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Crypto Bonus 2020 - That's how it's done

Crypto Bonus 2020: Is there a bonus for cryptocurrencies? These are the advantages and disadvantages for investors.

The interest of traders in cryptocurrencies has increased significantly in the past few months, because these have a high potential and are significantly more volatile than classic currency pairs, which means that good results can be achieved even with small levers . Since the competition among the providers is great, some of them try to win over the dealers with bonus offers. But how does make sense is a crypto bonus? What do traders have to consider when choosing an online broker with such a bonus. We got to the bottom of these questions and would like to provide our readers with the following guide important information, which they are looking for in a good crypto bonus should be noted.

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Free trading capital: Why a crypto bonus is worth it

Anyone with an online broker with If you want to trade cryptocurrencies, you must first deposit money into your trading account. An exception to this is the so-called No Deposit Bonus, with which the broker's customers can receive trade capital without their own deposit.

With a crypto bonus, traders receive from Broker additional credit, which you can use for trading. This allows more positions to be opened and higher sums to be traded than would be the case without a bonus. The crypto bonus therefore opens up additional options for users, which represent a financial advantage.

Most bonus offers are a bonus for new customers, with which the traders should be encouraged to register with the corresponding broker. Since trading with speculative financial products is gaining in importance, there are a large number of different providers who are trying to outdo themselves with good conditions and generous bonus campaigns. This gives traders a large selection and, after a detailed broker comparison, they can choose the offer that best suits them. In order to recognize which crypto bonus is best suited to the individual requirements, traders should not only consider the possible bonus amount, but also the wagering requirements and the other conditions of the broker. With our broker reviews we offer extensive information that should help users to find a crypto bonus that is suitable for them .

The conditions: So the crypto bonus can be paid out

Online brokers want to use the crypto bonus to ensure that customers do not choose one of the numerous competitors, but rather this broker. Therefore, a bonus cannot normally be simply paid out, but is subject to conditions, which must first be fulfilled. Exactly what these bonus conditions look like depends on the respective broker and should be clearly communicated on their website so that customers do not assume incorrect conditions.

Often a fixed trading volume can be reached before a payment of the bonus credit provided by the broker is possible. Before this can be used for trading, the bonus and the income generated can only be paid out if the required turnover has been achieved. This usually has to be done within a defined period, otherwise the crypto bonus expires.

With other providers, however, the bonus cannot be paid out, but only serves as additional trading credit. However, the earnings achieved are available for payment, so that here, too, one can speak of a clear financial advantage for the traders.

For customers who are Registering with an online broker based on a crypto bonus, it is important to know the conditions for paying out the additional credit in order to adhere to and thus benefit from the bonus offer, This is the only way the trading strategy can be planned accordingly and the bonus can be used as best as possible.

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Different bonus offers provide variety

Different types of bonuses ensure a large selection and enable traders to select the best suited offer for them. While there is a bonus for newly registered customers at a relatively large number of brokers, some also offer bonus campaigns for customers who have already registered, so that they also always have additional credit in the long term for your trading account.

Often the crypto bonus is a so-called deposit bonus. Here, customers receive a fixed percentage of their deposit as an additional bonus credit. With a 25% bonus and a deposit of 800 euros, the broker credits the customer with a bonus of 200 euros, which the customer can also use for trading, In the example mentioned, the customer has a total of € 1,000 at his disposal, even though he has only paid € 800. The deposit bonuses for new customers in particular often prove to be very attractive, since particularly large amounts are made available by the broker as a bonus compared to the deposit. But existing customers can also regularly receive deposit bonuses from many providers.

A so-called No Deposit Bonus is also primarily offered to new customers. When registering, they also receive no deposit a bonus credit, so that they can participate in real trading without having to invest their own capital. Since there is no financial risk for the trader, such bonus offers are particularly popular.

An offer primarily aimed at existing customers is the so-called cashback. Traders receive a certain portion of the trading fees paid back at regular intervals (mostly monthly ). If you achieve a high trading volume, you can look forward to a particularly lot of cashback.

Are there any reasons that speak against a crypto bonus?

Of course, every trader would be happy to receive additional money from the broker . Nevertheless, it should be noted that not every crypto bonus is also suitable for every customer.

Since bonus payments are linked to conditions, careful consideration should be given to whether these also fulfilled without problems before a crypto bonus is used. It makes no sense to pay significantly more money for a bonus than it would make sense considering the financial situation and the experience of the trader. The sales conditions should also be thoroughly examined in advance. It is only advisable to use a crypto bonus if these can be easily met with the planned trading strategy. On the other hand, if the trader has to achieve significantly more volume when trading than he would under normal circumstances, this often has a negative effect on the results, so that the financial advantage of a bonus does not

Serious online brokers enable customers to find out exactly conditions for a crypto bonus on the website so that they can be used in advance can calculate whether a bonus fits own trading behavior. A crypto bonus should only be used if the trader is comfortable with the trading amounts and the capital to be paid in for the fulfillment of the bonus conditions.

When broker comparison should also the trading offer of the broker, the conditions and the service play an important role. It is not advisable to register with a provider only because of a bonus that subsequently turns out to be not suitable for the customer. With a demo account, many online brokers have the opportunity to test the entire offer without registration with virtual credit. Only when the potential customers are convinced of the services of this broker and have become familiar with the trading software and the offered basic values ​​ should a registration and the application for one Crypto Bonus.

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The bonus through further education

Is there a lifetime bonus? Most of the time, the bonus only includes a one-time payment. A bonus is also tied to a lot of conditions and not always to be fulfilled. In addition, if you do not calculate correctly with the bonus, you will have nothing left of it. The bonus will probably help you at the moment, but if you get to know the theory and practice of crypto trading well, you can benefit from it for life.

A good broker is a great help. Many offer a proper training area where you can access webinars, video tutorials and ebooks. You get a good overview of the topic, but also detailed and relevant insights from professional traders with a lot of experience. You will be guided step by step to trading cryptocurrencies. You get to know many aspects that are very important for successful action. A demo account offered by the broker is also necessary. Here you can put what you've learned into practice risk-free or simply try something new without jeopardizing your own capital.

What you have acquired through your own training is a bonus and takes you a lot further in the long term, as a one-time bonus. IQ Option, for example, is an excellent broker who values ​​further education.

Our conclusion on the crypto bonus: Additional advantage for traders

With a bonus, brokers' customers can receive additional capital for trading with cryptocurrencies and other underlyings. A distinction is made between different bonus types. The so-called No Deposit Bonus is particularly popular because does not require a deposit. But deposit bonuses and cashback programs also offer attractive benefits and enable users to achieve a better overall result.

Bonus campaigns for new customers can be found particularly often, since the brokers want to convince them and offer undecided customers an advantage over the numerous competitors. But even existing customers can often get additional credit through a crypto bonus.

Before a registration with a provider to use a crypto bonus, prospective customers should Inform customers about the general conditions, the trade offer and of course the payment conditions for the bonus. In our Broker Compare we offer a good overview of the services of the various providers to make it easier for traders to choose and to find an online broker tailored to their individual requirements.

A crypto bonus makes sense if the conditions for payment with the planned trading strategy can be met well. Whether this is the case can be tested with a demo account, which many brokers can also open without full registration.

Throw in for more information Take a look at our numerous broker reviews, in which we also take a close look at the bonus offers of the individual providers!

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