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Buy Bitcoin Cash with PayPal 2020 - how it works

Buy Bitcoin Cash with PayPal 2020: Where can I buy BCC with PayPal? These are the alternatives Collect information now.

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash has only been around since mid 2017, but it is now the third strongest cryptocurrency. Many investors believe that buying Bitcoin Cash is now worth as the value of coins will increase. Buying Bitcoin Cash with PayPal is a way to purchase the cryptocurrency quickly and easily. Unfortunately BCC with PayPal is by no means offered by all crypto exchanges and marketplaces, so that customers have to inform themselves specifically about the payment options when they send their coins via PayPal

We show how PayPal works, where the advantages and disadvantages of the method lie and clarify whether it really is the best payment method for cryptocurrencies trades, as some PayPal users say.

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Buy BCC with PayPal: The advantages and disadvantages in the overview


  • Immediate purchase of cryptocurrencies
  • When paying, only the email address must be specified
  • PayPal does not charge any fees for payments


  • A fee is charged for incoming payments to the PayPal account.
  • <1 29>Some platforms charge an additional fee when depositing via PayPal.
  • So far only possible with a few platforms

Buy Bitcoin Cash with PayPal 2020 - how it works

PayPal: This is how the world's popular payment method works

The company PayPal was founded in in 1998 and enables customers all over the world to easily send online money. Only the email address associated with the PayPal account needs to be specified. Private account information or additional customer information is not required. Therefore, payment via PayPal is considered to be particularly secure, because even if a hacker attack should occur, they will only receive the email address. You cannot access the owner's PayPal account without the access data.

Until 2015, PayPal belonged to the parent company eBay. This enabled his customers to pay for the purchased products immediately and securely. PayPal then separated from eBay in 2015 and has since been an independent company. Customers have not only been able to pay with PayPal for a long time, but also in numerous online shops around the world. Bitcoin Cash can also be purchased with PayPal, however the number of online marketplaces and crypto exchanges where you can buy Bitcoin Cash online with PayPal has so far been limited. However, it can be assumed that more providers will be added in the future.

If necessary, the money in the PayPal account can be paid out to the checking account free of charge. It is also possible to deposit money with PayPal using transfer. Another possibility is the direct link of PayPal account and bank account. In this case, payments via PayPal are debited directly from the bank account if there is insufficient credit on the PayPal account itself.

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Buy Bitcoin Cash with PayPal: What are the options?

Buy BCC with PayPal is unfortunately not possible with many providers, Many crypto exchanges only offer the deposit via transfer or the direct trade of Bitcoin against Bitcoin Cash. But where can you buy Bitcoin Cash with PayPal? To answer this question, we looked at the payment methods offered by the best-known crypto exchanges, online marketplaces and CFD brokers.

Crypto exchanges:

At crypto exchanges, fiat currencies can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash. Many vendors can also trade different cryptocurrencies against each other. Unfortunately,

Buying Bitcoin Cash with PayPal is not yet possible on most crypto exchanges. Common payment methods here are bank transfer, credit card and Bitcoin payment. Not all three of these methods are available from every provider.

Since cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular and an increasing number of investors want to invest in Bitcoin Cash, it can also be assumed that BCC will soon be able to buy with PayPal at significantly more Crypto exchanges will be possible. We also show in our comprehensive reviews which payment methods are offered at the individual crypto exchanges.

Trading venues:

The participants themselves create online cryptocurrency marketplaces Offers or choose an existing offer that suits them in order to exchange coins for fiat currencies with the other users.

Some platforms rely on a user account, which must be topped up with credit in advance. All payments are then made immediately from this account during a trade. Whether the credit can also be paid in and paid out via PayPal depends on the operator of the marketplace.

On other platforms, however, the payment is made directly by the buyer to the seller. The latter can usually determine which payment methods to accept. Often, the offers available on the marketplace can also be filtered according to the payment options.

CFD brokers:

No real cryptocurrencies can be bought from the CFD broker. If you want to use Bitcoin Cash for payments on the Internet or for exchange with other providers, the CFD broker is at the wrong address.

CFDs, on the other hand, are well suited for speculating on the course of the price. Positions can be opened and closed at comparatively low fees and no wallet for Bitcoin Cash is required.

Trading in CFDs takes place via a customer account, to which credit must be paid in advance. The payment options offered for this vary from broker to broker. For some brokers, the capital required for trading can also be paid in via PayPal.

Buy Bitcoin Cash with PayPal 2020 - how it works

Fees: These costs arise when using PayPal

for the customer there are no fees for Bitcoin Cash purchases with PayPal on the part of the payment service provider . If the operator of the trading platform does not charge a deposit fee, BCC is free with PayPal except for the trading fees . However, some crypto exchanges or exchange marketplaces require a for individual payment methods fee. Therefore, users should inform themselves about a trade, which costs are incurred when paying. If a high fee is charged for a PayPal payment, it may be worthwhile to look for alternative payment methods or another other provider.

