Delete BDSwiss account 2020 - it's that easy!

Delete BDSwiss account 2020: How do you cancel the account? All important information in the guide Now delete your BDSwiss account in just a few steps.

Even with traders who had once decided on the binary options broker BDSwiss, they may want to delete their trading account again. Deleting the trading account is not the same for every broker and also not always easy. Therefore, before opening an account, you should always deal with the case of how the trading account is deleted and, above all, whether it involves costs. How to delete the trading account is not tested in every binary options broker comparison and therefore there is not always meaningful information about it. Our BDSwiss experience regarding how to delete the BDSwiss account is only positive.

  • Deleting a BDSwiss account is very easy
  • Who that Trade account no longer uses, should it be deleted
  • Simply contact the BDSwiss support

BDSwiss account is deleted simple and uncomplicated!

There are not many brokers with a branch in Germany, which often does not make contact with the broker easy. Even if you have a fairly good command of the English language, the commercial and legal terms are only part of the usual vocabulary in a few cases, which sometimes turns out to be problematic when the trading account is deleted. With the binary options broker BDSwiss, you don't have to be concerned about these language and communication problems, because the broker belongs to the small group of binary options brokers that offer German-language support. There is no German branch, but there is at least a postal address in Frankfurt am Main.

Delete BDSwiss account 2020 - it's that easy!

BDSwiss account deletion can be done by email!

If you decide to stop trading in digital options, BDSwiss account deletion is a very simple thing. Simply send an email to customer support and request the deletion of the trading account and payment of the remaining credit. The broker BDSwiss does the rest. If you want to be on the safe side, you should have the account termination confirmed in writing by the broker BDSwiss and make sure that there are no fees for the BDSwiss payment, which is possible with BDSwiss deposit and BDSwiss payment by credit card. In the case of payments by bank transfer or by check, however, payment fees are due.

How to Place your First Trade with BDSwiss

Attention! Do not let the BDSwiss account rest for longer!

If you no longer have any time, desire or maybe no trading capital for trading, you should definitely not let the BDSwiss account rest for longer than six months. If there are no more account movements on the BDSwiss account for more than six months, i.e. no more trades are made, you should look at the BDSwiss terms and conditions. There it is written that an account that is inactive for six months will be charged with an account management fee of 10% of the balance or at least EUR 5.00 per month. If there are still bonuses in the trading account, you have to know that they will also be deleted from the account after six months of inactivity.

Delete BDSwiss account 2020 - it's that easy!

Conclusion BDSwiss account deletion!

Binary options are risky and are not suitable for every investor. If you want to trade, you have a serious broker at your side with BDSwiss. BDSwiss offers its customers a good service and the BDSwiss account is deleted by the support without any problems. The processing with the support is very easy for the BDSwiss customer and the BDSwiss payment of the remaining credit is done correctly and promptly. If you do not use the trading account for more than six months, however, account management fees of 10% of the balance or at least 5 euros per month are due. For this reason, it is advisable to delete the account beforehand in order to save money. How to delete the BDSwiss account should be explained in the FAQs. A note that you have to contact support can only be found in the question box on the website.

Delete BDSwiss account 2020 - it's that easy!

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