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Bitcoin Trader 2020 - Cryptocurrency BTC trading robot tested!

Bitcoin Trader 2020 - can you really earn 13,000 euros in 24 hours? Everything about Steve McKay. Get informed now.
Wherever promises are made that a lot of money can be made easily, fraud lurks. Everywhere you can read crypto millionaires who seemingly generated millions of dollars out of nothing. Who wouldn't want to be part of that tomorrow? No problem! That's what the makers of Bitcoin Trader say. The BTC Trader is a trading robot, like Bitcoin Profit, which was developed to generate profits from trading cryptocurrencies.

With this Bitcoin trading system, users should collect several thousand euros a day. Is that really the case or is it just one of the numerous scam trading robots? The website lists several of the supposedly best BTC trader software. The homepage does not provide much information. You can find them on the associated software pages after clicking the register now button and lots of other red flags. The guide shows what it means to "Get rich quickly promise by a trading robot" and whether it is serious.

  • Trading robot for cryptocurrencies
  • High daily profits only on paper
  • Verifiable fraud by Bitcoin Trader
  • Same scam software as Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Millionaires Pro and Bitcoin Code

Table of Contents

  • Bitcoin Trader: Cleverly marketed fraud
  • Bitcoin Trader experience: 13,000 euros within 24 hours?
  • Steve McKay: The person and inventor of the trading system
  • Who is Steve McKay?
  • Signing up for Bitcoin Trader software
  • Bitcoin Trader scam: same procedure on several websites
  • Which highlights are used to advertise the software
  • How the trading robot works:
  • Operators Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Bitcoin Trader Test: The lie of the autotr adingsystem
  • What is the purpose of the Bitcoin Trader system?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin trading software
  • Bitcoin trader experience of real users on the web
  • Who are they Wire the Bitcoin Trader fraud?
  • No account cancellation possible
  • Conclusion on Bitcoin Trader: Badly made Bitcoin scam copy

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Bitcoin Trader : Cleverly marketed fraud

After checking Bitcoin Trader software, app, and automated trading system, it can be determined that the Bitcoin Trader trading robot on the black list of every reputable company that deals with Bitcoin & Co. trading and advertises corresponding providers. The Bitcoin Trader is a classic Bitcoin scam.

The creators behind the project are greedy scammers who use the "Bitcoin wave of success" to advertise their scam and theft app. Copies of it or the original of the copy are Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Millionaires Pro and Bitcoin Code. Advertise online worldwide. Websites with.de identification are particularly geared towards the German market.

It is a fact that Bitcoin Autotrader or another of the aforementioned BTC traders never agreed to perform on the website and in the video Provides services. Here is a saying that is hardly as applicable as elsewhere: "If something is too good to be true, it goes far beyond reality". With 13,000 euros within 24 hours, the case should already be clear. However, not every consumer sees it that way. They are approached and manipulated by clever fraudsters and aggressive advertising partners (affiliate marketers).

Ultimately, they give themselves to the belief that software providers are primarily interested in the profit of their customers. The creators are already satisfied with a smaller proportion.

All possible methods are used to get to e-mail addresses and thus to carry out illegal spam e-mail marketing. This often happens in connection with any false messages. Elon Musk or Richard Branson are staged as advertising icons for the trading software. You would have invested in this extremely profitable software yourself. Unfortunately, unscrupulous traders are systematically misleading and deceiving people today. It is therefore advisable to remain very vigilant and never switch off common sense. 13,000 euros within 24 hours - who believes that?

Bitcoin Trader 2020 - Cryptocurrency BTC trading robot tested!

Bitcoin Trader experience: 13,000 euros within 24 hours?

The Bitcoin Trader- System is marketed on a large number of its own websites and through portals of numerous partners. The German entry page is bitcointrader.de. This website lists four of the supposedly best Bitcoin autotraders. Bitcoin trader comes first. From the entry page, the offer is linked to the product website bitcointrader.software. With bitcoin-trader.biz/de there is a portal for the "Official Bitcoin Trader App".

The headline on the product website of bitcointrader.software "Ride the wave of success of Bitcoin and you can € 13,000 Earn in 24H "should not make you curious, but greedy. It's best to switch off the brain. And join the trader system immediately. After all, a few minutes a day are enough for the daily gain.

