Bitcoin share 2020 - what traders should consider when investing

Bitcoin shares (2020): Why there are no real Bitcoin shares & how traders can invest. Discover now & buy Bitcoin Group shares.

Bitcoin peaked in late 2017 and early 2018. Meanwhile, the Bitcoin hype has subsided again and the Bitcoin price has dropped. Nevertheless, the key digital currency is still popular as an investment. Investors who want to invest in Bitcoin can not only purchase the digital currency directly, but also trade CFDs. Some investors wonder when the Bitcoin share comes. But there will be no such share, as the Bitcoin is traded decentrally. Nevertheless, you can invest in one share: in the Bitcoin Group share.

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Why there will be no Bitcoin shares

The Bitcoin is still the most important and popular digital motto. It is traded on a decentralized basis, completely without a bank or other central office. It was launched by Satoshi Nakamoto. To this day, nobody knows who is behind the Japanese-looking pseudonym and whether it is an individual or a group of people. Various people have been associated with Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is generated by mining. People who generate the Bitcoin and make computer capacity available have joined together to form mining pools, of which several now exist. There are several arguments in favor of the assumption that there will be no Bitcoin shares in the future:

  • Bitcoin is generated locally by mining
  • There is no company behind the Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin is traded decentrally
  • Bitcoin trading takes place independently of banks and other central offices

If you want to buy Bitcoin directly, you use online retailers or brokers for digital currencies. Many of these brokers are based abroad. It is also possible to invest in stocks. These are not real shares of Bitcoin, but of companies that are dealing with the trading or price development of Bitcoin. One such company is the Bitcoin Group.

Bitcoin share 2020 - what traders should consider when investing

What is the Bitcoin Group?

Bitcoin Group SE is a German company based in Herford. It is a holding company that focuses on disruptive and innovative business models and technologies. The company deals with cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The Bitcoin Group is a wholly-owned shareholder of Bitcoin Deutschland AG, the only authorized trading center for Bitcoin in Germany. The Bitcoin Group is a venture capitalist that helps young companies develop their growth potential. The Bitcoin Group wants to expand its investment portfolio by acquiring further investments. It cooperates with Fidor Bank AG, which is based in Munich. Bitcoin Deutschland AG now has more than 700,000 customers.

As the only trading center worldwide, Bitcoin Deutschland AG has its customers' Bitcoin holdings checked regularly by a publicly appointed German accounting firm. Bitcoin Deutschland AG is the first trading center for digital foreign exchange to have an interface to the classic banking system. The company wants to expand its position as a trading center for Bitcoin and develop further business models from the areas of Bitcoin, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Group AG is focusing on the future of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With an investment in the Bitcoin Group shares, you can indirectly participate in the price development of Bitcoin. Track the price history if you want to invest in the stocks; they are well suited as a long-term investment.

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What investors should consider when investing in Bitcoin shares

Who already in the share Bitcoin Group has invested can benefit from a dividend payment in the long term. At the annual general meeting of the subsidiary Bitcoin Deutschland AG in June 2018, a dividend payment of a total of 2.5 million euros to the parent company Bitcoin Group was resolved. This amounts to a dividend of EUR 50 per share. However, private investors cannot purchase the shares of Bitcoin Deutschland AG because the Bitcoin Group, as the parent company, is a 100% shareholder. But it is worthwhile for private investors to buy the Bitcoin Group share. In 2017, the share price rose rapidly from 5 euros to 15 euros. With the fall in bitcoin prices in spring and summer 2018, the share also suffered a price loss. In the meantime, however, the share has risen again. Only a few shares in the Bitcoin Group, which is listed on the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange, are currently in circulation.

In mid-July 2018, the Bitcoin Group share rose sharply again. The reason could be that BlackRock, a large wealth manager, has announced that it is forming a working group that will look into Bitcoin and explore the market. A Bitcoin ETF as an exchange-traded fund is also expected to come soon - another reason for the price increase of the share.

Investors who want to invest in the Bitcoin Group share should note that this is a speculative investment form. Therefore, you should not put everything on one card and only buy the Bitcoin Group share as an addition to the share portfolio.

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The Bitcoin Group share as a long-term investment

During Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency is suitable for a short-term investment, the Bitcoin Group share should be viewed as a long-term investment opportunity. Investors should closely monitor the price development and invest when the share price is low. There are several reasons for long-term investment in the share:

  • Annual dividend payment
  • Bitcoin Group as a company growing
  • Long-term price increase possible

The Bitcoin Group operates the successful trading platform Another reason that makes an investment in the share interesting: At you can no longer only trade Bitcoin, but also the popular cryptocurrency Ethereum. Anyone who buys Bitcoin Group shares does not have to purchase bitcoins as a cryptocurrency. However, the development of the Bitcoin price has an impact on the share price. If the demand for bitcoins is high, the price of the Bitcoin Group share also rises. Many investors anticipate further increases in Bitcoin prices and are therefore investing in Bitcoin shares.

