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Delete Plus500 account - This is how the account is deleted

Delete Plus500 account 2020: delete account in a few steps Necessary steps explained in the guide Now for instructions & delete Plus500 account.

The broker is an important companion for investors and therefore everything should fit. It is advisable not to compromise when looking for a broker. A broker who was still a good contact point at the beginning of the trading career can no longer be this after a few years. Perhaps another platform will open up after a few months, the terms of which are more interesting. There can therefore be various reasons why a trader wants to cancel his account with Plus500. The termination must be in writing. We recommend that you contact us using the form on the website.

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Cancel Plus500 - the most important facts in the overview

  • Pre the account deletion should be paid out the credit
  • Plus500 account can only be deleted in writing
  • Inquiries via the live chat are not a regular termination
  • Clear wording for the termination

Delete Plus500 account - This is how the account is deleted

Cancel Plus500 - these are possible reasons

Of course, every broker's customer can decide for himself how long he wants to keep his account. There is also no need to provide a reason for termination if traders choose to have the Plus500 account deleted. Nevertheless, when considering whether the account should be deleted, it is of course interesting to be aware of various possible reasons and to decide whether they exist and whether a termination should really be carried out.

    1. Changes in costs

Fees in the form of spreads apply to Plus500. The adjustment of costs at a broker mostly depends on the market. In a comparison with other platforms, traders sometimes find that different brokers offer different spreads or fees. Since the fees always reduce the profit, the comparison can be worthwhile. If there are clear discrepancies, a trader usually considers a change. Since it is often not worthwhile to keep several accounts with different brokers, the termination is advisable.

    1. Inactivity fees

Plus500 is one of the brokers that may incur fees if the traders are not active for a certain period of time. Usually these are only small amounts, but add up if you simply forget to delete your Plus500 account. So if you find that you haven't used the platform for a while or don't want to use it anymore, you'd better cancel it. A new registration is possible at any time.

    1. Trading does not bring the desired success

Everyone Trader starts. Sometimes traders have a certain amount that they are willing to invest. If this is used up and the desired profits could not be generated, the trader may no longer want to trade via Plus500. In this case, termination also makes sense. In some cases, investors find out after a certain time that they are no longer interested in trading.

    1. Bad experiences

Plus500 is a reputable broker that was founded in 2008 and is based in Cyprus and the UK. This makes the platform a popular contact point. However, this does not mean that traders cannot still have bad experiences with the broker. Incorrect estimates when investing, poor support or other triggers can be the reason for a termination of the Plus500 account.

    1. Problems with the trading platform

The trading platform must match the investor. Plus500 has its own broker platform. If traders find that they are not able to use the platform well or that it does not offer the desired properties, an account deletion is the best choice.

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Plus500 account blocked after making profits

Deleting a Plus500 account - getting to your destination step by step

The Plus500 termination is usually quick and easy if traders follow a few steps.

    1. Step: Have the proceeds paid out

This information is always important if an account with a broker or bank is to be terminated. Those who still have credit should have this paid out. If there are still securities at Plus500, it is advisable to sell them and then have the balance paid out. For this, it is important to know the payment conditions at Plus500. Plus500 provides information on the payouts on the website. The current status can be viewed in the account. Payouts are made within one to three working days. If the status is "requested", the payment is still pending and the request is currently being checked. After being processed, the request is authorized but has not yet been sent. As soon as the approval is sent and received, there is a status change in the account.

Important: Depending on the payment method the trader uses, there are restrictions on the payments. If the total is not reached, no payment can be generated. Payment fees may also apply. This should therefore be clarified before the termination.

    1. Step: Call up the contact form

The Plus500 termination should always be in writing. This gives traders proof of when they submitted the notice. For this it is optimal to use the contact form. Plus500 also offers live chat. However, there is no confirmation for the live logs. Questions about the termination can be asked here, but the termination itself should be done via the contact form. To open the form, traders go to the green support banner on the start page. It is then forwarded to the FAQ area. There is a button for online chat and email on the left side of the website. Users now go to "Send us an email". The contact form opens.