In the video on the website, the rosy future of Bitcoin is summoned in the highest tones. Well-known personalities such as Bill Gates, Richard Branson (Virgin) and W. Schmidt (Google) are allowed to comment on Bitcoin, whereby the snatches of words taken out of context have nothing to do with the trading system.

The request follows to join the Bitcoin Trader (BTC Trader). The following can be read there: "The BTC Trader would be an exclusive group of people who would have recognized the huge financial potential of Bitcoin and would have become really rich with it. The members of this BTC Trader would make life beautiful by traveling around the world, while they would have to work with the notebook for a few minutes a day. "

The message is as simple as it is demanding: become a member of the trading community, work on your laptop for a few minutes and collect lots of money every day.

What the Autotrader is all about in detail and what it costs is not mentioned. All further information That was already the information. At the end of the website is a short introduction by the founder of the system Steve McKay.

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Achieve in trading every day

Steve McKay: The person and inventor of trading -Systems

Who wouldn't want to earn more than 500 euros in an hour? The website advertises up to 13,000 euros within 24 hours. And that works with an hour of work a day on a laptop. That doesn't promise anyone, but Steve McKay, the man behind the incredibly profitable Bitcoin Trader system.

He calls himself the genius behind the Bitcoin Trader. He had worked for a large company as a software developer for a long time. Which one can he not reveal. He is the developer of a bitcoin trading software that has earned him over 18 million euros in profits in the past 6 months. This software is characterized by the fact that it makes people become millionaires faster than the founders of Facebook, Uber or AirBnB.

There follows a reference to the actually meaningless short video (49 seconds) at the top of the website, the prominent person with statements about the future of Bitcoin. How the trading robot can make a million with Bitcoin is not shown in the video. At the end he writes: Your friend, Steve McKay. A multiple millionaire as a friend. That would be something. Now clear announcement! Would you sell a system that would generate € 36,000,000 in one year?

Bitcoin Trader 2020 - Cryptocurrency BTC trading robot tested!

Who is Steve McKay?

What information does the Internet hold about Inventor of the trading system ready? With so much success, Steve McKay should be a world-famous man. A separate website is operated under his name. Here he markets the original Bitcoin Code product. There is no contact address, etc. A contact form can be used.

Registration with the Bitcoin Trader software

Registration for the BTC Trader membership is a matter of seconds. You have to enter your name, email address, self-selected password and telephone number as specified in the form. A message with a confirmation link will be sent to the email address.

If you click on it, you will not be taken to the member area, but will be forwarded directly to a broker. UM Capital was in our Bitcoin Trader Test. UM Capital is based in Sofia / Bulgaria and is operated by PM INVEST CONSULT LTD.

Important: The Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (AFM) launched the company in July 2019 Warning list set. The broker has no written permission to operate financial services, investment business or e-money business for either the Netherlands or Germany.

Without permission, neither companies nor individuals may offer or market any kind of financial services or financial products. It does not matter whether the business in question is operated for German customers from abroad in Germany or from here abroad. (Source: BaFin)

This means that all persons who advertise illegal brokers and fraudulent trading systems are punishable. The broker UM Capital is an unlicensed or EU-approved provider whose business CFD trading is illegal.

Anyone trading with an unlicensed broker may be surprised that the services and benefits are not to meet the wishes. The entire trading system is under the sole influence of the provider. In the case of real problems and complaints, no broker is there for the customer. Then the customer account is simply blocked and there are no answers to inquiries.

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Bitcoin Trader 2020 - Cryptocurrency BTC trading robot tested!

Bitcoin trader fraud : Same procedure on several websites

It seems that this scam page is a cheap copy of the Bitcoin Code website. It's just about manipulating people in just a few words. The positive results made by alleged members on the Bitcoin Code page have been omitted here. Maybe that's because of the people behind the broker where the actual bitcoin trading will take place. More on this elsewhere.