If you sell bitcoins and would like to receive the corresponding amount in euros via PayPal, unfortunately you have to accept a fee that PayPal requires for incoming payments. This is 1.9% + € 0.35. Especially with larger payment amounts, the percentage fee can result in high costs. If a free payment method is also offered on the selected platform, it is generally advisable to prefer .

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In addition to the fees charged by PayPal, the operator of the platform may also request a additional fee. It is important for retailers to inform themselves in advance so that the costs for a payout do not end up being significantly higher than expected and thus make trading unprofitable.

Security: How well is the data protected when making a PayPal payment?

Not only the fact that the payment is carried out immediately and therefore the purchased coins can be credited directly is a clear plus point for PayPal as a payment method. The payment service provider can also score with security.

The PayPal account is linked to the customer's bank account, so that, for example, payments can be carried out, but the bank details must not be given when paying with PayPal. The only information that is mandatory for a PayPal payment is the email address associated with the PayPal account. This means that the account data cannot fall into the wrong hands, since it will ultimately not be transmitted at all.

PayPal payments will be made immediately, Therefore, no waiting time has to be accepted, so that this payment method is well suited for quick and comfortable trading.

So that the PayPal payment can be made really securely can, users should also attach importance to security on their own computer. Good virus protection should be a matter of course when trading cryptocurrencies on the Internet. The password for the PayPal account should be kept safe and inaccessible to unauthorized persons or should not be written down. If we forget it, it can be reset by PayPal customer service in compliance with security regulations. This is not the case with the password for the Bitcoin Cash Wallet. If the access data is lost here, the customer no longer has the option to access his or her coins.

Buy Bitcoin Cash with PayPal 2020 - how it works

If PayPal is not offered: We present the alternatives

With many platforms, Bitcoin Cash is unfortunately not possible with PayPal. Of course, potential buyers of the cryptocurrency can limit their search for a suitable provider to the platforms on which PayPal can be paid. However, we think it is advisable to also deal with the other payment methods in order to have a larger selection of platforms and, under certain circumstances, to use a particularly good offer which is only available with a other payment method.

We show which payment options for Bitcoin Cash are often offered:


The bank transfer can be used as a payment method with many providers. However, it takes a day or more for the money to reach the platform operator. Only then can the trade be carried out.


Here, the waiting time for the bank transfer is avoided by checking directly with the payment whether the customer's account has the required coverage. If this is the case, the recipient receives a confirmation that the payment is being carried out and can pay the purchased coins directly.


Giropay works via the online -Banking and, like the instant transfer, enables a direct confirmation of the transaction, so that there are no waiting times and the coins can be credited directly.

Credit card:

At Many providers can pay for Bitcoin Cash with a Visa or Mastercard. In contrast to buying BCC with PayPal, the data of the credit card must be given here.

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PayPal is a so-called e-wallet. This is an electronic wallet that can be used to pay quickly and comparatively securely on the Internet. If it is not possible to buy Bitcoin Cash with PayPal from the preferred provider, the e-wallets Skrill and Neteller are still offered relatively often. These work similarly to PayPal. However, it is not necessary to enter the email address when making the payment, but a number assigned to the account. The data of the bank account linked to the e-wallet, on the other hand, is not given.


With a prepaid card that can be purchased in retail outlets and petrol stations throughout Germany can Bitcoin Cash is particularly safe, because here, just like with PayPal payment, no account details are given. The buyers simply enter the 16-digit code of their Paysafecard and can thus pay safely and anonymously.

However, the Paysafecard is not particularly widespread as a payment method for the purchase of cryptocurrencies, so that only a few providers use it to pay


Bitcoin can often be traded against Bitcoin Cash on exchange platforms and crypto exchanges. This makes the deposit particularly easy because it is made via the Bitcoin wallet. Numerous CFD brokers can now also deposit using Bitcoin, whereby this deposit is usually credited in a fiat currency. If you don't have bitcoins, you can buy them from another provider beforehand and possibly pay with PayPal.

Conclusion: The popular payment method is on the rise

Up to now, when buying Bitcoin Cash, the transfer, the credit card or bitcoins are used as payment methods in most cases. However, the increasing number of buyers means that not only the number of platforms, but also the offered payment methods increase. It is therefore entirely possible for some providers to buy Bitcoin Cash via PayPal.

Paying via PayPal has the advantage that does not provide any bank details and the paid-in money is immediately available. Therefore, the users can continue to use the purchased coins immediately.

Looking for a suitable provider, from whom Bitcoin Cash can be bought, we believe that not only the platforms should be considered where Bitcoin Cash online can be bought with PayPal. It is advisable to use a larger selection and, if necessary, switch to other payment methods. So the provider can be selected who not only offers the desired cryptocurrencies, but who also exchanges the cryptocurrency at a good rate and only low trading fees.

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