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Crypto Robot 365 Experience 2020 - The provider in the big test

Crypto Robot 365 experiences 2020: What do the Crypto Robot 365 experiences look like in the test? Trading software info Read test now.

Crypto Robot 365 is a trading robot that works as software. A download is not necessary because the application works based on the Internet. If you want to gain experience with Crypto Robot 365, you must first register and then use the offer. However, Crypto Robot 365 is not a trading platform itself, but works with a broker. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero and Ethereum are available for trading. It remains to be clarified whether Crypto Robot 365 works properly or whether it is a scam. It is precisely this question that the test should get to the bottom of, since there are different customer opinions. On the Crypto Robot 365 website, countless trading successes of registered users are made public. However, there is also a different opinion from users not shown there. Many of them have had less positive experiences with Crypto Robot 365 and even speak of fraud. The evaluation shows how exactly Crypto Robot 365 works and what is in the opinions.

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The facts at a glance

  • Regulation unclear
  • Language: English
  • Trading cryptocurrencies
  • Automated trading robot
  • Minimum deposit: EUR 200

Crypto Robot 365 Experience 2020 - The provider in the big test

Trade with provider CRYPTO ROBOT 365

In order to experience Crypto Robot 365 together, customers must first register. Registration is easy via the website and is initially free of charge. As the name suggests and whatever the test shows, this is an automated trading robot. This enables customers to gain completely new experiences in dealing with cryptocurrencies. Experience with Crypto Robot 365 shows that trading in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Monereo is possible without any problems. Is this a Crypto Robot 365 scam?

This test should also show whether Crypto Robot 365 works properly or not. But how does such a trade ban actually work? It recognizes the volatility in the course of the price of the individual digital currencies and uses them to generate signals for buying or selling. Special algorithms are used for this. Customers can activate the automatic detection with the auto trade function. The users then always receive the appropriate signals when the bot recognizes how. What are the properties of the Crypto Robot 365?

  • Display of trading signals using algorithms
  • Development of trading strategies for the customers possible

For the According to the Crypto Robot 365 experience, trading offers five different cryptocurrencies to choose from: Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero and Ethereum. Customers can gain Crypto Robot 365 experience free of charge, since there are no fees for the trading robot itself. However, customers must choose a broker that is compatible with Crypto Robot 365. The minimum deposit is based on an amount of 200 euros. If you use the automatic function, you automatically make purchases or sales of the digital currencies based on your credit.

User-friendly trading

Of course, assessment in a Crypto Robot 365 test includes also the user-friendliness. Here you can clearly draw a positive conclusion if the website is simply structured. In the upper area, investors can select their desired cryptocurrency, log in or even register first. A clear structure can be determined purely from the structure. However, if you are hoping for additional information (e.g. a FAQ section), you will at least not find it at first glance. The entire content is also prepared in English, so that German-speaking customers find it difficult here and there. There is also a lack of useful information, such as the imprint. For a reputable provider, this should also be available in the Crypto Robot 365 test. It cannot be determined on this basis, however, whether it is a Crypto Robot 365 scam or the provider is working seriously.

  1. Account opening and extras

Experience with Crypto Robot 365 shows that the trading robot itself is not an independent platform. No, anyone who uses the software is automatically forwarded to a broker. It is not necessary to download the application because Crypto Robot 365 works online. The account opening itself is easy, since a corresponding form is available directly on the website. Only registration is not enough in the Crypto Robot 365 test. Account capitalization must also take place in order to start trading at all. The minimum deposit for this is 200 euros. Automatic trading can only begin once the account capitalization has been carried out.

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Crypto Robot 365 Review - SCAM CONFIRMED!!!

