Buy index funds in 2020 - attractive opportunities for investors

Buy index funds 2020: one-off investment or ETF savings plan? Advantages & disadvantages and further information in the guidebook Get informed & invest specifically.

The market for exchange-traded funds presents attractive investment opportunities for investors. The comparatively low cost shows only one advantage of this financial product, why so many investors buy index funds. In order to buy index funds online, investors need a deposit. The right offer can be found through a provider comparison. It is important to take a close look at the conditions in order to obtain comprehensive information about fees for custody account management and order fees. Index funds, also called ETFs, can be bought and sold during trading hours and therefore offer good tradability for investors.

Table of contents

  • Advantages and disadvantages of index funds
  • Buy index funds online - find a suitable broker
  • Create your own ETF portfolio
  • Invest in a sample ETF portfolio?
  • Costs when buying an ETF
  • ETF - Use savings plan for wealth accumulation?
  • The best-known ETF providers
  • Conclusion

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Advantages and disadvantages of Index funds

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are usually passively managed index funds. The fund tracks an index so that active management is usually not required, which benefits the low-cost price structure of ETFs. In addition to the low costs, transparency is also an advantage for investors and especially for beginners. Whether the investment in smaller indices or larger indices should be made depends not least on the risk appetite of the investor. The composition of the ETF is known to the investor because it tracks the reference index one to one.

An ETF portfolio can be put together by the investor. In addition, there are also providers in the area of ​​online investment that offer a finished ETF sample portfolio. The investment in an ETF sample portfolio has a pleasant time saving as an advantage. However, investors must expect additional fees for the service. When buying index funds, it is important that investors know how the index works. By investing in ETFs, meaningful risk diversification can be achieved, even in smaller deposits. Large indices often contain hundreds of values ​​so that good risk diversification can be achieved easily. In the course of security, it should also be mentioned that ETFs are special funds.

ETFs as an investment product are enjoying increasing popularity, which is related to the comparatively low costs and tradability. In addition, good risk diversification can be achieved with an ETF investment, especially if a large index is replicated. If you want to build your ETF portfolio yourself, you have to put up with a certain amount of time, which is associated with collecting information.

Buy index funds in 2020 - attractive opportunities for investors

Buy index funds online - find the right broker

To be able to invest in ETFs, investors need a custody account. First, the right provider can be found. The competition in the market is quite large, so that there is a corresponding selection of providers for investors. A comparison of costs is certainly advisable. Favorable costs for trading leave more of the return. In addition, the selection of tradable ETFs can differ from broker to broker, so it is worth taking a look at the trading offer. With many online brokers, active investors do not have to pay any custody fees. But there are exceptions to this, too, which requires clarification in advance.

Buying online from the index fund can be found out in the price and service index. Various online brokers present discounts and promotions for ETF trading for new and existing customers. In addition, some offers include free buy promotions or flats. In addition to the costs, the range of services in the broker choice is also important. If you have any questions about the offer, customer service should be easily accessible via various contact channels. The service times should be customer-oriented. A trading app that not only enables you to look into your portfolio while on the move, but also buys and sells ETFs, brings further advantages for investors.

Before the first ETF Investment can be implemented, investors must choose a suitable broker and open a custody account. For investors, the required minimum deposit is still of interest here. In terms of conditions, the focus is on the order fees. Here, investors can benefit from promotions with various providers, which are accompanied by discounts on buying and selling.

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