Bitcoin Profit Experience 2020 - Is Bitcoin Fraud Or Serious?

Bitcoin Profit 2020 - The basic principle of Bitcoin Profit. Everything about Frank Thelen and Bitcoin Profit. This is how trading works. Inform now.

Earn up to 2,589 a month without much effort, work an hour and then spend the money on luxury items or can afford a long vacation trip without a lot of work - who doesn't want that? This is exactly what is said on the home page of Bitcoin Profit. On the home page you will find Bitcoin Profit experiences from users who report it.

With such statements you will ask yourself whether Bitcoin Profit is fraudulent or reputable. You can find various reviews of this trading system on the Internet. The trading system works in a similar way to CFD trading, except that you do not have to trade yourself, as the system does it for you.

Table of contents

  • The basic principle of Bitcoin Profit
  • Does Frank Thelen have anything to do with Bitcoin Profit?
  • How to gain your Bitcoin Profit experience
  • First Bitcoin Profit experience with the free demo account
  • How it works Trading real money with Bitcoin Profit
  • How safe is Bitcoin Profit?
  • Is Bitcoin Profit fraudulent or legitimate?
  • Who is Bitcoin Profit suitable for?
  • Conclusion: Bitcoin Profit is a trading system

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The basic principle of Bitcoin Profit

Bitcoin Profit is a trading system that is similar how CFD trading works. You do not have to purchase the Bitcoin directly and you do not have to make a deposit that corresponds to the Bitcoin exchange rate of around EUR 7,500 at the end of September 2019. You open a trading account by registering and making the minimum deposit of 250 euros.

If you want to gain Bitcoin profit experience without spending real money, you can first open a free demo account. However, the demo account shows you only a few examples that promise high profits. The impression quickly arises that Bitcoin Profit is fraud.

Bitcoin Profit is a trading robot, also called a bot. The system analyzes the markets and promises exceptional speed and accuracy to maximize profits. This system is based on a mathematical algorithm that is not explained in more detail on the Bitcoin Profit website. How this algorithm works is a secret of the operator. Market trends should be recognized in a matter of seconds.

This enables quick automatic trading, to buy when prices are low and to sell when prices are high. In a video on the Bitcoin Profit website, some customers report their Bitcoin Profit experience, how they quickly made five-digit profits or paid their debts. The question arises whether it is real customers or fakes. There is talk of a "Frank" who is supposed to be behind this system. Is it Frank Thelen?

Bitcoin Profit Experience 2020 - Is Bitcoin Fraud Or Serious?

Does Frank Thelen have anything to do with Bitcoin profit?

Frank Thelen is one of the investors from the founding show "Die Höhle der Löwen". On various internet portals reporting on Bitcoin Profit experiences, it can be read that Bitcoin Profit was presented in this start-up show and Frank Thelen promoted the start-up as an investor. This is just advertising for the trading robot, because Bitcoin Profit was not shown on the show "The Lion's Den" and Frank Thelen did not promote the project either.

The impression that Bitcoin Profit is fraudulent, also comes up with the Bitcoin Profit experiences of the supposed customers in the video and with the chats on the homepage. The people who can be seen in the chats also appear on other Internet portals, but with different names. These are photos of testimonials that advertise other products on other portals.

The question arises of what Bitcoin operators actually earn if there are only winners and if it is used to advertise, that there are no hidden costs. If you take a closer look at the start page, you will see that there is no question of losses and that everyone can make profits within a short period of time.

Bitcoin profit does not have to be fraud, because many trading robots advertise aggressively and promise high profits. However, if you want to gain Bitcoin profit experience, you should approach it with realistic expectations and only make the minimum bet of 250 euros in order not to take any high risks.

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How you can gain your Bitcoin Profit experience

If you want to collect your Bitcoin Profit experience with real money, you should not deposit money that you have planned for other expenses and need in the foreseeable future. You should not deposit more than the minimum amount of 250 euros. Since Bitcoin is very volatile, there can be significant price fluctuations within a short time. Even if the system promises extremely high speed and accuracy, losses can never be ruled out.

To register, click the "Start now" button on the Bitcoin Profit website. First enter your first name and your email address. In the next step you will be asked to enter your last name, your telephone number and a password. You agree to the data protection regulations and send your registration.

If the registration has been received by Bitcoin Profit, you will receive a call after a short time. Bitcoin profit experiences on various portals show that new customers are bombarded with calls from different countries if they do not make their deposit immediately. Various payment methods are offered for the deposit:

  • credit card as Visacard or Mastercard
  • Skrill as e-wallet
  • iDeal
  • Trustly
  • Klarna
  • SEPA.

After you have made your deposit, you can start your first trades. Trades are made through the GFC Investment Trader, and the higher you make your deposit, the higher the profits. However, you should not be tempted to make higher deposits as it can quickly lead to losses.

Bitcoin Profit Experience 2020 - Is Bitcoin Fraud Or Serious?

First Bitcoin Profit experience with the free demo account

Bitcoin Profit is positive mention that you can open a free demo account. This gives the impression that Bitcoin Profit is not a scam. You can open the demo account after you have registered.

A deposit is not required. You must select the test mode in order to be guided to a first tour. You will learn more about the functions of the platform, but it will not explain how the algorithm works. The demo account depicts a trading environment and gives a first impression of how you can trade Bitcoin Profit.

You will receive a virtual currency credit with which you can start your first attempts. With the demo account you can start the auto trade mode to gain your first Bitcoin profit experience. No further settings are required for the auto trade mode. The Auto Trade mode can also be selected when trading with real money. In Auto Trade mode with the demo account, you only have to watch how the trades with the virtual balance develop.