    1. Step: Clearly formulate concerns

The contact form requires mandatory fields fill. Traders provide the full name and an email address. There is a field for the subject. Already here it should be clearly stated what it is about. The word "termination" should therefore be mentioned in the subject. The type of request must also be selected. There is no specific topic dealing with dismissals here. Therefore, investors should select "further questions". The termination is now clearly formulated in the description. This includes the full name of the investor, the request for termination and the desired time. If you want to cancel on a certain date, you can indicate that. However, termination at the next possible time is also not a problem.

Note: Confirmation of the termination should also be requested directly.

    1. Step: Wait for the termination to be carried out

Now traders only have to wait until the termination has been carried out. If there is no confirmation from Plus500 a few days after the cancellation, it is advisable to ask Support again. Plus500 support usually responds to queries fairly quickly. However, it can make sense to work with a request, especially if the termination is to be carried out as quickly as possible.

It is relatively easy to test whether the account has been deleted at the desired time. With the "Login button" traders can try to log into their account with their login data. If this does not work, the termination worked.

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Delete Plus500 account - This is how the account is deleted

Offers for traders - Fight against cancellations

In recent years, the market for brokers is developing strongly and the providers face the problems of the competition. In this context, traders may receive a message after the Plus500 termination. In this message, customer service asks why the termination was carried out and whether there is still the possibility to change the trader's mind. Even special offers are not uncommon. Who is still unsure whether he has the Plus500 account want to delete, can possibly still go into negotiations here. However, if the termination is to be carried out, it is helpful to simply state this clearly. As a rule, there is no further demand. Instead, the termination is then carried out quickly.

Identification as an important factor

The Broker Plus500 adheres to strict regulations. This serves to protect the company and also the protection of traders. It is therefore necessary to work with a legitimation. This is usually done after registering an account with Plus500. Numerous traders legitimize themselves directly so that they can easily start trading. Basically, however, identification is only important from the point at which traders want to withdraw funds. So if you have not been a Plus500 customer for a long time or have not yet traded a lot here, but want to have your Plus500 account deleted, you must do so carry out your legitimation beforehand. This is only necessary if you still have credit and want a payment. Traders who have only used their credit but have not made any profits and now want to be deleted do not need any legitimation.

The identification itself can be carried out quickly and easily via the internal area at Plus500. Some documents are required for this. The trader must submit a copy of his identity card. The address given when registering must be confirmed by a current invoice. These are the most important documents. For depositing and withdrawing via credit card, it may be necessary to submit a copy of the credit card. However, there is separate information from support. The documents are simply uploaded to Plus500's internal area.

Note: If there is no legitimation yet, but this is necessary for the termination, Plus500 support will also contact you again.

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Delete Plus500 account - This is how the account is deleted

Information about Plus500 as a broker

The broker Plus500 sees itself as a CFD trading platform. The CFDs can not only be traded on stocks and indices, but also on currencies and cryptocurrencies. In addition, commodities and ETFs as well as options are offered for trading. The trader thus has a very broad field that he can use for himself. The structure of the Plus500 website is very good. The broker attaches great importance to transparency. Interested parties who do not yet have an account can get an overview of all instruments. There is a list for:

  • Indices
  • Currencies
  • Commodities
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Shares
  • Options
  • ETFs

This overview helps you decide whether the Plus500 offer can be interesting for traders.

To avoid unnecessary account deletions, Plus500 also decided to provide a demo account. This means that traders have the opportunity to register for the demo version and to act here without real money. It is very good that the demo version offers an optimal insight into the trading platform. Traders can already test here whether the platform fits your own ideas. Beginners in particular also have the opportunity to check whether they are comfortable with the trade and whether the instruments and the Plus500 offer can also be interesting for long-term collaboration.

Conclusion: Deleting a Plus500 account is straightforward

If you want to quit Plus500, you don't need a lot of time. With the option to have the account deleted directly via the contact form, the termination is written within a few minutes. However, it takes a longer time to withdraw the credit that may still be in the account. You should allow several days here. The Plus500 support usually responds quickly, and the termination is carried out even after a short time. Fees for inactivity that may have been incurred must however be paid by the trader before the deletion takes place.

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Delete Plus500 account - This is how the account is deleted

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