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Bitcoin forecast 2020 - the Bitcoin price development until 2025!

Bitcoin forecast 2020 - This is why the forecast on the portals differs. All factors for the formation of a forecast. Get informed now.

How is Bitcoin evolving? This question concerns many traders who want to invest in Bitcoin. Bitcoin rose again after the price slump in the first quarter of 2018, but it is still far from reaching the record high of late 2017 / early 2018.

The price was around 9,000 euros in early September 2019, but towards the end September 2019, the course subsided again and is around 7,300 euros. The Bitcoin forecast of the different experts is different. The Bitcoin price forecast for the end of 2019 assumes falling prices. The Bitcoin price forecast for 2025 is positive.

Table of contents

  • Why the Bitcoin forecast differs on different portals
  • Factors for the formation of the Bitcoin price forecast
  • Developments in the crypto market and the impact on the Bitcoin forecast
  • Bitcoin as digital gold
  • The block halving and the impact on the Bitcoin price forecast
  • Positive Bitcoin price forecast after halving the block
  • What does the Bitcoin price forecast 2025 look like?
  • Bitcoin price forecast only as a rough orientation
  • Conclusion: Big differences in the Bitcoin forecast

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Why the Bitcoin forecast differs on different portals

Would you like to find out more about the Bitcoin forecast and have a look? on different portals about digital forex around, you will find that the Bitc oin course forecast differs on the different portals. This is because the various experts rate the factors used to generate the Bitcoin forecast differently. The experts sometimes use very different factors.

The Bitcoin price forecast is not a reliable statement. Even if the experts use a piece of software to create a forecast, the actual course of Bitcoin price in the future may differ from the Bitcoin price forecast. This is due to the high volatility of Bitcoin. The course of the course is influenced by various factors, including many unforeseen events. In order to make a Bitcoin forecast, the experts also use previous price trends and events from the past in order to have comparisons.

The Bitcoin forecast can be an indication of the future development of the Bitcoin price, but it is they do not guarantee. If you want to invest in Bitcoin, you can use the Bitcoin price forecast as a guide, but due to the high volatility, you should expect that price fluctuations can occur at any time. This is the case with the direct purchase of Bitcoin as well as with CFD trading, where you can participate in the price development of the digital currency. There is already a Bitcoin price forecast for 2025 that predicts a strong price increase.

Factors for the formation of the Bitcoin price forecast

The Bitcoin price is formed by supply and demand. If the demand is high and cannot be met by the supply, the Bitcoin price increases. Conversely, the price drops when many sellers offer their coins but the interest of buyers wanes. Just as the price is formed by supply and demand, supply and demand will also determine the Bitcoin price forecast in the future. For the Bitcoin forecast, however, it depends on the factors that influence demand. Such factors are

  • developments among cryptocurrencies
  • special features of Bitcoin
  • economic and political influences
  • financial policy decisions.

The developments of other digital currencies can be taken into account in the Bitcoin forecast. Bitcoin is the oldest digital currency and therefore the most important cryptocurrency. It has the highest market capitalization. Special features of Bitcoin are the formation of forks and the halving of the block. Economic influences can be a recession or inflation.

Traders are more careful with their decisions or invest in digital currencies rather than in traditional investments. Political decisions, for example, can lead to a ban on cryptocurrencies or the regulation of cryptocurrencies in different countries.

Financial policy decisions such as the change in key interest rates by central banks can affect the prices of cryptocurrencies. In addition, various other factors can be incorporated into the Bitcoin forecast. However, events can occur at any time that cannot be taken into account in the Bitcoin price forecast as they are not predictable.

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Developments in crypto Market and the impact on the Bitcoin forecast

The crypto market is in constant motion. New cryptocurrencies are being developed, while other cryptocurrencies are disappearing because they are not proving their worth. The so-called Altcoins as alternatives to Bitcoin can be a danger for the Bitcoin price, since they offer some advantages over Bitcoin. Such altcoins are Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash. These altcoins enable faster transactions and are cheaper than Bitcoin. If the demand for such altcoins increases, this can have a negative impact on the Bitcoin price forecast.

The introduction of new cryptocurrencies does not always have to be negative for the Bitcoin forecast. In order for a cryptocurrency to actually become dangerous for Bitcoin and lead to a negative Bitcoin forecast, it must offer great benefits. An example that a new cryptocurrency could have a negative impact on the Bitcoin price is Libra. The digital motto targeted by Facebook is to be introduced in 2020.

Facebook has already found various partners who accept Libra as a method of payment. In addition to the broad acceptance range, the lower volatility should be an advantage of Libra. There is already controversial debate about Libra among banks and politicians. All of these facts could fuel demand for Libra and lead to a fall in Bitcoin's price.

The Bitcoin forecast does not assume that Bitcoin could be thrown from the throne by another digital motto. Bitcoin will continue to maintain its first place in the ranking scale. However, the price can go further down.

Bitcoin as digital gold

The Bitcoin price forecast by various experts for late 2019, late 2020 or late 2022 exceeds the record high of Bitcoin from Early 2018. For example, some experts assume a price of $ 50,000 at the end of 2020 or even $ 1 million at the end of 2022.

What is it about such a Bitcoin price forecast? A Bitcoin forecast of $ 50,000 can be realistic, but such a course does not have to occur in late 2020. While it is possible that Bitcoin will eventually reach $ 1 million, it is unlikely. The Bitcoin price forecast for 2025 different experts does not assume such a high price.

The Bitcoin has great potential, which is based on its position. It is considered digital gold, even if the price of Bitcoin is significantly more volatile than gold. Bitcoin's market cap is a multiple of the market cap of other digital currencies. Not to be forgotten is the high price of Bitcoin, which is primarily due to its intrinsic value.