At Bitcoin Profit you can open different demo accounts to try out several options. If you look at Bitcoin Profit experiences on different portals, you will read that many traders who use a demo account are often asked to make their first deposit. However, you should only make the minimum deposit in order not to lose too much in an emergency.

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This is how trading with real money at Bitcoin Profit


For trading with real money, Bitcoin Profit offers the assistance mode and the manual mode. The assistance mode is recommended for those who have no experience with Bitcoin trading or who have no time for complex analyzes. The manual mode already requires knowledge of cryptocurrencies and trading, since in this mode you have to analyze data and charts yourself to make the appropriate settings.

If you want to avoid higher losses in your Bitcoin profit experience You act in assistance mode. However, losses cannot be ruled out even in assistance mode. In the assistance mode, the transactions are carried out regardless of whether the trader is active on the PC. Traders never miss opportunities to trade. On the homepage, Bitcoin Profit only advertises with the assistance mode. It describes that you only have to make your deposit and Bitcoin Profit then does the rest.

If you want to trade in manual mode, you benefit from a clearly structured platform that you can test in demo mode. It is advantageous to mention that you can track your trading history. You will get an overview of trades already made.

To trade Bitcoin Profit with real money, you can choose different risk levels depending on your risk tolerance. These risk levels are comparable to the levers in CFD trading. A high risk level promises high profits, but it can also lead to high losses. As a beginner, you should only choose a low risk level. If you have positive Bitcoin Profit experience, you can slowly increase the risk level.

Bitcoin Profit Experience 2020 - Is Bitcoin Fraud Or Serious?

How secure is Bitcoin Profit?

With Bitcoin Profit, the data is transferred using secure SSL encryption. You can contribute to security yourself by choosing a secure password that is difficult for others to crack. Losses cannot be excluded regardless of which mode you choose. You should therefore also follow the trades as often as possible in automatic trading in assistance mode to check whether you have suffered a loss. The website is secure, because it is encrypted with https.

Proven and secure methods are offered for payment. For the security and seriousness of Bitcoin Profit, the options for reverse trades and risk management speak with various setting options. To execute reverse trades, you have to make the appropriate settings. If the market situation changes suddenly and the planned trades lead to a loss, the direction of trading can be changed.

Losses cannot be completely ruled out in this way, but they can be avoided. You decide when trading starts. This is also possible if you decide to trade in the assistance mode. If you want to wait and see, since the exchange rates of digital currencies fluctuate strongly or there is no recovery in sight, a later start is possible.

Customer support also speaks for the security of Bitcoin Profit. You can reach customer support during regular trading hours. It is available via email, live chat and by phone.

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Is Bitcoin Profit fraud or legitimate?

If you take a look at the Bitcoin Profit website, you will not find any imprint in which you can find out more about the operator. So you don't know who the operator is. The team wants to remain anonymous. However, it is certain that John Mayers' Bitcoin Profit was developed in collaboration with a team of online financial experts.

You will also not find any information about regulation by a state financial regulator. That doesn't mean Bitcoin Profit is scam. However, if you value such regulation, you should choose another trading platform or a CFD broker.

On the Bitcoin Profit website, it is noticeable that many promises are made there, but no extensive explanations are available are. If you need more detailed explanations and would like to find out more, you have to register and open a demo account. A detailed FAQ with answers to the most frequently asked questions is not available on the Bitcoin Profit website, even if the questions on the website give the impression of an FAQ. Only answers to questions about the profits are answered. The answers appear to be advertising rather than revealing.

Some signs like

  • free demo account
  • two different trading modes
  • different secure deposit methods
  • SSL encryption of the website
  • good customer support

speak against Bitcoin profit fraud. You should not believe the numerous promises and first test trading with the demo account. Since losses can never be ruled out, you can assume that Bitcoin Profit is serious.

Who is Bitcoin Profit suitable for?

Bitcoin Profit is suitable for those who are affected by price changes benefit from Bitcoin but do not want to purchase the Bitcoin directly. The platform is suitable for beginners who have a certain willingness to take risks.

Even experienced traders can trade Bitcoin profit and use the assistance mode, but also the manual mode. The assistance mode is suitable for experienced traders who have little time for extensive chart analysis. Risk tolerance is a prerequisite, but the risk can be set at different levels.

Those who want to keep trading under control can choose manual mode. However, the risk is higher.

If you are looking for an extensive range of markets and want to do CFD trading, you should choose a CFD broker. Beginners who want to familiarize themselves with CFD trading are also better off with a CFD broker. Anyone who is skeptical that Bitcoin Profit promises too much should not trade in Bitcoin Profit.

Millions of profits, as are partially promised in Bitcoin Profit, are not expected. If you expect high profits, negative Bitcoin Profit experiences are inevitable.

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Conclusion: Bitcoin Profit is a trading system

Who of the Price changes can benefit from Bitcoin, but Bitcoin doesn't want to purchase it directly, can trade at Bitcoin Profit. Bitcoin Profit is a trading robot that uses a mathematical algorithm to react quickly to price changes. Trading is carried out when the price is cheap. Since an algorithm is used, extensive chart analyzes are not necessary.

Bitcoin Profit promises high profits on its website. However, you should also take losses into account. Automatic trading takes place in assistance mode, but a manual mode can also be selected. The traders can set the risk levels themselves. If you would like to gain your first Bitcoin Profit experience, you should first open a free demo account.

The many promises, the missing imprint and the lack of regulation by a state financial supervisory authority give the impression that Bitcoin Profit is Fraud. However, this is not the case because the data is transmitted in a secure manner. Since different risk levels can be set, it is a reputable provider.

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