable mobile trading that can be carried out on the go. They also have all the functions of the respective platform ready and are offered free of charge. The apps are compatible with any Android device. But there is also an ETX Capital iPhone and iPad app.

An ETX Capital app is available for two of the three platforms. Both are available in the Google Play Store and the App Store. So you can trade on the go or watch the markets.

ETX TraderPro Basics - Platform Walkthrough

FAQs on ETX Capital

What types of trading does ETX Capital offer?

ETX Capital offers a number of trading opportunities. This gives customers many options for trading.

From what amount can you open a trading account?

You can open a trading account from a deposit of 100 euros. This also represents the minimum deposit.

Which assets can you trade with?

The broker can trade with many commodities, thousands of shares, over 50 currency pairs and more as 50 indices.

Which platforms does ETX Capital offer?

The broker ETX Capital offers the platforms ETX Capital TraderPro, ETX Binary and Meta Trader 4 (MT4). All are very clearly structured and offer many tools, charts and functions. However, the MT4 platform is not offered as an ETX Capital App.

What is the maximum return?

The maximum return is 85 percent.

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ETX Capital app for Android & iOS 2016 - platforms overview

More offers from ETX Capital

Thanks to our ETX Capital experience, we were able to use the ETX Capital app as well Deal with the bonus code, the educational offer and the ETX Capital demo account. Up until the ban on bonus payments by CySEC in December 20126, the broker offered a welcome bonus that new customers could receive after the first deposit. This could be up to 5,000 euros.

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Since December 2016, bonuses have been officially prohibited by the CySEC! Binary.com is not regulated by the CySEC, however, and can therefore continue to offer bonus payments.

The range of courses meanwhile ranges from seminars and webinars to trader courses and road shows. These shows are used to get to know the broker and to find out more. However, most of these options are only available in English. Nevertheless, there are also some in German.

The demo account can also be counted among the educational offers. After all, you can also learn and especially test here. This can be used with a virtual start credit for two weeks.

Our conclusion: Two apps for beginners and advanced users

In summary, we can finally say that the broker has two Offers apps for beginners and advanced users. The ETX Capital App is suitable for the platform for beginners and the ETX Capital App for the platform TraderPro for advanced users. Both are very customer-friendly, have many tools and functions and can be used by Android devices as well as iPhones or iPads. So that you can get an idea of ​​the apps and platforms or the broker yourself, get the ETX Capital App and test it yourself!

ETX Capital app for Android & iOS 2016 - platforms overview

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