The Bitcoin Group has developed into a successful company within a short period of time. She plans to invest in additional startup companies. This could boost the share price in the long term.

Anyone who already owns Bitcoin Group shares should follow the price development in the long term and then sell it if the price has risen sharply. It cannot be said whether the number of shares that can be bought by private investors will increase in the future. Demand is currently greater than supply. This leads to long-term increases in the share price.

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Where can the Bitcoin Group share be bought?

The Bitcoin Group is on listed on the Düsseldorf stock exchange, but private investors do not necessarily have to trade there. Floor trading is not necessary for private investors, as the shares can also be traded online. Online trading can take place via the Xetra electronic stock exchange and an online broker. A large number of online brokers have established themselves. But it is important to find the right provider to buy the Bitcoin Group share. In addition to exchange trading, some banks and brokers offer over-the-counter trading in Bitcoin Group shares. While there are partial executions in exchange trading as well as partial executions, no partial executions are possible in over-the-counter trading. One advantage of over-the-counter trading is the longer trading hours.

If you want to trade the Bitcoin Group's share on the exchange, you have to rely on the trading hours. An order can be created outside of trading hours, but it will only be executed during trading hours. However, it is not certain whether the order will actually be placed during trading hours; it depends on the availability of the shares.

The fees are lower for over-the-counter trading. Investors should find out about the fees, which may differ depending on the broker.

Choosing the right broker for the Bitcoin share

If you want to buy the Bitcoin Group share online, you need the right one Broker. The broker comparison on the Internet provides an overview of the providers and their conditions. In order to buy the share, a deposit must be opened at the broker, if none already exists. Various factors are important when looking for an online broker:

  • Deposit fee
  • Trade fees
  • Free demo account
  • Customer support

There are fees per trade. A fee for the order is to be paid to the stock exchange, and the broker can also request a commission.

It is important to have a free demo account in order to try trading with the shares without real money. Depending on the broker, the demo account is offered for a limited time or unlimited. It is best to have an unlimited demo account. This can also be used by investors who are already trading with real money to improve their strategy. The demo account provides an amount of virtual currency that varies depending on the broker. Together with the demo account, investors can use all available trading instruments such as charts free of charge and immerse themselves in a real trading atmosphere. A prerequisite for using the demo account is usually a registration with the broker.

Good customer support is particularly important for beginners. Customer support should be available in German via live chat or by phone.

Seriousness is the top priority when choosing a provider. Serious brokers can be recognized by the regulation by a state financial supervisory authority, such as the CySEC of Cyprus, the British Financial Services Authority or the German BaFin.

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Bitcoin share 2020 - what traders should consider when investing

CFD trading as an alternative to buying shares

If you want to invest in Bitcoin or in Bitcoin Group shares, you do not have to buy the cryptocurrency or the share directly. An alternative to buying shares directly is CFD trading, which is offered by CFD brokers. The broker comparison helps to find the right CFD broker. CFD trading is based on rising or falling share prices. A leverage can be set to move larger amounts of capital and maximize profits. Losses can be limited with various instruments. The lever allows profits that are a multiple of the stake, but the lever can also cause very high losses.

When trading CFDs, investors should also use a free demo account to try out trading without real money. If you want to trade CFD on the Bitcoin share, you should thoroughly inform yourself about the course of the price. With the demo account, investors can use various tools when trading CFDs, including charts or drawing instruments. The best information about the course development is provided by candle charts, in which the wicks of the candles point up or down depending on the course development. Even with CFD brokers, opening a demo account is usually tied to registration. With serious brokers, no deposit is required to use the demo account.

In contrast to trading in shares, CFD trading is well suited as a short-term investment. Good profits are possible within a short time. Another advantage of CFD trading is that you can trade with low stakes. The amount of the minimum stakes differs depending on the broker.

Conclusion: no share directly for Bitcoin

Because Bitcoin is generated and traded locally, there is no Bitcoin share. However, a Bitcoin ETF is planned as an exchange-traded fund. Nevertheless, it is possible for private investors to invest in stocks. These are shares of the Bitcoin Group, a German company that is listed on the Düsseldorf stock exchange. The Bitcoin Group is a 100% shareholder of Bitcoin Deutschland AG, which operates as a trading platform for Bitcoin and Ethereum. The Bitcoin Group shares saw a significant price increase in mid-July 2018. They are in demand because only a few stocks are available to private investors and the Bitcoin Group is characterized by remarkable growth. The shares can be bought and sold through an online broker. Trading is possible on and off the exchange. Over-the-counter trading involves longer trading hours and lower fees than on-exchange trading. Investors who buy Bitcoin Group shares can benefit from an annual dividend payment and price increases. As an alternative to the direct purchase of shares, CFD trading on shares can be carried out.

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Bitcoin share 2020 - what traders should consider when investing

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