Whoever visits the website bitcoin-trader.com or bitcointraderspro.com receives more information than at bitcointrader.de. Some of the highlights are presented and described how the trading robot works. On bitcointraderspro.com there are several fake members opinions on the merits and advantages of the trading robot. Despite the additional statements, the fraud model does not become more serious.

Another website is called bitcoin-trader.biz/de, where the official Bitcoin Trader app is marketed. Anyone who clicks on a registration button on the respective website, such as "Register", "Start now" or "Get started", ends up with a broker. Currently in our Bitcoin Trader Test at UM Capital from Bulgaria.

Even if the website from an intermarketer's point of view makes a certain professional impression at first glance, it does not meet the requirements for a reputable website. On none of the pages is an imprint or information about the company headquarters and operator or managing director. There are also no registrations or tax numbers.

With which highlights the software is advertised

The Trader software was supposedly programmed in such a way that it is faster than the market. It is the only trading app worldwide that concludes Bitcoin trades with a success rate of 99.4 percent. This means that hard-earned money can be tripled and quadrupled. Another lie concerns the alleged prices that the Bitcoin Trader app is said to have won. For example, it received top marks from the UK Trading Association in the "Trading Software" category. There is no corresponding evidence or verifiable information on the web.

Bitcoin Trader 2020 - Cryptocurrency BTC trading robot tested!

How the trading robot works:

  1. Open an account

If the registration is accepted, the customer automatically becomes a member of the trader system. He gets free access to the exclusive trading software.

  1. Deposit into the account

A small deposit of 250 euros or more is necessary to start with to make profits to the trader. The desired amount can be deposited using several payment methods. There is no Skrill, PayPal or Neteller. Obviously illegal operators are regularly denied the necessary license.

  1. Benefit from trading

The customer now needs to click on Auto-Trade, then it starts make award winning and automatic algorithm with profit. Trading can also be switched to manual.

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Operator answers to frequently asked questions

  1. What results can be expected?

The members usually make at least 13,000 euros per day.

  1. How many hours a day are required?

On average, 20 minutes a day is enough. The software does the trading. There are only smaller "works".

  1. What is the maximum profit?

With the Bitcoin Trader they are Profits without limits. Some members became millionaires after only 61 days.

  1. How much does the trading software cost?

Get Bitcoin Trader members a copy of the exclusive software completely free. Simply fill out the registration form at the top of the page for membership.

Ok, the software is free, capital is required for trading. With a minimum investment of 250 euros, it is customary in the market. The questions and answers contain no new information. This is about repeating the aforementioned untruths. The website and project operator promises 13,000 euros a day elsewhere and still provides its website with an "Important Risk Warning". With trading, amounts of money can be lost. Customers should also consider their country's capital gains tax. A fraudster warns not to defraud the state of cryptocurrency tax.

Bitcoin Trader Test : The lie from the auto trading system

The McKay Bitcoin Trader is by no means the autotrading software that automatically generates profits from trading Bitcoin. Trading takes place on a broker platform that operates illegally and therefore illegally, with trading offers, etc. for forex and cryptocurrencies. Trading is based on the principle of binary options, which means cash-or-nothing.

The trade automation extends to an automatic stop loss and take profit, which can be triggered depending on the choice of risk low, medium and high, The product description on bitcointrader.de advertises that it is a one-time trading bot, where the integration of external signal generators is possible, so that inexperienced traders can trade completely on autopilot.

This is not true. There are no options for trading with external signals or bots. There is no connection to the worldwide used MetaTrader 4, where the integration of automated signal generators works.

The whole trading system is reminiscent of binary options trading. The usual spread information for CFD trading is missing. There are no automated profits. The minimum deposit is 250 euros. Deposits can be made with Bitcoin, SEPA transfer and credit cards. There is no demo account to try out trading, which every reputable broker now offers.

With these types of financial bets, there is a risk of rapid capital loss. That is why they and all related providers have been banned in the EU for some time. Therefore, UM Capital cannot show a permit. This should answer all questions whether Bitcoin Trader is reputable or whether you really get rich quickly with it.

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What is the purpose of the Bitcoin system? Trader?

In principle, the only thing is to guide website visitors to the side of a broker and collect a commission for it. It would not be a problem if these were not illegal brokers in Germany.

