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Digital options test account 2020 - test demo account without deposit

Digital options test account comparison 2020: IQ option - 1,000 € entry fee test account without deposit, unlimited time Create a demo account now.

If you trade binary options - also called digital options - you should always have a digital options test account in parallel. On the one hand to enter the trade. On the other hand, to test and refine new strategies. But where is the best binary options demo account? We ran the test. Unfortunately, many binary options brokers advertise with a free test account, but on closer inspection there are only "hooks" and "asterisks".

But we have found a provider who provides a consistently free and unlimited demo account. Our test winner in the field of digital options test account is without question IQ Option.

That's why traders choose the IQ option demo account:

  • Available free of charge
  • Can be used for an unlimited period
  • No real money account opening necessary
  • No deposit required
  • Top modern trading platform
  • Realtime prices
  • Numerous underlyings are available
  • Call / put trading and 60 seconds options or turbo -Options

Now for the exclusive demo account of IQ Option

Test account for beginners (mandatory) required

Beginners and beginners in binary options trading cannot avoid a binary options test account. Too much money is at stake. Anyone who sees online trading with digital options only as a pastime and gambling can do without a test account. But if you want to make money with it in the long run, you should also have a digital options test account. The way binary options work is relatively easy to understand. But some traders are not aware of the effects.

If he is wrong with his opinion, in most cases there is a total loss of the trade. Experts therefore strongly recommend that you first try trading in digital options on a demo account.

  • Helps to understand trading in digital options
  • A feel for the risk-reward ratio is being developed
  • Risk-free trading - no losses possible
  • Get to know the trading platform

Now to the exclusive demo account of IQ Option

Any deficits that arise there are only virtual. The trader is not taking any real risk. The functionality of turbo options, such as the 60 second options, can also be quickly seen in a test account. With binary options, online traders can make money quickly and quickly. But they can lose their capital just as quickly. Training on a demo account beforehand helps to become aware of the risks and to develop strategies for risk minimization. Therefore, capital should never be invested that is otherwise needed. With the help of a binary options test account, beginners also get a feel for the chances of winning. Because ultimately about 2/3 of all trades must always be won in order to make money with it in the long term.

Digital options test account 2020 - test demo account without deposit

Test account also recommended for advanced and professionals

A digital one Options test account is not only recommended for beginners. Advanced or professional traders also appreciate a high quality demo account. Why? Because they can test new binary options strategies there. Or refine and optimize already applied techniques.

However, it is of no use to more experienced traders if, for example, a demo account is only available for a few days. Testing strategies takes time. It also has to prove itself in different market situations. Some tactics are only successful with certain base values ​​, with others not. What is needed is a test account that can be used indefinitely and that contains all the important functions and basic values.

  • Optimizing trading techniques
  • Trying and testing new strategies
  • Use of trading systems in different market situations

Now to the exclusive demo account of IQ Option

IQ Option Digital Options Review - Binary Options

Our requirements for a digital options test account

Some requirements have already been mentioned in mentioned in the two previous sections. A test account should be suitable for both beginners and advanced traders. It would also be optimal if the regular trading of binary options can also be processed via the broker or is recommended.

That should offer a binary options demo account:

  • Available free of charge
  • Can be used indefinitely
  • A variety of base values ​​
  • Different types of trading, such as call / put, turbo, one touch, etc.
  • Realtime course supply
  • No previous deposit
  • Real trading environment
  • Possibility to reload test account
  • Anytime change from real money to demo version

Surely the requirements for a test account differ from trader to trader. Our requirements are also very high and there is certainly no online broker that every customer in always does everything justice. In the Forex area, demo accounts have long been common. With binary options it is unfortunately a little different. Since this trade has only been accessible to private investors in recent years, development is lagging behind a little. But the brokers have caught up powerfully. A digital options test account is no longer a rarity. Many providers can open or use one. But there is a catch here: With almost all brokers, a real money account must first be opened and a deposit made.

You could perhaps do without some base values ​​in the demo version - but a previous account opening and deposit should not be necessary! More information can be found here: Binary options demo account without registration.

Now to the exclusive demo account of IQ Option

Digital options test account 2020 - test demo account without deposit

IQ Option meets test account requirements

Fortunately, there is a provider that meets our requirements - at least in most areas - IQ Option. Our IQ Option Test shows in detail that the company is a real "demo account specialist". Free of charge, without prior payment and can be used indefinitely: These are the strongest arguments for the IQ Option test account.

The advantages of the IQ Option test account have already been mentioned:

  • Toll-free
  • available
  • Can be used for an unlimited period
  • No real money account opening necessary
  • No deposit required
  • Top modern trading platform
  • Realtime rates
  • Change from demo to real money account (demo remains)

Now to the exclusive demo account of IQ Option

Trading on the demo platform is exactly as if the trader was trading with real money. Even after opening a real money account, the test account remains and can switch back and forth between the two account models at any time. So ideal for traders.

