Dukascopy App 2020 - trade & trade on the go

Dukascopy App 2020: Trading for Android and iPhone What does the binary options app do? We tested it. Now trade on Dukascopy mobile.

Trade comfortably on the go with the Dukascopy app - increasing flexibility in binary options trading is becoming increasingly important. If you take a closer look at Dukascopy Bank SA, one thing immediately catches your eye - based in Geneva and Riga, it is one of the few market makers in Central / Eastern Europe. What options do traders have for trading with Dukascopy? First of all: The broker covers the common mobile operating systems with an application for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad).

Dukascopy App - The fact check

  • Dukascopy allows trading from 1 euro
  • Web binary trader for trading on PC & laptop
  • Dukascopy provides a mobile platform
  • Android and iOS
  • are supported Version for use on the iPad

Now trading binary options directly with Dukascopy

Android & iPhone: The platforms of the Dukascopy app

Since binary options have aroused the interest of traders, more and more brokers have specialized in the market. Dukascopy Bank is one of the few Central European market makers. One of the very positive features is the fact that with Dukascopy trading is already possible with one euro. With regard to the demand for maximum mobility when trading, Dukascopy goes with the times.

The trader is offered apps for both Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad). It is striking that the two versions seem to differ in some points. If you look at the design of the Dukascopy Android App and Dukascopy iPhone App, there are some differences. But the two programs also differ in terms of the degree of update and size. The Dukascopy app for Android is about twice the size of its counterpart for the iPhone.

The Dukascopy keeps up with the times and makes an app available to customers. Under the name Binary Trader, investors can use the broker Dukascopy to trade financial products on the go. Both versions - for Android and iPhone - are logically structured and can also be operated without much training. Important information such as the option size, put / call options or the term can be easily administered.

Dukascopy App 2020 - trade & trade on the go

Dukascopy app in check: The requirements

If you want to take part in trading with the Dukascopy app via Android devices or an iPhone and the iPad, you obviously have to overcome certain hurdles. The first and most important basic condition is a trading account. In addition to the live account, Dukascopy fortunately works with a demo account. The advantage: With Dukascopy, both account types can be reached directly via the " Binaries " tab.

The second step in using the mobile trading platform is to download and install it. Here the trader has the choice: either he searches the app store or Google Play himself for the application. The second option is much simpler. Binaries>Trading platforms not only display information about the individual trading environments.

Dukascopy has provided a link for the logo of the respective app source, which immediately refers to the correct web address. One click - and the broker reaches the app in question.

Trade binary options directly with Dukascopy

Important: Before installing, check whether the smartphone or tablet meets the operating system requirements. For iPhone and iPad, current version 1.6 requires at least iOS 7 (or later). Users with Android devices must use at least Android 4.0 to install the Dukascopy app 1.08.

The hurdles for using the Dukascopy app are manageable. It is clear that the Dukascopy platform cannot be used without a trading / demo account. As a trader, you should also make sure that the device or its operating system can meet the necessary requirements.

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Act mobile: What is important?

If you want to trade binary options on the go with the Dukascopy app, you must have the same properties as for trading on a PC. Even beginners are advised to prepare a basic strategy as early as possible. This is the only way to be successful in the long run. At the same time, it is absolutely necessary to deal with aspects of binary options trading signals.

Just because another trading platform is used, the rules of the game on the market do not change fundamentally. What should you value when trading on the go? In terms of handling, the binary options app differs from the web binary dealer. It pays to test the first steps with the app as a demo risk-free. After all, quick decisions are also important in binary options trading. And this requires a secure operation of the trading platform.

With the Dukascopy app traders can not only take positions via the web binary trader. You can also trade on the go. In principle, getting to know the individual features and functions is recommended after installation. A piece of advice that applies in general to binary options trading.

Dukascopy App 2020 - trade & trade on the go

Dukascopy App - FAQ

From what amounts can Dukascopy - e.g. B. with the app - to trade?

Dukascopy is one of those market makers who fortunately allow trading with low minimum stakes. Traders have to invest trading amounts of one euro to take positions. The downer: the broker sometimes requires a high minimum deposit on the trading account.

What payments can be made in retail with the Dukascopy Android App and Dukascopy iPhone App?

On the part of Dukascopy The payout values ​​fluctuate between 70 percent and 90 percent. However, other principles apply to trading in the daily stock options (DSO). Here Dukascopy specifies the payout with values ​​between 50 percent and 70 percent.

What access rights does the Android app from Dukascopy have?

Today, mobile trading is largely "a part of good sound ". If you look at the app, all the important functions have their place. With regard to the access rights, however, some questions arise. Why does a binary options trading platform have to have access and write rights to media files? The same applies to the phone book. From our point of view, the app goes a little too far at this point.

How much capital does it have to be invested to use the app?

Downloading the Dukascopy app itself is possible free of charge. Fees are not shown for Android or iPhone. But: In order to be able to use the app in real money trading, a binary options account is required. The required first deposit is stated by Dukascopy Bank (Geneva) with USD 1,000 (equivalent in other currencies). The USD 100 trading account with the Latvian investment subsidiary is cheaper.

Can the Dukascopy app also be used on a tablet?

Yes, the installation should - if that is the case Operating system supported - may be possible. The broker even provides its own app for users of an iPad. The Dukascopy Binary Trader HD contains all the important functions for a binary options trading platform and at the same time makes a tidier impression than the smartphone app.

Further offers from Dukascopy

depend on binary options trading Success depends on many factors. This includes trading conditions and the choice of broker - based, for example, on Dukascopy's experience. We not only offer traders tips for the test winner. We also look into the question of good trial accounts. And of course we deal with relevant strategies that can lead to success. At Dukascopy you will not only find binary options. It is also advisable to check the broker when it comes to CFD trading and Forex. Dukascopy Europe, in particular, is positioning itself as an investment broker in these areas.

Dukascopy App 2020 - trade & trade on the go

Conclusion: Dukascopy supports Android and iOS

Dukascopy scores with low trading amounts and that The fact that investors can access their trading account on the go - via the app. Since the broker has both a mobile application for Android and iOS, many smartphones and tablets - such as the iPhone - are supported. From the point of view of our editorial team, the range of functions is sufficient; more tools might be desirable. But what leads to surprise is the fairly extensive rights - such as access to media files or the phone book.

Now trading binary options directly with Dukascopy

Dukascopy App 2020 - trade & trade on the go

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