Dukascopy improves binary options - what can traders expect from 2016?

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Binary options have become increasingly popular with traders in recent years. Dukascopy is now reacting to this change in trading and is improving its service for this type of trading. The goal is to make binary options trading more flexible for traders.

Dukascopy is a Swiss broker specializing in CFDs and Forex trading. Now the broker is planning some changes and renewals around binary options trading. The updates are designed to increase binary options trading experience. Among other things, higher payouts are offered as an incentive for more trades.

Trade binary options directly with Dukascopy

The changes

Dukascopy is pursuing several goals with its updates. For example, you want to give traders who prefer long-term options more flexibility. Therefore, the broker has increased the term for up / down options to 24 hours. Previously, the runtime was only one hour. So traders can now freely decide how long the duration of their trades should be. This also gives you more flexibility with regard to different time zones. So traders can react more flexibly. In addition, the maximum trading amount was adjusted, more precisely doubled. This innovation also promises more flexibility for dealers. With an option, you can now make a bet of 10,000 euros.

And the yield was also increased. Previously it was 70 percent, now 80 percent is offered. Dukascopy is regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and was founded in 2004. Dukascopy Bank offers internet-based trading services. The broker focuses on binary options, CFDs and stocks.

With its current changes, Dukascopy is responding to the growing interest in binary options. In this way, the broker would like to offer traders new trading experiences and opportunities to react better. Flexibility is a top priority at Dukascopy.

Dukascopy improves binary options - what can traders expect from 2016?

More about Dukascopy

Dukascopy Bank S.A. is behind Dukascopy. headquartered in Switzerland. The bank only offers offers for private customers. After its founding in 2004, the broker initially specialized primarily in Swiss customers. Over the years, however, the offer also became known beyond the Swiss national borders and in some cases was distributed in a targeted manner. Dukascopy can start trading with a minimum deposit of 100 euros. Dukascopy Europe IBS AG, with its headquarters in Riga, Latvia, manages the broker's customer accounts.

Dukascopy has a reputation for offering very interesting spreads. The platform is also generally perceived as very appealing. The support of the Swiss broker usually takes place in English. However, if you only speak German, you can also get advice in your mother tongue by phone. Employees with good German skills work in the telephone support.


Products from Dukascopy

The broker offers a very solid range with more than 50 currency pairs. A leverage of 1: 100 can be used for foreign exchange, but this is reduced to 1:30 at the weekend. It is also possible to increase the lever to 1: 300. Contact Dukascopy via email.

With regard to the order options, the selection at Dukascopy is also wide. Order types such as stop and limit, trailing stop, stop buy limit and if-done are available. One-click trading could be very interesting for many traders. It is also possible to close all open positions at once. Dukascopy thus offers its traders a wide variety of options that can be used flexibly.

Dukascopy offers different versions of its trading platform. The Jforex is primarily designed for chart trading. A Java platform is also available. This has a very well developed user interface, which is easy to understand. The web platforms allow traders to trade from anywhere. Of course, a mobile app for trading on the go is also offered. This is available for Android and the iPhone.

With JForex 3, Dukascopy has developed a new version of its JForex platform. Traders benefit from improved design, high performance and additional features with the user-friendly software.

The Dukascopy Europe Forex Trader, which is intuitive to use, is particularly popular with traders. With this application it is possible to forward order executions directly to the broker. The trading account can also be easily viewed. This way, traders always have the best overview of trading and can also trade at any time from a smartphone or tablet.

Trade binary options directly with Dukascopy

Dukascopy improves binary options - what can traders expect from 2016?

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