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Develop trading strategy 2020 - start now together

Develop trading strategy 2020: Start now together Details about cryptocurrency at GKFX Now trade directly with GKFX &.

In the GKFX webinar "The Trading Sessions - Trading Workshop: Concept and Design of a Trading System", participants can actively participate on January 11th at 6 p.m. In this workshop, Jakob Penndorf will initially exclusively present his technical trading method for short and medium-term oriented investors. He then explains which trading methods will lead to long-term success for active investors. He then develops a "quantitative and technically supported" trading strategy together with the workshop participants.

Active participation

The participants can actively contribute here. All you need is a chart software like GKFX's MetaTrader 4 and a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc. Special stock exchange or software knowledge is not necessary. At the end of the seminar, all participants receive the finished program, which is also tested directly using the example of current trading setups.

Speakers with a lot of specialist knowledge

Jakob Penndorf works at the beginning of his career in the financial sector as a stock exchange trader and analyst at a securities trading bank. After that he worked as a consultant and fund manager. He has shared his expertise with other traders through specialist articles and workshops for several years. His main topics are stock exchange strategies, technical trading systems and investment behavior.

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Sustainable trading success

For a sustainable one Success in trading is a good strategy essential. You should never start trading without a plan, but always rethink your decisions and ideally always stick to your strategy as closely as possible. Every trade should therefore be well planned and prepared. With the help of a good strategy you can find the best entry point to a trade and also know when to close a position to avoid losses.

Adjusted for traders

A trading strategy can be very individual and not every strategy is ideal for every trader. Some traders quickly achieve success with a certain strategy, others suffer losses. This depends, among other things, on the personality of the individual trader. In addition, not every strategy promises sustainable success. Ideally, traders should follow established rules. These rules specify, for example, which signals indicate a good entry into a position.

Suitable for the trader's goals

Ideally the trading strategy also fits your own goals and personality. The strategy not only defines rules, but also your own goals and measures for how to achieve them. Traders can not only make better trading decisions, but also recognize how they can better secure their trades, for example by choosing the right transaction size.

Every trading strategy is closely linked to personal Aim the trader together. The selected plant horizon is also associated with this. While stock traders are often more long-term oriented, traders often choose a short or medium-term investment horizon.

Based on fundamental analysis or technical analysis

, trading strategies also differ in whether they focus on fundamental analysis, technical analysis or a mixed form. Automatic trading systems work exclusively on the basis of technical analysis. Programs are developed here on the basis of specified parameters.

The fundamental analysis is based on economic data such as annual reports from companies, economic forecasts by associations and governments or decisions by central banks. On this basis, one tries to analyze the general development on the markets and that of a single underlying. This method of analysis can be particularly useful in Forex trading.

In Technical Analysis, you try to use indicators to determine trends and to recognize in which direction the underlying will move. This is based on the basic assumption that all important past and future information about the underlying is contained in the price trend and certain patterns in the markets are repetitive.

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to recognize trends

Traders try in this way to identify trends and to find good entry points for a trade. Traders can trade cyclically or countercyclically. With a cyclical strategy, traders assume that the price of an underlying will continue to move in the previous direction. If there is an anti-cyclical strategy, the trader assumes that the price will change direction and waits for a turning point in the price.

Setups and indicators for the trading strategy

Setups and indicators round off a trading strategy. These help traders to recognize changes in the course of the course. Recurring patterns in the course of the course can indicate possible new setups. Traders often subject a new setup to a backtest in order to test its functionality based on historical data.

Ultimately, a trading setup is a kind of personal rules with different ones Criteria and parameters. It determines when a trade makes sense and when less makes sense. The parameters can be set using chart techniques, trends or analyzes, among other things. In this way, traders receive signals that help them decide to open a position.

Implement trading strategy with MetaTrader 4

Traders should start a new trading strategy ideally test via a demo account. Traders then often implement the finished trading strategy with MetaTrader 4. MetaTrader 4 is probably the best-known trading platform and is used by many brokers, including GKFX. When changing brokers, traders often do not have to switch to a new trading platform. In addition, numerous brokers offer the platform free of charge and also enable download.

Traders can find numerous indicators for market analysis via the trading platform. You can also use the Expert Advisor to develop an individual, automatic trading strategy. In addition, MetaTrader 4 offers real-time courses.

MetaTrader 4 at GKFX

GKFX also offers the possibility of own trading scripts and create technical indicators. If you want to test a new trading strategy or setup, you can use an automatic backtest. At GKFX, traders have access to more than 350 products from the broker's Forex and CFD range via MetaTrader 4. Many indicators and chart tools are also offered.

Expansion via MT4 booster package

If you want additional features, you can opt for the MT4 booster package Decide. This is available from an amount of 1,000 euros. With this expansion, trading decisions are even safer and more efficient. Among other things, there is an Alarm Manager, via which traders are informed about important events via SMS or email. The Trade Terminal allows faster processing of functions such as the stop loss. Additional market information is available via other applications.


At the webinar "The Trading Sessions - Trading Workshop: Concept and Design of a Trading System" on January 11th at 6pm O'clock, traders can actively participate in GKFX. The expert Jakob Penndorf first presents his own technical trading strategy. Then he develops a trading strategy together with the participants, which is also tested directly using current trading setups. A chart software and a spreadsheet calculation program are required to participate in the workshop.

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