Traders do not land on an official broker or Bitcoin platform, but with providers who are difficult for traders or for the law or are not tangible. The customer goes empty-handed even in the case of a demonstrably manipulated trading account. Regress cannot be enforced with many providers with mailbox addresses in the Caribbean or South Seas.

The site operators are advertising partners of the brokers and collect a commission for each new customer after their first deposit. This amounts to between 200 and 500 euros per new trader.

If you try trading with a broker, you will find that financial betting based on CFD or binary options is a losing deal for most traders. The broker always wins. Merchants report that the minimum deposit when paying with MasterCard is EUR 500. Double the other minimum amount.

What happens if the account balance is lost? Broker providers use trained personnel to persuade traders to act constantly and to make them reinvest after the first losses. At some point, the called party is ready to refill money and take advantage of the supposed chance of winning.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin Trading Software


  • Software is provided free of charge
  • Promises insane profits


  • Trading software does not work
  • Trying out costs 250 euros
  • The incessant urge to deposit money again

Bitcoin trader experience real users on the web

A customer writes that he registered in March. He created an account with a broker called Crypto Kartal. He paid the 250 euros minimum deposit into the account. Within a month, he made a profit of $ 123. Far from the 13,000 euros a day. After all, profit and everything in the green.

The big end comes quickly. He wanted to pay off his winnings. All payment requests remain unanswered. For him, that's all for a single pyramid scheme and an advertising network. The data left at registration and with the broker will be passed on to any third party. The result is that the phone never stops ringing. Other users report that they were lured with a bonus and would have to shoot an amount of 500 euros before paying out.

There are no positive experiences with Bitcoin Trader on the Internet. All those who are benevolent and recommending are more or less under the same roof with the operators. The fraudsters use a whole network of websites and blogs, most of which advertise without their own identification (contact details, company address).

Who are the masterminds in the Bitcoin Trader fraud?

It's unclear who the real backers behind the Bitcoin Trader scam are. There are no ominous software geniuses Steve McKay or Sven Hegel. On the bitcointraderspro.com website, the software geniuses and students are then just Jeff and Mike. Information about companies and contact persons is not given on the websites concerned. In addition, the site operators use proxy servers. Anyone who does something like this wants to disguise their true identity. A serious entrepreneur doesn't need that.

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No account cancellation possible

Account cancellation is not possible or the broker is not provided anywhere. Once in the system, the customer is always caught in the system. There are constant calls from other trading platforms. Of course, everyone is of the same shabby caliber.

Immediately after registering with the broker, the phone calls begin. A fictitious telephone number provided at registration protects against this. "Thank you for applying for an account with UM Capital. My name is Stan Robinson and I am an United Markets Capital here at UM Capital. I have been trying to contact you but it seems the number you provided +49 30 69200988, is not valid. ”

Note: The unrealistic profit promises made on a website should be enough of a normal warning. If you want to try the whole thing, you should at least be careful when providing the real telephone number. Spam emails can be sent quickly to the filing system. Constant phone calls are more than annoying.

Conclusion on Bitcoin Trader: Badly made Bitcoin scam copy

No matter whether Bitcoin -Scam or investment fraud - the mesh is always the same. With the promise of 13,000 euros a day, the scam bells should ring loudly for every user. But greed is known to eat the brain. The prospect of quick wealth and the positive opinions of successful customers are true I put people in the hands of these fraudsters. Warnings (red flags) on the website bitcoin-trader.de are the missing imprint in addition to the unrealistic promises of winning.

There are reviews of real customers on the Internet to read. Refused winnings or withdrawals only after further deposits above the actual winnings are clear indications of fraud.

Software systems of the same design and providers such as Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Millionairs are riding on the same wave as Bitcoin Trader Pro or Bitcoin code. Extreme caution is required everywhere. Do not register with Bitcoin Trader and never deposit money!

The partners of the software fraudsters urge users to get started immediately. Because only a limited number of new customers could be accepted every day. There is no hurry, because the next day will of course also apply.

Whose Bitcoin Trader experience has been negative or has been damaged in other Bitcoin scams, contact a law firm specializing in investment fraud. You may be able to recover some or all of the lost money.

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