Buy Bitcoin Cash with Sofortüberweisung 2020 - Here's how

Bitcoin Cash 2020: Buy Bitcoin Cash with instant transfer? How BCC Buy with Sofortüberweisung works Transfer now.

Bitcoin Cash is the cryptocurrency with the third largest market capitalization and can be purchased online at many crypto exchanges and marketplaces. Buying Bitcoin Cash with Sofortüberweisung is one of several ways to get Bitcoin Cash immediately. While with some other payment methods a processing time is required, customers who use the coins when buying BCC with Sofortüberweisung can use.

However, the Sofortüberweisung will not offered on all platforms and is partly associated with fees. In the following article, you can find out how you can buy Bitcoin Cash using Sofortüberweisung, what you have to pay attention to and whether it is also possible to pay without fees.

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Buy Bitcoin Cash with Sofortüberweisung: advantages and disadvantages at a glance

The Sofortüberweisung is a popular payment method because the users benefit from some advantages. But there are also disadvantages, as our overview shows.


  • The deposit is immediately available and can be exchanged for coins
  • Payment directly from your bank account
  • Easy to use: As fast as online banking


  • Not at all Platforms offered
  • With some providers associated with high fees
  • Only available as a deposit method, withdrawals must be made with the regular bank transfer

Buy Bitcoin Cash with Sofortüberweisung 2020 - Here's how

Die Sofortüberweisung: This is behind the payment method

The Sofortüberweisung is a so-called pseudo prepayment system. Anyone who receives money via Sofortüberweisung will not receive it immediately, but will receive a payment confirmation, which guarantees that the money has been debited from the customer's account and now by bank transfer is transferred. Therefore, most merchants react to an instant transfer as if they had already received the money.

Buying Bitcoin Cash with Sofortüberweisung offers the advantage compared to conventional transfers, that the customer receives Bitcoin Cash directly and does not have to wait until the money has arrived in the merchant's account. This means that an exchange at the current exchange rate is possible and the purchased coins can be used directly.

The company offers

instant transfer Sofort GmbH, on its website the customers have their account number, their pin for online banking and a valid only for this transaction TAN must enter. Sofort GmbH then calls up various account data and checks whether the account has sufficient cover for the payment. An immediate transfer can only be carried out successfully if this is the case, otherwise the transaction is rejected.

For the seller of the coins, this method has the advantage that he knows immediately after the transaction, that he gets his money. However, the immediate transfer for many users is in the review, since personal data must be entered, including the online pin of the bank account.

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How to buy Bitcoin for Beginners

Buy BCC with Sofortüberweisung: On which platforms is this possible?

Many customers prefer to buy Bitcoin Cash the instant transfer, because this can be done in just a few seconds, the money is debited directly from the bank account and the deposited credit or the purchased Coins are immediately available. However, users cannot pay by instant transfer on all platforms.

Crypto exchanges:

Various companies offer the purchase and sale of Bitcoin at a certain rate. This price is based on supply and demand and can therefore differ between the individual crypto exchanges. Therefore, a comprehensive comparison is important in order to receive a good offer for trading.

Buying BCC with Sofortüberweisung is possible at many crypto exchanges. However, you should pay attention to whether there is a fee for payment via Sofortüberweisung.

Online marketplaces:

On online marketplaces, users can post their own trading offers or the Accept offers from other participants and exchange Bitcoin Cash for euros or other currencies at the corresponding price. The exchange for cryptocurrencies, mostly for Bitcoin, is also possible with many providers.

Not all online trading venues allow customers to pay by instant transfer, so you have to pay close attention to the payment methods when buying with BCC Immediate transfer should be paid.

As a rule, instant transfer is used to deposit credit into the user account, which can then be credited directly and used for trading. On the other hand, on platforms where the transactions are carried out directly between the users involved, the instant transfer cannot usually be used for payment.

CFD broker:

Many CFD brokers offer deposit via Sofortüberweisung. Our experience shows that brokers can often use Sofortüberweisung free of charge, while crypto exchanges, for example, often incur additional costs. However, when buying CFDs, customers should be aware that they are not actually buying Bitcoin Cash, but are only speculating on the course of the price. The CFDs, on the other hand, cannot be used to pay on the Internet.

Buy Bitcoin Cash with Sofortüberweisung 2020 - Here's how

Fees: Everything is possible from free to expensive

The payment provider Sofort GmbH does not charge any fees for payment via Sofortüberweisung . However, this does not mean that buying Bitcoin Cash online with Sofortüberweisung is generally free of charge. Unfortunately, there are often costs here, because many providers charge when paying for the purchased coins or paying into the trading account via instant transfer. In individual cases, the fee can amount to up to 20% of the paid-in money. Here it is usually advisable to use a cheaper payment method. Therefore, customers should find out about deposit fees before registering on a platform. In this way it can be avoided that unexpectedly high fees make the purchase of Bitcoin Cash financially unprofitable.

With other providers, however, the deposit via Sofortüberweisung is actually free of charge. Here the amount debited from the account is fully credited to account. Especially with CFD brokers, instant transfer has become a payment method that is often offered free of charge. But also with some crypto exchanges and exchange platforms you can deposit cheaply or free of charge via instant transfer.

