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Buy BCH payment methods 2020 - there are these options

Bitcoin Cash payment methods 2020: Which payment methods can be used to buy BCC? These payment options are now available at BCC.

Bitcoin Cash is a promising cryptocurrency that was launched on 1. August 2017 from the leading cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin was split off. Buying Bitcoin Cash with Skrill or Buying Bitcoin Cash with Neteller is now possible at many providers. Buying Bitcoin Cash with Paysafe, on the other hand, only offers a few platforms, but here too due to the increasing demand more and more websites are being added on which coins can be used with this payment method of the new cryptocurrency.

In the following guide we will introduce popular payment methods and show what users have to pay attention to if they want to buy Bitcoin Cash online.

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Buy Bitcoin Cash on the Internet: So anyone can invest in the cryptocurrency

Whoever decides To invest in Bitcoin Cash, there are numerous providers on the Internet. Which platform is best suited for individual investors depends on individual factors.

Crypto exchanges offer Bitcoin Cash and others Cryptocurrencies for purchase. Payment is made either in a fiat currency such as the euro or via Bitcoin. For customers, the crypto exchanges have the advantage that they can quickly and easily buy coins and also sell again. Depending on the website, different payment methods are offered. While only cryptocurrencies can be traded on some crypto exchanges , which requires a deposit in Bitcoin, many other providers can also deposit in euros using different methods

Another possibility is offered by virtual marketplaces, where users can find numerous offers from other participants, from whom they can buy Bitcoin Cash. The availability of the individual payment methods often not only depends on the platform, but also the merchants themselves determine which forms of payment they accept.

Another frequently used option is trading CFDs on Bitcoin Cash with online brokers. However, it must be said here that customers do not buy real coins, but rather participate in exchange rate development. This has the advantage that only relatively low costs arise, which is particularly advantageous for customers who have opted for trading strategies with short holding times. However, CFDs cannot be used for everyday use as means of payment, because it is not a cryptocurrency that can be transferred to a wallet. Instead, customers can open positions at any time and get the current equivalent in euros or another fiat currency credited to their trading account. Buy Bitcoin Cash with Skrill: Testing the e-wallet

Skrill is a so-called e-wallet. Buying Bitcoin Cash with Skrill has the advantage that the payment is made immediately and the coins are therefore credited directly. A Skrill account can be opened free of charge on the company's website and account management is free of charge. The Skrill account can be capitalized in several ways. Among other things, money can be deposited via bank transfer or credit card. This credit will then be used to purchase Bitcoin Cash or other products on the Internet. In addition, the Skrill card available with the account is a prepaid credit card, with which regular payments can be made in many shops and online. Withdrawing money from ATMs is also possible, however fees apply.

Buying Bitcoin Cash with Skrill is not on all platforms>possible. Therefore, you should inform yourself before registering on the provider's website which payment methods can be used.

Buy Bitcoin Cash with Neteller: Receive Bitcoin Cash immediately

Neteller also belongs to the so-called E-Wallets and, just like Skrill, offers numerous uses. A prepaid mastercard can also be requested here, which can be used in a variety of ways in everyday life. Buying Bitcoin Cash with Neteller is offered by an increasing number of sellers, however this payment method is also not available on all platforms. Therefore, if you want to pay with Neteller when buying Bitcoin Cash, should make sure before making a trade that this payment method can also be used.

Neteller itself will not make any payments Fees charged, but it is possible that the trading platform incurs costs. In this regard, too, it is worth asking for information about fees and comparing the individual options before deciding on a particular Bitcoin Cash seller. Especially if the trader deducts a percentage fee from the trading sum, it may be worthwhile for larger trading sums to search for a website on which this is not the case.

Buy Bitcoin Cash with Paysafe: Anonymous payment via prepaid card

The Paysafecard can be purchased at most petrol stations and Retail can be purchased and contains a 16-digit code with which online payments can be made. In addition, online codes can be purchased, which can then be used just like the locally purchased Paysafecards. The Paysafecard is popular with many users primarily because of the anonymity, because no personal account data has to be entered when making the payment. However, anonymity is also a reason why buying Bitcoin Cash with Paysafe is only possible with relatively few providers. Regulated exchanges generally have to comply with the "Know Your Customer" requirement, which prevents anonymous purchases. Therefore, many providers fear legal problems if they enable their customers to buy Bitcoin Cash with Paysafe. Nevertheless, the offer is also increasing here and it is possible on more and more platforms to pay with the Paysafecard.

Another way in which users buy Bitcoin Cash with Paysafe is to previously purchase Bitcoin with a Paysafecard and then trade it for Bitcoin Cash. Payments via Bitcoin are accepted by significantly more providers and are often free of charge.

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The alternatives: more Overview of payment methods

When selecting a suitable trading venue for Bitcoin Cash, not only the offered payment methods should play a role. It is particularly important that the provider is serious and the fees are low. If buying Bitcoin Cash with Paysafe, Neteller or Skrill is not possible, there are often good alternatives.

