eToro Payout Fees - Traders will face these costs in 2020

eToro withdrawal fees 2020: What is the fee per withdrawal?. Guide explains the status quo. Find out more now & save fees.

eToro is the first global marketplace where traders all over the world are connected in the form of a network and benefit from the principle of joint trading. Such a principle is the so-called Social Trading, from which both inexperienced investors and trading professionals can benefit. The following guide explains the principle of social trading and shows you which eToro payment fees you will have to pay.

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The most important information about the eToro payout at a glance:

  • When making payments, eToro does the following Fees based on the amount debited
  • Fees range from $ 5 to $ 25
  • eToro has a minimum deposit of € 200
  • at the social trading provider free of charge

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What exactly is social trading?

As already mentioned Social Trading is the idea of ​​jointly investing in the global markets. In the past, stock exchange trading was reserved only for those who had the necessary small change and extensive knowledge. Fortunately, that no longer has to be the case. In social trading, inexperienced retail investors and advanced traders and trading professionals come together and can invest as a community and find out about the trading decisions of all other users.

For example, there is eToro social trading the own eToro trading platform, on which all trading activities of the Communit members are summarized. So every user can get detailed information about the performance, the gains and losses achieved as well as the traded instruments of every other trader. There is also the possibility to observe some traders and add them to your own portfolio.

So the user does not miss a single trading decision of all traders in their own watchlist and every new trade can can be copied with a click of the mouse. If you want, you can also use the CopyTrader from eToro and permanently copy one or more users. Whenever the copied person opens a new position, the same happens to the copier's trading account.

And how do those whose strategies are copied benefit? Quite simply, the more followers someone has, the higher the premium that these so-called signal generators can receive. Social trading makes it possible to trade profitably on the markets without having to have a lot of knowledge and experience, and those who make their own talent available can look forward to additional capital.

Interim conclusion: Social trading is a modern and innovative way of trading, from which beginners in particular should benefit. Put simply, investors copy the positions of experienced signal generators in order to be able to use their specialist knowledge indirectly. At the same time, the followers gain experience and knowledge themselves by observing the openings.

How to Make Money on Etoro

How the account opening at eToro works

Act now with the Forex test winner XTB just like opening an account with eToro. All you need to register is your own email address and a user name. Alternatively, you can register with your own Facebook account or with a Google+ account. After completing the registration, the account is created immediately and the user can also directly access the trading platform. No further registration steps are necessary until the first eToro payment and after a deposit of at least $ 200, the eToro trade is fully available.

If you have no eToro experience, you should first try the demo account, that the customer receives together with the live account. Apart from the eToro Profichart, all tools and functions of the trading platform are available and you can familiarize yourself with the platform's functionality at your leisure and without any risk.

Interim conclusion: Opening an account at eToro is extremely straightforward. Traders can synchronize their data via Facebook or Google+ and then only have to legitimize their email address.

Make an eToro deposit: Here's how

Before you go With the eToro withdrawal costs going, let's first show how you can make a deposit with the broker. To capitalize the trading account, proceed as follows:

  1. Log in with your own access data
  2. Click on "Trade" and you will be automatically redirected to the eToro trading platform
  3. Click on the "Checkout" button at the bottom left
  4. Select the "Deposit" option
  5. Determine the amount and preferred deposit method

The minimum deposit is at eToro at $ 200 and for money transfers, seven methods are available, including:

  • credit card
  • bank transfer
  • Neteller
  • PayPal

Depending on which method you choose, the transaction can take up to a few days claim, in most cases the money can be seen after a few minutes on the trading account.

Interim conclusion: To start trading at eToro at all investors must deposit money into their trading account. For this, the broker offers various online payment services, credit cards and the classic bank transfer.

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eToro payment: These fees come to traders at

If you make a deposit at eToro, you do not have to pay any fees for this. On the other hand, it is different if the capital is to be transferred from the custody account back to your own account. In this case, traders have recently started paying a fee of $ 25, whereby capital can only be withdrawn from an amount of $ 25. It is therefore profitable for investors if they carry out the smallest possible number of transactions.

If you place several payment orders within 72 hours, there is no need to fear additional costs. In this case, eToro sums it up Withdrawals combined into a single order so that only a one-time retention of $ 25 is retained.

In addition, there is another fee at eToro that is directly related to the withdrawal. Because traders can only keep their brokerage account in US dollars and not in euros. For the conversion between the individual currencies , however, an additional flat rate of 250 pips must be taken into account each time, which further increases the payment costs.

