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Dukascopy demo account 2020 - use the demo for free & start trading

Dukascopy demo account 2020: test forex trading What is in the demo account? Dukascopy demo account check Use benefits now & open an account.

Test trade and brokers with a Dukascopy demo account - what may seem trivial at first can protect against losses in practice. Unfortunately, in practice it turns out that experienced traders in particular underestimate the potential of the Dukascopy demo account. Dukascopy Demo took a close look at this page. Anyone who plans to start trading soon should not miss our practice check. Because the editors of the demo account opened up one or two facts that should be known.

Dukascopy Demo Account - Overview of important facts

  • Entry into trading with low minimum stakes
  • Dukascopy Europe maintains an account from USD 100
  • Easy access to the demo account
  • Confirmation message (email) sent within a short time
  • Trading on different platforms possible
  • Demo account with 14 days of use

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Trial account: The advantages of Dukascopy Demo

"Why should I use a test account - instead of trading binary options with the first deposit?" Very similar questions will arise for beginners in binary options and forex trading. At first glance, traders with experience seem to be able to do without the Dukascopy demo account. But: In practice you can quickly see why the first steps and trades with Dukascopy become risky without the trial account.

The Dukascopy demo account has a big plus: Traders can access the test without set up large detours via customer service. Open the demo account form ( Swiss FX Marketplace Demo Account Registration ) can be accessed centrally on the website. Another advantage is the selectable credit balance - between 1,000 to 1,000,000 currency units (including euros, francs, USD or GBP).

Dukascopy demo account - The advantages at a glance:

  • Opening form accessible with one click
  • Selection of credit (balance) and lever selectable
  • combined opening of Forex and binary options Demo account possible
  • Name data, e-mail and telephone number sufficient as contact details.

Dukascopy surprisingly keeps the route to the test account short. Traders use the demo account to test more than just Forex trading. As an investor, you can also try out the trading platforms with the Dukascopy demo. You shouldn't let the 14 days of use pass by.

Dukascopy demo account 2020 - use the demo for free & start trading

Open a Dukascopy demo account: How quickly is the test account set up?

As a trader, you have it at Dukascopy Choice between a demo account with Dukascopy Bank SA or the subsidiary Dukascopy Europe IBS AS. In both cases, the first step is online registration. Note: The registration differs slightly. At Dukascopy Bank SA, the question to be answered is whether you can open a real money account with:

  • under USD 5,000
  • under USD 50,000
  • plans more than $ 50,000

. In the first case it is advised to open a demo account at Dukascopy Europe IBS AS. The 14-day trial account can be set up quickly. Shortly after submitting the registration form, there is already an email with the access data in the mailbox.

Opening a Dukascopy demo account is surprisingly easy in practice. Traders receive their access data within a very short time and can then decide at Dukascopy whether they work with the JForex platform or Web Trader and the mobile apps.

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