Are there any disadvantages with the IQ option offer?

We always examine the offers of brokers for our readers in great detail and also look at the "small print". Therefore we also identified some shortcomings in IQ Option.

  • Only a few underlyings (many more in real money trading)
  • Only call / put and turbo options, none One Touch, Ladder Options etc.

But that was it with the disadvantages of the IQ Option test account. We could not find more than the two disadvantages in our digital options demo account test. These "shortcomings" are certainly not so serious that you have to advise against the broker. The few basic values ​​are usually completely sufficient. The most important underlyings such as EUR / USD, gold, oil etc. are of course available. Professionals who might want to test methods on a rather exotic underlying could be too short here.

However, IQ Option already has trades from just EUR / USD / GBP! Professionals certainly don't just have a few hundred euros of capital. 1 euro per trade can therefore almost be viewed as a free trade. This means that methods can also be tested with real money.

General disadvantages of a test account

However, it is interesting in this context that every test and try on a demo account generally has disadvantages. We don't want to hide this aspect either. As important as a digital options test account is, it doesn't replace real trading. Every options trader has to be aware of this! From a psychological point of view, there is a difference whether it is play money or real money. How this works in practice is very different.

Now to the exclusive demo account of IQ Option

Traders on test accounts are often more disciplined. After all, it's not about real money. You have a lot of thought and carefully plan every trade. As a result, profits are often made on the demo account. In real trading, on the other hand, the principles that are undertaken are then thrown overboard. Trades are entered into, although there is no signal at all. Sums that are too high are set. Risks are taken too high, etc. Binary options traders must therefore consistently adhere to their trading plan. You can already practice this on the test account. On the other hand, it helps to be aware that there is a mental difference between demo and real money accounts.

  • Psychological difference from play money to real money cannot be dismissed.
  • Some Providers set the virtual start-up capital far too high - reference to reality is missing

Another disadvantage of some providers of binary options test accounts is that the virtual start-up capital is too high, Often the amount of the game money is 50,000 euros or even 100,000 euros. But a beginner only uses such sums in exceptional cases. Most traders start with much smaller sums. If you trade € 100,000 in demo mode, you might earn € 1,000 in profits - just 1 percent! In real money trading, however, 1 percent is much less. But in the back of your mind is always the absolute number - 1,000 euros. The can lead to too high risks to catapult the account up quickly. This almost always ends in the total loss of all trading capital.

IQ Option goes a better way! Here the starting capital is "only" $ 1,000. That is much closer to reality than 100,000 euros. When the switch from the test account to the real money account takes place, the options dealer is better prepared for reality.

Now to the exclusive demo account of IQ Option

Digital options test account 2020 - test demo account without deposit

Other binary options test account providers

As already mentioned, there are also other providers who offer a digital options test account. But all other brokers have one thing in common: you have to make a deposit first. But that's not enough for our test winner. On the other hand, if you want to open an account with one of the following brokers anyway, the offer is probably worth it:

24option - payment determines virtual capital

With 24option, a free demo account can be opened after successful registration and payment. The amount of the game money is determined by the amount of the deposit and corresponds to this. Our digital options test account experiences also show that the first trade - with real money - is given by 24option: If a profit is made, it can be kept. If the trade ends in loss, it will be refunded. Click here for our detailed 24option experiences.

Stockpair - Unfortunately only simulation

Stockpair's offer is not a real demo account, but unfortunately only a trading simulation. Traders should also pay attention to such details. The courses are not realtime, but rather random. We even suspect that they are more in favor of the trader. But in order to understand how digital options work, a trading simulation is also suitable. Also read our stockpair experiences.

FAQs about the IQ Option demo account

What is required for a digital test account with IQ Option?

All that is required a one-time registration. Enter your email address there and assign a password. Alternatively, you can also log in with Goolge + or Facebook. After you have received a confirmation email, all you have to do is click on the confirmation link - done.

Do I have to make a deposit?

No, this is not necessary! The IQ Option test account is completely free of charge and is not subject to any conditions such as opening an account or making a deposit. You can use the demo account for as long as you like and never have to make a deposit.

Now to the exclusive demo account of IQ Option

Will I be obliged to open an account later?

No, not even that. There are no obligations. The period of use is also unlimited. You could even open a real money account, close it later and then just open a demo account again.

Can I have the digital test account closed?

Of course. To do this, simply contact IQ Option's customer support via email or live chat. If you change your mind later, you can open a new one at any time.

Digital options test account 2020 - test demo account without deposit

Conclusion: Test account for digital options is a must

Opening a digital options test account only takes a few seconds at the test winner IQ Option. Whether you are a beginner or a professional: you should not do without! Use the best binary options demo account currently available on the market! And IQ Option offers many other advantages: minimum deposit only € 10 (alternatively USD / GBP), trading from € 1 (USD / GBP), no costs for deposits and withdrawals, 24/7 support in German and much more!

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