Interim conclusion: As one of the few brokers, eToro charges a fee for paying out capital. A full $ 25 is due, so it is worthwhile for traders to only make a small number of payments, but with a correspondingly high amount.


Traders open an account with eToro, so they do not have to carry out any legitimation. A simple entry of the data and the transfer of the trading capital are enough to start trading actively. But: At the latest before the first eToro payment, it is necessary to confirm your own identity:

  1. Traders must contact the broker's support and initiate the verification in this way.
  2. The support then requests that a copy of a valid ID document be uploaded. As a rule, proof of residence must also be provided, which is possible, for example, via current bills from energy suppliers.
  3. Within a few days, eToro will then check whether the identity can actually be clarified in this way - which in all
  4. Traders receive a notification that the verification has been successfully completed.

So that there are no delays with the first eToro payment, it is recommended to carry out the authentication after opening the account. Any discrepancies can also be avoided in the approach, which noticeably simplifies subsequent transactions.

Interim conclusion: In order for the payment of capital to be really successful, investors must carry out a verification of their data. Again, it is necessary to contact support first and briefly address the issue. Then copies of the ID card and current bank statements are uploaded.

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Please note the following for traders, that the choice of means of payment has an impact on the duration of the payment - but this does not apply to the costs themselves. Basically, eToro is always interested in processing payment orders as soon as possible. However, especially with bank transfers, it can take a few days for international payments to be processed by both eToro and the respective bank. According to the financial service provider, this process can take up to 5 working days.

The online payment services are significantly faster, here eToro specifies the waiting time with only 1 to 2 working days. If problems or delays occur with payments, a standardized procedure has been developed for this:

  1. Traders can check the status of the payment in their account.
  2. If this has been completed but the money is not yet in the account, contact the broker's support should be contacted.
  3. Both current account statements and the confirmation email of the payment must be sent to them.
  4. Within a short time, the support of the problem will take care and try to get one as soon as possible Find a solution.

Interim conclusion: Fundamentally, problems or inconsistencies only occur in eToro payments in rare cases. If this is the case, traders can view the status of the current transaction directly online or contact support.


Who at eToro do not want to trade directly with their own money or follow other traders, can also open a demo account. The advantage: Traders have a total of 10,000 virtual euros available, the loss of which has no effect on their own account. In addition, eToro has not provided this account with a fixed term, so traders can try trading themselves until they have decided whether social trading is worthwhile for them.

The trial version is on no condition bound. It is not necessary to open a live account, nor are there any fees to be paid. It is actually a pure test version, which should primarily introduce beginners to social trading.

Interim conclusion: Whoever does not have real capital with the If you want to start social trading, you can also use a free demo account at eToro. Here, thousands of virtual euros are available to investors, with which the broker's service can be tested without any obligation. If eToro passes this individual test, a real account is then simply opened.

Our conclusion on the eToro payment fees:

eToro is one Social trading provider. If you want to open an account with eToro, you only need to register for it. The trader can use both a live and a demo account and choose from seven payment methods for deposits. The minimum deposit is $ 200 and in most cases this amount is limited to $ 10,000 per transaction. If you want to withdraw money from the trading account, there are fees, the amount of which depends on the amount paid out. The fee is a minimum of $ 5 and a maximum of $ 25 per withdrawal.

Broker Recommendation XTB

Opening a live account with XTB is free, secure and takes only a few minutes. Then there are 4 ways to easily activate the account. A demo account can also be opened at XTB quickly, free of charge and without obligation. It is worth trying the demo account because the trader has full access to everything that XTB has to offer.

There is no fee for account management. Neither for the deposit with common means of payment, such as PayPal, credit card and instant transfer. There is no minimum deposit required. However, there is only a fee of € 10 for the payment if the amount to be paid is less than € 200. With XTB's standard account, there are no fees for opening or closing a position for foreign exchange, indices, raw materials and cryptocurrencies. However, fees apply for stocks, ETFs, stock CFDs and EFT CFDs, starting from EUR 3.99. All fees are listed transparently, leaving no scope for hidden costs.

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eToro is a multi-asset platform that invests in stocks and cryptocurrencies as well as trading CFD investments.

CFDs are complex financial instruments. Because of the leverage they carry a high risk of losing money quickly. 75% of private investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

Please note You should inform yourself in advance about the risks of CFD trading, as high losses cannot be ruled out.

Cryptocurrencies are not regulated and their prices can fluctuate widely. Therefore, cryptocurrencies are not suitable for all investors. The trading of cryptocurrencies is not subject to any supervision by the EU regulatory authorities. Your capital is exposed to risks.

These instructions are only intended for training purposes and should not be regarded as investment advice.

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