is not yet a mobile app, but as a platform on the web

Formerly BetOnMarkets, today What are the qualities of the broker in Test & Experience? Good even without mobile apps? Inform now. does not currently have a mobile app. This is still in development, but the needs of traders are largely covered by the web-based platform. Smartphones can access the platform via the browser and set their options with simple clicks. This does not make a trading app superfluous, but at least not indispensable.

The most important thing at a glance:

  • Exchanges are open around the clock on weekdays
  • Trading -Apps not for strategy development, only suitable for implementation
  • Most important requirement: Call and put options
  • com offers webinars, tutorials and a virtual account
  • Tabular listing of trading hours, Asset Indices and Financial Service Providers
  • Customer service via email, phone, live chat or callback service
  • Web-based platform can be used on the Smarphone via browser
  • Simple operation of the platform
  • Clearly designed live charts on the screen

Now on to our test winner IQ Option is not yet a mobile app, but as a platform on the web

The importance of the mobile app for worldwide traders

Thanks to the time difference, it is possible to trade around the clock on the global market ln. However, this also requires the trader to have access to his trading accounts at all times. Especially during annoying waiting times, on the train or in the anteroom of important business customers, the is often a quick glance at the smartphone . The trading of some assets sometimes needs to take into account overlapping trading hours . It would be extremely annoying if a successful trade were thwarted just because the broker left it with a downloadable version of his trading platforms. Trading apps are neither suitable nor intended for the development of a trading strategy . They should only be useful for implementation of of these strategies and guarantee simple operation of the call and put options .

Trading apps are an important tool, especially with regard to the global world of exchange trading. Call and put options can be set quickly and easily.

Now on to our test winner IQ Option

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The broker is known worldwide for its extensive tutorials , which are also available to non-registered users via can be viewed. However, many videos still run there under the name On the website there are also numerous other webinars on a wide variety of trading topics. These are led by experienced traders and, with weekly tutorials , they pass on their experiences to the beginner. In addition to the trading account, there is also a virtual account , the demo account, at The most important data, such as trading hours, asset indices and financial service providers can be found in clear tables. Contacting customer service can be done via email, call, live chat or callback service . Unfortunately, a lot of information and support is only available in English and the existing translations are sometimes incorrect, but still understandable and understandable. offers its customers a comprehensive service in the area of ​​information supply and Customer care. is not yet a mobile app, but as a platform on the web

Three reasons for the web of

The mobile app is currently under construction. The project has already started and is slowly taking shape. Nevertheless, is also relevant for busy global trotters. There are at least three reasons why can keep up with other brokers even without a mobile app:

  1. Mobile apps are tailored much more precisely to smartphone formats, the web-based platform from can be used but just as well use on smartphones and tablet PC via browser . The latest smartphones, with their 6-inch screens, give users the feeling of operating a mini PC anyway.
  2. The platform from impresses with its ease of use . This has the advantage that the website is also clear and easy to use on the smartphone.
  3. All information that is important for active trading, such as the live charts, is in the same window open . This is important because not all smartphones have the so-called multiview feature. The live charts are displayed on the entire screen and can therefore be revised quickly. does not offer a trading app, impresses with its web-based platform and its ease of use. Smartphones can use these via the browser and, for example, view live charts in full screen size. has only had a web-based platform so far, but it can also be accessed via the smartphone's browser is open. Thanks to the clear design and ease of use, the platform already resembles the basic functions of a trading app.

Now on to our test winner IQ Option is not yet a mobile app, but as a platform on the web

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