Crypto Robot 365 experiences: Customize settings

Before gaining experience with Crypto Robot 365, customers should make a few personal adjustments to the user setting. The trading process can be better monitored with the help of an individualized user profile. For example, the duration of the trades can be set between 30 seconds and five minutes. The risk strategy can also be customized. Investors can choose between:

  • Classic
  • Marginal
  • Fibonacci

The Crypto Robot 365 experience with the classic strategy shows that an identical amount of money is always used for each trade. With the marginal strategy, the investment is doubled if the trend is lost. The aim is to compensate for the losses faster. With the Fibanocci strategy, according to the Crypto Robot 365 experience, it is exactly the opposite: if a trade is won, the investments will be doubled the next time; halved after each lost trade.

The setting of indicators is also an important component before trading, as experience has shown. The indicators are used to make automatic trading decisions. The choices are:

  • Trend
  • MACD
  • RSI
  • CCI

available. Those who first gain experience with Crypto Robot 365 can start with the "Trend" indicator. Of course, several indicators can also be selected. Of course, the more, the more often corresponding signals are recognized and the more often the trade is carried out. However, users also have the option of limiting the maximum number of parallel trades. To limit the risk, this is recommended at least for the beginning.

Crypto Robot 365 Experience 2020 - The provider in the big test

Crypto Robot 365 experiences with the extras

In comparison to other trading robots, there is a separate history of the individual trades. This enables customers to track exactly how successful or less successful their previous campaigns have been. Crypto Robot 365 speaks of a track record of over 90 percent. However, this result could not be determined quickly in the Crypto Robot 365 test.

There is no app for the application because it works platform-based. However, users can also call up the robots with their mobile devices and log in conveniently using the mobile browser.

  1. The account opening in just a few steps

Registration is very easy and is a prerequisite for being able to gain experience with Crypto Robot 365. On the website there is a button in the upper area with the inscription "Register", which redirects directly to the registration form. The page itself is in English, but the registration form itself offers German content.

  1. Step: Open the website and click the "Register" button. Now the registration form opens, which is available in German.
  2. Step: The registration form is now completed in order to gain experience with Crypto Robot 365. This requires the information: first name, last name, email, password and telephone number. The registration is completed in the first step by pressing the "Login" button.
  3. Step: After registering using the form, users will receive an email on their account. You only have to confirm this email in order to log in and gain experience with Crypto Robot 365. Additional information (e.g. address) is required.
  4. Step: In the last step of the registration process, the account capitalization must take place. It is the basis for active trading to begin and the robot to be able to work. According to the Crypto Robot 365 Test, customers have various options for account capitalization. Experience has shown that the transfer takes between 24 and 48 hours. Traders must spend a minimum of 10 / trade; maximum 500 euros. The first account capitalization is, however, a minimum of 200 euros.
  5. Questions and answers on the offer of CRYPTO ROBOT 365

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Can the settings in the trading bot be individualized?

Yes, the settings in the trading robot can be individualized and customers should even do that. The individual parameters can be used to better assess the risk when trading. For example, you can freely choose the duration of trading or the risk strategy. There are various requirements for this from which investors can choose. Indicators can also be set to make automatic trading decisions.

Can I trade on the go?

There is no dedicated app, but mobile trading can still be carried out, The Crypto Robot 365 test shows that mobile use is also very easy via the browser via smartphone or tablet. This has the advantage that no own software has to be downloaded to the mobile devices.

Is the use free of charge?

In principle, the use of the software is free, although of course there are costs for trading. The reason for this is the company's cooperation with a broker. Crypto Robot 365 receives a commission for trading, which is used to finance the expenses. This is of course good news for customers, since there are no additional costs and the trading costs can be calculated more easily.

Which cryptocurrencies can be traded?

The crypto Investors can gain Robot 365 experience with various digital currencies. This includes not only Bitcoin or Ripple, but also Litecoin, Monero and Ethereum. Experience has shown that Crypto Robot 365 does not provide any other trading instruments.

Is there customer service?

Anyone who has further questions about their experience with Crypto Robot 365 can ask themselves contact customer service. A central email address is available for this, for example. According to the experience in the test, there is no central telephone number. Nevertheless there is the possibility of live news. These messages are also answered by a robot. Live chat is primarily possible in English. In general, the rating shows that most of the page content is in English. It can only be found in the registration form for German content.