Bank transfers:

For the majority the platforms, a deposit by bank transfer is possible. However, this method has the disadvantage that the money is not immediately received by the seller, but only one or more days later. Therefore, the trade rate that is current at the time the money is received is often used, and the customer cannot know how many coins he actually receives for his payment.


The instant transfer is debited from the bank account. Immediately after the payment, the merchant receives a confirmation that the customer's account has sufficient funds and the payment can be carried out. This allows the purchased coins to be credited directly.


With this method, too, payment is made via the customer's online banking. Similar to when users buy Bitcoin Cash with Skrill, Neteller or Paysafecard, the cryptocurrency can also be credited directly here and used by the customer.

Credit card:

The credit card is another payment option with which customers can immediately receive Bitcoin Cash. While it is more common than buying Bitcoin Cash with Paysafe, it cannot be used everywhere. Many customers also shy away from providing their credit card details when paying and therefore switch to other payment methods.

Other cryptocurrencies:

Many retailers support the direct exchange of cryptocurrencies against each other, Above all, the widespread Bitcoin can be used on numerous portals to pay Bitcoin Cash or other cryptocurrencies. If buying Bitcoin Cash with Skrill, Neteller or Paysafe is not possible, it might be a good idea to use Bitcoin. This is sold on significantly more platforms than other cryptocurrencies. So customers can buy Bitcoin with their preferred payment method and then exchange these coins with another provider for Bitcoin Cash.

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Sell Bitcoin Cash again: How do I get my money?

We have now shown that buying Bitcoin Cash is possible with Neteller, Skrill or Paysafe. But what about trading in the other direction?

Who sells his coins and for that Euro or another fiat currency wants to receive, cannot use all payment methods, which are also available for the deposit. A payment with a Paysafecard, for example, is not possible, since this is a pure deposit method. With Neteller or Skrill, on the other hand, transactions can also be carried out in the opposite direction and the users receive the money from the sale of their coins.

Manage Bitcoin Cash: Wallet, customer accounts and security

When trading via a CFD broker, does not become a Bitcoin Cash Wallet needed, because here the customer does not buy the cryptocurrency, but only speculates on a rising or falling rate. CFDs are considered a so-called special fund and are also protected in the event of the bankruptcy of the provider.

If, on the other hand, real coins are bought, for example from a crypto exchange, users should make sure to manage them safely. For this purpose, coins that are not required for trading should generally be stored on their own wallet. If there is a hacker attack on the provider's website, which has already done in the past despite extensive security measures, the keys to the acquired Bitcoin cash capital are stored securely on the customer's own wallet and are thus protected against access. So that the wallet cannot be hacked, so-called offline wallets are recommended for long-term storage of cryptocurrencies. Either special hardware can be used for this, or the cryptographic key is written on a so-called paper wallet or printed offline .

Die Access data to the wallet should be managed securely and must not be lost, as otherwise there is no longer any way to access the coins.

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How customers find the right provider to buy Bitcoin Cash

Due to the high demand of users, more and more crypto is being offered - Exchanges and exchange marketplaces also trade in Bitcoin Cash. CFD brokers can also increasingly trade in Bitcoin Cash.

In order to find the best provider for buying Bitcoin Cash for your own needs, these should first be defined. Is it imperative that buying Bitcoin Cash is possible with Skrill, Neteller or Paysafe? Then the selection is limited to significantly fewer websites. Or can another other payment method be used?

In any case, it is also worth comparing prices of the providers in question to, Not only the fees play a role in the actual trading, but also the deposit and withdrawal fees and the course structure, because the trading rates can differ greatly in part, which of course also affects profit.

Of course, the question of the seriousness of the trading platform should also be asked. For this purpose, security regulations should be questioned when trading and experiences of other users should also be taken into account. We have put together testimonials for the individual providers to make it easier for our readers to compare. Among the websites presented are also providers from which Bitcoin Cash can be bought with Neteller, Skrill or PayPal.

Conclusion: Increasing selection of platforms and payment options

Not only the Bitcoin can be traded online with many providers. More and more platforms are also offering more cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin Cash, which was only launched in August 2017. The most common payment methods available are bank transfer, credit card and payment via Bitcoin. But also buying Bitcoin Cash with Paysafe, Skrill or Neteller is becoming more and more common.

When choosing the platform there are various criteria such as Fees and Security must be observed. If you want to pay with a certain method, you must of course make sure in advance that it is also offered. Payouts are not possible with Paysafecard, to the Neteller or On the other hand, the proceeds from a Bitcoin Cash sale can be transferred to Skrill account. If the desired method is not available, there are a number of good alternatives. It is also possible to purchase Bitcoin from another provider with the desired payment method and then use it to exchange for Bitcoin cash.

Always manage your cryptocurrencies on the own wallet, because there they are the safest. Ideally, the coins are stored without a connection to the Internet and are thus reliably protected against hackers.

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