Like other blockchain-based crypto currencies, Bitcoin is generated by mining. Mining Bitcoin is significantly more expensive than mining other digital currencies, as more and more powerful computers are required and there is a high energy requirement. One advantage of Bitcoin is its use as a means of payment. The ever increasing acceptance range can drive up the Bitcoin forecast.

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The block halving and the impact on the Bitcoin price forecast

A special feature of Bitcoin is the block halving, which takes place about every four years. Mining Bitcoin is not an infinite process. If the maximum money supply of 21 million bitcoins is reached, mining can no longer take place. On average, a new block is generated by mining every ten minutes. A block is halved every 210,000 blocks. Originally, when the Bitcoin was introduced, 50 blocks were still contained in one block, but after the first block was halved in November 2012, there were only 25 bitcoins per block.

The second block was halved in July 2016. Since then, only still contain 12.5 bitcoins in one block. The next block halving will take place in May 2020. Then a block contains only 6.25 bitcoins. Just as the number of bitcoins per block halves, the reward for the miners is halved. The miners receive the number of bitcoins contained in a block for each block found.

The reward therefore develops according to the block halving. Halving the reward doesn't mean Bitcoin will become less attractive to miners. On the contrary: The Bitcoin price forecast assumes that the Bitcoin rises after each block halving in the price and the reward, converted into euros, then turns out higher. The reason for this Bitcoin forecast is the lower offer after halving the block.

Positive Bitcoin price forecast after halving the block

Various experts set the Bitcoin price forecast after halving a block high. This still makes mining interesting, even if the hardware costs are getting higher. If the reward for introducing bitcoin to miners was still 50 bitcoins per block, the profit in fiat currency was extremely low, as the bitcoin had practically no market value at the time.

After the first block halving in 2012, it increased Bitcoin's market value. A year later, in 2013, Bitcoin hit its first record high. It was no different in 2016 when the second block was halved. Bitcoin reached another record high in late 2017. The Bitcoin forecast by many experts assumes that Bitcoin will continue to soar after halving the block in 2020.

The reason for this development is that most miners sell their Bitcoins immediately after receiving the reward, You want to cover the high costs for hardware and electricity. The number of bitcoins that are sold decreases after halving a block. A possibly increasing demand is opposed by a shortage of supply, which leads to price increases.

Since it is already known when a block is halved again, the demand could increase beforehand. Some experts therefore already provide a Bitcoin forecast before the block is halved, which significantly exceeds the current Bitcoin price. Since a block halving is due again in 2024, the Bitcoin price forecast for 2025 can easily amount to 50,000 or 100,000 US dollars or euros.

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What does the Bitcoin price forecast 2025 look like?

Like the Bitcoin price forecast for previous periods, the Bitcoin price forecast 2025 is characterized by large deviations in the various portals. However, most experts assume that their Bitcoin price forecast for 2025 will continue to rise.

A Bitcoin price forecast for 2025 of 1 million euros or US dollars is possible, but it can because of the high Volatility and unforeseen events come to a completely different development. The experts put forward various arguments for their high Bitcoin price forecast for 2025:

  • further halving of the block in 2024, which can lead to a price increase.
  • Inflation in fiat currencies, which leads to a stronger investment in Bitcoin leads
  • Bitcoin as digital gold with increasing value
  • an ever increasing acceptance range of Bitcoin as a means of payment.

Some experts even predict the end of fiat currencies and assume it assumes that in future only cryptocurrencies will be used for payments. However, this is not yet assumed for 2025.

The development of new cryptocurrencies such as Libra and the emergence of new forks could also lead to price changes in Bitcoin. Forks can be created as soft forks by modifying the software, while hard forks such as Bitcoin Cash can be created by splitting off the blockchain. There are now more than 50 forks, but only a few are actually serious competition for Bitcoin. They are therefore not necessarily relevant for the Bitcoin price forecast 2025.

Bitcoin price forecast only as a rough guide

You can find a Bitcoin forecast for different periods of time and from different experts. Since the Bitcoin price forecast on the various portals that deal with the development of Bitcoin differs greatly, it is already clear that you should not cling to the Bitcoin price forecast. The development can be completely different since the Bitcoin is very volatile. If there are sudden price changes, various experts correct their Bitcoin forecast. The comparatively sharp fall in Bitcoin's price at the end of September 2019 was not previously predicted in the Bitcoin forecast.

Due to the high volatility of Bitcoin and due to the deviations in the individual forecasts, you can see that the Bitcoin forecast is not reliable. You should therefore always keep an eye on the high risk. Large losses due to price drops can quickly occur. It is only possible to speculate when the course will recover. Therefore, you should only use an amount to invest in Bitcoin that you can afford to lose. You don't have to buy an entire bitcoin because you can also buy shares of it.

The Bitcoin forecast is only a guide. If you want to buy or sell Bitcoin, you should carry out an analysis and use charts.

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Conclusion: Big differences in the Bitcoin forecast

Different experts make a Bitcoin forecast and use different factors to rate them differently. The Bitcoin forecast of the individual experts differs widely. The experts not only assume different courses, but the Bitcoin price forecast of the individual experts also goes in different directions. For this reason, there are always traders who use a bot or trading robots such as Bitcoin Profit.

The Bitcoin price forecast for 2025 predicts a significant increase, some experts even expect a Bitcoin price of 1 Million dollars. Whether this development actually occurs cannot be said due to the high volatility of Bitcoin and many unpredictable events. The next block will be halved in 2020.

Given that demand is likely to rise with a shortage of supply, the Bitcoin price forecast assumes an increase in the Bitcoin price. You shouldn't rely on the Bitcoin price forecast. It is not reliable as it can change course at any time.

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