  1. Is CRYPTO ROBOT 365 serious?

The question keeps coming up whether such trading robots are serious or not. Is Crypto Robot 365 working properly or is this a Crypto Robot 365 scam? At first glance, it is at least not possible to see that there is serious trade here. The mere appearance of an automated trading system is not the same as fraud. However, there are, of course, doubts among many users, as current information about the provider is missing. The site is not structured in this way and also lacks an imprint. This is often a sign of a dubious provider. Again, there is no further information about the headquarters, the management or data protection guidelines of Crypto Robot 365.

Crypto Robot 365 Experience 2020 - The provider in the big test

Misleading information on the homepage

Who wants to gain experience with Crypto Robot 365 will of course in an environment that is as secure as possible. However, some of the information on the website is sometimes misleading and scares off some traders. For example, there is a statement that over 90 percent of customers have made long-term use of the software in retail. In addition, links on the website always show the current trading success of alleged customers.

Such information and page layouts are usually only known from particularly advertising and less serious providers. The question of the religiosity of Crypto Robot 365 is therefore certainly justified in many eyes. Even with the use of the trading software, there will never be 100% certainty for a profit. If you take this into consideration, the figure of over 90 percent is extremely positive. Of course, there are always surprises due to the risk spreading and skillful setting of the parameters in the software, so that trading can be largely positive and successful. However, to make such a general statement with the high percentage is very daring.

Traders should never forget that this is an automatic software that decides on the profit and loss without doing their own. On the one hand, this saves time and minimizes the effort, but investors also rely completely on the services of the trading software.

Trading in the event of disruptions

A major disadvantage of trading with Crypto Robot 365 or another trading robot there are technical problems or in the worst case even power failures. If you work with automated trading, you should always ensure a functioning internet connection and sufficient power supply. Otherwise, a comprehensive analysis of all market data, which is known to be the basis for trading decisions by robots, cannot take place. A standby backup system is therefore recommended.

Alternatives to Crypto Robot 365

Since many investors do not want to register with the provider due to the split Crypto Robot 365 experience, we want to show alternatives. Of course, automatic trading has many advantages because it supports investors. Such support from renowned expertise and experienced traders is also available in other ways: in social trading. Of course, this is not a trading robot, but rather the intelligence of experienced traders and the knowledge of the community. Investors can follow ambitious and successful traders and copy their strategies and portfolio. In the broadest sense, this also has something in common with an automatism. Copy trading is offered by some platforms.

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Investors have the opportunity to search for and follow the right trader based on their individual preferences. You can decide for yourself whether you want to copy individual strategies or parts of the portfolio or even its entire trading process. Compared to a trading robot, this type of trading has another advantage: investors still have a lot of self-control over their capital and the strategies used. It is precisely this fact that makes many investors favor social trading. Whether based on the experience with Crypto Robot 365 is traded with this provider or the traders prefer a different platform, everyone should judge for themselves in their own test. Important to note: In principle, every trade in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is associated with a risk of loss. There is never a 100% guarantee of a win.

Conclusion: the results from the CRYPTO ROBOT 365 test report

The Crypto Robot 365 experience comes in little apart. There are many opinions of successful traders, but these are increasingly available on the provider's own website. Reason enough to carry out a test yourself and to decide whether Crypto Robot 365 works properly or whether it is a Crypto Robot 365 scam. Here too, the opinions of the test experts diverge. Although the software works free of charge, so that traders do not have to pay any further fees, but important information is missing on the website, for example.

So it is not possible to see at first glance where the provider is licensed or who is actually behind the business project. There is also divided opinion regarding customer service in the Crypto Robot 365 test. It is available, for example, via email contact or live chat. However, the answer is also given by a robot and in English. There is no telephone contact. If you are still looking for alternatives for automatic trading, you may find them at some providers for social trading.

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