Security: How is my data protected during instant transfer?

A frequently voiced point of criticism against the immediate transfer is the fact that personal data must be entered in the transaction . The online pin for the bank account should normally be well protected. When buying at BCC with Sofortüberweisung, it must be entered when paying on the website of Sofort GmbH. Although the data transfer is encrypted and Sofort GmbH undertakes in its general terms and conditions not to pass on information to unauthorized third parties, but many users have<131 when it comes to instant transfers>Consider and opt for other methods.

The experience of users who regularly buy Bitcoin Cash with Sofortüberweisung shows that it is normally not Problems arise and the payment method is very customer-friendly. If you still do not want to use your PIN online, you have to use the classic bank transfer and accept the associated waiting time until the deposited amount is credited. Alternatively, E-Wallets or other payment methods can be used with many other providers. Buying Bitcoin Cash with Bitcoins is also possible on many platforms.

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Buy Bitcoin Cash with Sofortüberweisung 2020 - Here's how

Bitcoin Cash for euros Exchange: Payment via instant transfer is not possible

For exchanging euros for Bitcoin Cash, immediate transfer is a convenient payment method, in which the money is available directly for trading with the cryptocurrency. Disbursement or the exchange of Bitcoin Cash for euros, on the other hand, are not possible with the immediate transfer. The payment method is exclusively a deposit option, however, it cannot be used in the opposite way.

Those who buy Bitcoin Cash online with Sofortüberweisung anyway primarily use the cryptocurrency afterwards Using on the Internet as a means of payment does not have to worry about payment. If, on the other hand, Bitcoin Cash is viewed as investment, the user may want to sell again at a good time. This is usually possible with the same providers, from whom the coins can also be bought. However, the money received from the sale cannot be credited via instant transfer. Here the users mostly have to use the classic bank transfer. Payments via E-Wallet such as Neteller or Skrill are also possible with some providers.

If instant transfer is not offered: Comparison of other payment methods

Not all crypto exchanges and exchange platforms can use the instant transfer as a payment method. And even if there is a possibility, some users have concerns about entering their account details on the Internet and therefore opt for a other payment method. Even if an instant transfer from a provider is associated with excessively high fees, it is worthwhile to switch to another payment method. Fortunately, in addition to buying Bitcoin Cash with Sofortüberweisung, other ways to deposit are usually also offered. We present the most important of these here:


Instead of the immediate transfer, the regular transfer can also be used when paying for purchased coins. Here, however, a waiting time of one or more days must be expected until the deposited credit has reached the provider. Therefore, the purchased coins are only credited when the money is received. With many providers, this has the disadvantage that the coins are then exchanged at the rate that applies on the day the money is received. Since cryptocurrencies are very volatile, customers may receive significantly less Bitcoin Cash for their money than originally planned.

Credit card:

When paying by Credit card, just like with the direct transfer, the deposited amount can be credited immediately. So the customer does not have to wait until his Bitcoin Cash is credited to his wallet and can use the coins. However, security-conscious users also often have concerns about credit cards, since the card details have to be entered for online payments.


This payment method has many similarities for instant transfer and is based on online banking. Similar to the payment by direct transfer, the account coverage is checked directly, so that the purchased coins can be credited directly and transferred to the wallet.


With an e-wallet, it is possible to buy Bitcoin Cash online and receive it directly. The e-wallets Neteller and Skrill available from many providers make it possible to deposit credit into the virtual account or have it debited directly from your bank account or credit card. The current account details do not have to be entered for payment. It is also possible to use the banking card belonging to the e-wallet to withdraw at numerous ATMs and thus pay in many shops.


Die Prepaid cards can be purchased at petrol stations and many other points of sale. It contains a code that can be used to top up funds at a crypto exchange, an online broker or an exchange platform. The Paysafecard offers a high level of security because personal data is not required for payment. However, payment with the Paysafecard is only offered on a few platforms.


The deposit via the PayPal account is also credited directly to the customer. This way, cryptocurrencies can be traded quickly and effectively. If buying Bitcoin Cash online with Sofortüberweisung is not possible, PayPal is therefore a good alternative. However, this payment method is also not yet particularly widespread.


Not all Crypto exchanges and exchange platforms offer deposits in fiat currencies. Access is therefore only possible via bitcoins, which have to be purchased from another provider beforehand. But even if regular payments can be made with euros or other fiat currencies, Bitcoin payments are often also possible. For the user, this has the advantage that they are credited quickly and are particularly secure, since it is an anonymous payment method.

Buy Bitcoin Cash with Sofortüberweisung 2020 - Here's how

Conclusion: The most important facts about the immediate transfer in the summary

Buying Bitcoin Cash with Sofortüberweisung is one of several options for instantly exchanging fiat money online for the cryptocurrency. While other methods, such as bank transfer, require a waiting time, immediate transfer is quick and easy.

However The account data and also the PIN for online banking must be specified when paying, which is why some users anonymous payment methods such as the deposit prefer Bitcoin or prepaid card.

Not all Bitcoin Cash providers allow deposits by direct transfer. If this method is to be used, a careful look at selecting the platform is necessary. The comparison is also worthwhile for the fees, because deposits by direct transfer are sometimes offered free of charge, but can also be associated with a high fee

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