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Bitcoin code experiences 2020 - the provider in the test

Bitcoin code experiences 2020: What are the Bitcoin code experiences like? Offer & Service Information Customer reviews checked.

What are the Bitcoin Code experiences like? The system is also known as "Bitcoin Millions" and works as a trading bot. If you want to gain experience with Bitcoin code, you must first register online. A look at the homepage still leaves open whether it was Bitcoin code or a reputable website. However, various experts have reported that there are doubts about the reliability of the offer. For this reason, there is the test with the assessment of whether Bitcoin code works properly or not.

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The facts at a glance

  • Not regulated
  • High returns (statement by Bitcoin Code)
  • Well-founded test pending
  • Simple registration
  • Bitcoin trading
  • Trading -Bot

Trading with the provider Bitcoin Code

Before we start with the actual Bitcoin Code experience, let's first look at who or what is actually behind the platform stands. Have other users already gained Bitcoin Code experience and how do they turn out? Admittedly, at first glance you might think that it is a Bitcoin code scam. In order to see whether Bitcoin Code is acting seriously or is actually something to the concerns of some experts, we would like to gain experience with the trading bot ourselves. If you want to do the Bitcoin Code Test, you have to register. Only Bitcoin trading is offered.

Behind the platform is software developer Steve McKay. According to his own statements, he obtained insider market information from anonymous sources in order to make Bitcoin trading even more efficient. In order not only to make this knowledge accessible to the financial gurus, McKay launched the Bitcoin Code platform. This should also make it possible for normal investors to benefit from the Bitcoin investment. A win rate of approx. 99.4 percent is stated. This is thanks to the bot's sophisticated Bitcoin algorithm. Users should be able to win up to 13,000 euros a day.

Attention - two names: Until a few months ago, the supposed software developer Steve McKay was behind the platform. In the meantime, however, the likeness and the name have been changed and now a certain Sven Hegel suddenly appears as the head and genius behind Bitcoin Code. At this point it can only be speculated as to why this name change occurred. Of course there is no official confirmation from the provider. After the introduction of Bitcoin Code, there were countless reports that this is Bitcoin code fraud and dubious machinations. The name has always been associated with software developer Steve McKay. It disappeared from the platform and is now being replaced by Sven Hegel.

Bitcoin code experiences - how it works

In the Bitcoin code test, users can choose from a manual and an automatic one Choose mode. This leaves users free to decide whether they want to use the bot's predefined strategies or not. You can choose to use the automatism for trading or decide how much and when to invest by manually setting it. Of course, a bot doesn't prevent you from suffering losses. Even the most precise calculation is always associated with a risk of loss, which users should also note when experiencing Bitcoin code.

In order to use the trading bot, no prior software download is necessary. The login is sufficient to then trade via the platform. A working internet connection is always required. Of course, it is not only possible to use it on a PC, but also on mobile devices.

Page layout under the microscope - Bitcoin Code Test

The Bitcoin Code Test shows the page layout is simple and extremely clear. In principle, the entire platform consists of just one start page, which users can use to register easily. All you need is the name and email address and everyone can start with Bitcoin code. In the middle are the numerous "customer opinions", which confirm the success of Bitcoin Code and report their supposed high profits. It is not possible to find out whether they have really had any real experience with Bitcoin code. The provider himself advertises that a profit of up to 13,000 euros per day is only possible if the bot is used.

There is a video to explain the ease of use. Rather, it is an advertising film rather than a well-founded guide for Bitcoin trading.

Linguistic turbulence in the Bitcoin code experience

Of course, it belongs to a Bitcoin code Test also a look at the information mentioned. On the website there is an extensive text among all the worldly representations, which works for the advantages of Bitcoin Code. When reading it quickly turns out that this is a partially less successful translation into English. However, no real added value for a possible Bitcoin user could be seen from the content. The entire structure rather resembles a marketing campaign with room for improvement.

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Trading bot alternatives in the Bitcoin Code Test

In general, automatic trading programs are particularly popular with many traders. But not everyone wants to gain experience due to the negative headlines of Bitcoin Code. Are there nevertheless serious automatic trading programs that facilitate trading in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Normally, of course, we do not recommend alternative platforms in a vendor's test, but in this case we see it as a useful recommendation for all customers.

If you are looking for a trading bot, you can also look for the human "bots". This primarily means the providers for social trading. Here investors have the opportunity to follow successful traders (the "gurus") and to copy their portfolio in whole or in part. This not only enables them to learn, but also to effectively use tried and tested strategies and trading tools. Social trading is certainly not a 100 percent copy of a trading bot, but it comes very close to its essence.

Social Trading - Advantages

Above all, more and more private investors are using this Social trading to invest. The principle behind it is explained quite simply. It is offered by countless platforms. The signal generator ("Guru") publishes its trading strategies and the sample depot on the platform. Of course, users can view these depots and understand the buyers and sales of the system products. The performance is also visible in this way. Followers can decide which "guru" to emulate, whose strategy is best for them. You can then copy this procedure. For this service, the "gurus" receive remuneration, the amount and structure of which vary from platform to platform. For example, some receive profit sharing, while others receive a flat-rate fee.

Social trading gives even inexperienced investors the opportunity to start trading with support. However, following a "guru" is by no means a guarantee that the investment will actually result in profit. Every trade (regardless of whether with Bitcoin code or another platform) is at risk.

