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Der Broker emerged from its precursor to concrete markets . The broker is based in Malta and is regulated and licensed by the "Lotteries and Gaming Authority".

Under the name Betonmarkets, the company developed, among other things, in cooperation with professional traders tutorials for new and experienced traders all over the world. The learning videos can be found on and include a time span of 20 to 60 minutes . Here they are still listed under the name Betonmarkets. The learning concept proved to be so successful that it was continued and expanded after the restructuring and renaming to The extensive range of tutorials ranges from starter videos to so-called webinars on the subject of precious metals - or commodities - to once weekly courses , in which a professional trader presents the development of strategies taking into account the necessary facts and information. However, it is imperative to understand the English language well, since all videos are in English .

The digital library from offers the following learning formats, which this guide will deal with:

The most important things at a glance:

  • Chris Svorcik develops step by step in the Weekly Trading Room Strategies on the platform.
  • New live videos are recorded every Monday morning at 8:00 a.m.CET.
  • The trader learns by using the tools.
  • Phil Carr and Nik Kalsi from the Gold & Silver Club in London give tips on trading.
  • Various profit traders offer webinars on different topics.
  • There is an extensive, constantly growing range of topics.
  • The design of the videos is very individual, depending on the moderator.
  • Short training videos offers "How to get started" for the N ew-Trader on the platform.
  • Basic questions about trading and using will be answered.

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Weekly Trading Room

Here the professional trader Chris Svorcik offers weekly considerations on strategy planning Consideration of all necessary information and provided on binary option.

During the average he opens all necessary tools and explains his procedure 25 minute videos 133>step by step . The recordings of picture and sound are of high quality. Chris Svorcik's explanations are understandable and over time the activities become more predictable so that the learning trader can test himself . This is a Live Trading Room , which has continued weekly since May 26, 2014. Every Monday morning at 8:00 a.m.CET a new live trading video is recorded, broadcast in parallel and then archived in the weekly trading room. This type of practical trading is particularly suitable for beginners to build confidence and expand their knowledge.

The Weekly Trading Room is opened every Monday morning at 08:00 CET. Here professional trader Chris Svorcik explains step by step how to develop a trading strategy.

How To Open a Account! complete English tutorial 2018

Commodities Corner

The professional traders Phil Carr and Nik Kalsi of London Gold & Silver Club provide tips on trading in commodities - here precious metals. It is an archive with approx. 20 minute videos that are recorded weekly.

These live videos have been recorded weekly since August 29, 2014 and show the two traders in active trade, in an interview with journalists or articles on "non-farm payroll", i.e. commodities outside of agriculture. In the videos, the most important facts are summarized in writing , so that even as a foreign language speaker you have a chance to record the information provided. Thanks to the simultaneous operation of numerous platform tools from by the moderator, you also get a feeling for the possibilities that binary offers. com.

Commodities Corner is supported by the experienced commodity traders Phil Carr and Nik Kalsi. Once a week there are tips for commodity trading that also illustrate the variety of's functional tools.

Now on to our test winner IQ Option tutorials 2018 - expand trading knowledge


This learning concept has its origins in the times of concrete markets. Here different professionals offer webinars on different topics . The design of the videos is very individual from non-verbal background information, via step-by-step instructions for opening an account including moderation from the off or power point presentations deal with the development of one or more strategies. Certainly not every trader can do anything with every topic and every professional. But in the extensive range interested and willing traders will certainly find a video that expands the horizon.

The topics offered include:

  1. How to trade platinum using binary options
  2. What is Index Trading?
  3. How to trade Palladium using Binary Options
  4. Binary Index Trading - Beyond Technical and Charting Methods
  5. Gap trading strategies
  6. Trading the waves with fractals
  7. Pitchfork trading strategy on forex
  8. How to time trade exits
  9. Momentum trading strategies
  10. Forex swing strategy
  11. Pre-News trading strategies on Forex
  12. How to trade short-term using intraday trading strategies
  13. Binary Options trading strategies
  14. Using candlesticks in Binary Options trading (Part 2)
  15. The importance of chart patterns
  16. Using candlesticks in Binary Options trading
  17. Using the best filters in Forex trading
  18. How to identify market trends via chart patterns
  19. How to trade support & resistance levels
  20. Charting techniques: The basics of Fibonacci
  21. Charting techniques - The Secrets of Moving Averages
  22. How to trade the santa claus Rally on Indices: Dow Jones & S & P500
  23. Trading Commodity futures using Binary Options
  24. Charting techniques: A trading strategy in detail

Webinars offers a wide range of learning materials from professional traders for beginners. The topics are diverse and the design of the videos is individual.

How to get started

"How to get started" is ultimately the for newcomers to trading or new customers of most important area. Here you can find short training videos , the the essential questions about the use of and answer the basic questions about trading . The videos have a running time of 2 to 8 minutes . The moderator is on the binary. com platform and explains, using the available tools, how trading works, the trading options and the options offered by The consistent style of the videos prevents you from having to adjust to new things and the short runtimes counteract a sensory overload. If information is lost between the video and self-application, it is easy d Quickly find what you're looking for.

The training videos include the following topics:

  1. How to deposit and withdraw with Neteller
  2. How to Use's Live Charts
  3. Trade Random Indices on
  4. How To Open An Account on
  5. Understanding The Different Trade Types on

How to get started is the ideal opportunity for new traders to learn the trade and develop self-confidence. The brevity of the videos does not overwhelm the listener, but supports the cautious entry into the world of retail.

The tutorials from offer new traders and new customers a solid knowledge base on which individual Have trading strategies built up. Starting with the "How to get started" videos, the level is slowly screwing up to well-founded knowledge via the webinars and weekly trading rooms.

Now on to our test winner IQ Option tutorials 2018 - expand trading knowledge

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