If you log on to the social trading platforms and want to follow a "guru", you are of course looking for the best provider out. The signaling devices are of course evaluated according to various criteria by the platform. On the one hand, there are the number of followers, the successes in trading, but also the failures. This results in various ratings according to which the "gurus" are assessed. In addition to the signal generators, traders can also draw on the knowledge of the community and take advantage of one or two tips from experienced traders.

Account opening and extras

If you want to gain Bitcoin code experience, must register for it. Not much information is required for this. Compared to other platforms, it is very easy to do here. There is no registration form at all, but future users only have to enter their name and email address. There is then an e-mail for confirmation, which also logs into the account. Of course, detailed information such as address or account details must be stored here. The first contact with Bitcoin code and the actual registration are done quickly. When registering, it is not yet possible to tell whether it is a Bitcoin code scam or not. At first glance, the registration process is at least identical to that of many other providers.

Experience with Bitcoin Code Extras

In the test, we of course also looked at the extras of Bitcoin Code. Many providers offer bonus offers or additional services. According to the experience with Bitcoin Code, none of this is recognizable here. The provider does not provide its customers with a demo account or a bonus system. For example, if you convert a certain amount per month, you will not receive any additional remuneration. Loyalty or recruiting from other customers is not rewarded in this case.

A comprehensive range of training courses, as offered by many alternative platforms, is also not available. There is no extensive FAQ section, training videos or expert tips on offer. The offer is limited to the software for trading.

Opening an account in just a few steps

In order to gain experience with Bitcoin code, you must first register. The account opening is very easy in just a few steps.

  1. Step: Each user first registers free of charge by specifying their name and email address. He will then receive an email from Bitcoin Code to the specified address.
  2. Step: The account will be opened using the link from the email. With this step, further information (personal) is required. Account capitalization is now also required. Only those who have a balance in their account can use the trading bot.
  3. Step: After the account capitalization, the actual trading begins. Investors can now decide whether to opt for manual or automated functions. The trading bot only works as long as sufficient funds are available in the account. If profits are made, these can be paid out directly. Every day, Bitcoin code with profits up to 13,000 euros and a success rate of 99.4 percent.
  4. Questions and answers on the offer of Bitcoin code

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Are there any costs if I use Bitcoin code?

If you want to gain Bitcoin code experience, you can register for it free of charge. The management of the actual account works without fees. The use of the software is also free of charge. However, account capitalization must of course be done to start trading. The minimum deposit is $ 250. The trading bot only works with this minimum amount.

Do I have a fixed return?

No, there is no fixed return. The provider advertises on the homepage with a daily return of up to 13,000 euros, but of course this is not an absolute guarantee. Trading Bitcoin is always associated with risk, so there can be losses as well as losses. Investors should always be aware of this fact when gaining experience with Bitcoin code.

Is there a free training program?

The Bitcoin Code Test shows that there is neither a demo account nor a free training program through the trading bot there. An introductory video is available on the website, which explains the basics, but it is not real training material. Rather, it is about illustrating the potential profit potential behind Bitcoin code and familiarizing the user with the matter.

Is there a demo account?

No, unlike other trading platforms, they can Customers here do not have any Bitcoin code experience without risk. There is no exercise account or other free alternatives. Right from the start, customers used their own capital to trade Bitcoin. Of course, every trade involves a risk of loss, which investors should always be aware of.

What about customer support?

There is no information on customer service on the home page. The exact contact details will only be disclosed when the users have logged in. The experience with Bitcoin code shows that there is also a corresponding account on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. General information about Bitcoin trading is available here. Customer service also responds via inquiries, although it may take some time. In general, many questions about the use of Bitcoin Code are already dealt with on the homepage, and even in German.

Is Bitcoin Code serious?

Is Bitcoin Code fraud or does the provider work properly? This question is discussed by many investors and experts, as there are different opinions. On the one hand, there are countless positive user votes on the Bitcoin Code homepage, which attest to the company's seriousness and commercial success. But there are also various reports from experts that show the opposite. Whether and which of these supposed users has actually successfully gained Bitcoin Code experience cannot be proven only on the basis of the website.

There are also countless opinions of users who speak of negative Bitcoin Code experience. The company is not legally licensed by a supervisory authority. A look at the data protection regulations shows that these are only available in English. Although it is also shown here that the customer's own data is handled carefully and seriously, this alone is not an indication of Bitcoin code integrity.

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Conclusion: the results from the Bitcoin code test report

The result from the Bitcoin code test is mixed. The website itself shows the software's features in German, but there are doubts about its actual use. Bitcoin Code itself provides countless users with transparent experiences on its website, the origin of which, however, cannot be clearly clarified. Different users talk about their Bitcoin code experiences and show how successful they have been. On the platform itself there is talk of a daily profit of up to 13,000 euros.

This could not be confirmed in the test. If we look at some opinions of experts and other customers, which are not to be found on the Bitcoin Code page, the opinion is somewhat different. Here we are talking about Bitcoin code fraud. Many users speak of dubious behavior and cannot confirm the positive experience with Bitcoin code. There is almost no information about the company itself. It is not known who is actually the founder. In addition, it is also not clear where the company is and when it was actually launched. If you are looking for a trading bot that works seriously, you should resort to alternatives.

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