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Binary.com demo account experiences 2020 - demo account tested

Binary.com demo account experience 2020: can you start trading risk-free? Test account with broker Use demo account at Binary.com now.

A demo account can be a valuable tool, especially for beginners. Such a trial version helps you to get to know the trading application, provides insights into the trading rules of a broker and offers the opportunity to place first trades without risk. Some people who are looking for a broker will base their decision on whether a free demo account can be found or not.

Below we want to introduce the broker BetOnMarkets and show whether a BetOnMarkets demo account can be found. If you want to find out more about the broker's offer, we recommend the BetOnMarkets experience on this page. There you will find a detailed report and the reader gets a good insight into the work of the broker.

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The most important information about the BetOnMarkets demo account at a glance:

  • Free BetOnMarkets demo account that is available to the user indefinitely
  • All you need to open an account is your email address
  • For the real money account, a minimum deposit of five euros is possible
  • The account opening is quick and the account is then created
  • There are numerous methods for deposits such as bank transfer, credit card, Neteller, Skrill or Ukash to choose from

Binary.com demo account experiences 2020 - demo account tested

Which trading instruments does the broker offer BetOnMarkets?

First of all, BetOnMarkets has had a new name since the middle of 2013: Binary.com. Despite the name change, the offer and not much of a broker’s way of working changed. The company only offers trading in binary options in the most varied versions of these trading instruments. The variants of the existing binary options are as follows:

  • Rise / Fall-Trades: Here, a prediction is made as to whether the price of an underlying is at a specified point in time rise or fall If you are correct, profits of 80 to 100 percent of the stake are due.
  • Higher / Lower: With this variant, the trader decides whether the price at the expiry date of the contract higher or lower than a specific price target You can determine the price target yourself and the further away the target is from the current price, the higher the profits that can be realized - Returns of 10 to 1,000 percent of the stake are possible.
  • Achieved / Not reached: Such options are also called Touch / No-Touch options and it is important to determine whether a price mark is reached or not. It is sufficient if the price touches this mark once. Here, too, the trader can determine the target price and the further away the mark is from the current price in the touch trade, the higher the profits. With this variant, too, the range is between 10 and 1,000 percent of the amount used.

  • Stays In / Stays Out: If you choose this variant, then you bet on whether the price of the underlying at the expiry date is inside or outside two price brands Here you can achieve higher profits with a stays-in-trade, the closer the two price brands are
  • Digit-Trades: It is important to predict the last decimal place of the last tick at the expiry date of the contract. If you predict the number correctly, you win, otherwise your own bet is gone.
  • Asian Rise / Fall-Trades: Here the trader decides whether the market will ultimately be higher or lower than the average price If a rise option becomes available, you win if at the expiry time the last tick is higher than the average price of the total trade.

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How To Open a Binary.com Account! Binary.com complete English tutorial 2018

What about the demo account with the broker?

Even if many brokers do not offer a demo account for binary options, BetOnMarkets (now Binary) find a demo account. No great effort is required to open one. All you need is your email address and a password, which can be freely selected. Immediately afterwards, the BetOnMarkets demo account is created and the trader can start to try out all functions.

On the test account, a seed capital of $ 10,000 is granted and you will find it next to the Possibility to trade, also a display of your portfolio, your trading history and also all transactions, such as deposits and withdrawals. For each trading instrument there are three different charts and the user can choose the representation that he finds best.

Those who are just starting out in their own careers as traders of binary options can take a look at one or the other BetOnMarkets tutorial and find out about the basics of trading and get to know all the functions of the trading application very well.

Binary.com demo account experiences 2020 - demo account tested

How to open an account with BetOnMarkets / Binary

If you have got to know the BetOnMarkets demo account and feel familiar with the way the broker works, then it is time to open a "real" trading account. For this registration, some additional information is necessary such as full name, address and telephone number. Once all the information has been entered, the real money account is created and you can make the first deposit.

It is striking that the broker has particularly low minimum deposit amounts and you can capitalize your own trading account from five euros can. There are numerous methods for making deposits, including:

  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Ukash

And many other options. How long the transfer takes depends on the payment method and the deposit limits also vary. Once the transferred amount has reached the binary account, you can start trading straight away.

IQ Option offers an alternative to the BetOnMarkets demo account

Brokers occasionally expand their offer, but it did happen Even before, for example, providers have decided to no longer offer the service of a demo account. In any case, it can make sense to compare offers and, if necessary, to look for an alternative. The demo account of BetOnMarkets is convincing across the board, making it difficult for other brokers to keep up. However, IQ Option offers a very good alternative and also provides interested parties with a demo account.

The IQ Option demo account is particularly convincing in that it does not require any registration or prior deposit and can therefore be used unconditionally and free of charge. The test account is equipped with $ 1,000 virtual capital and is available indefinitely. Thus, the IQ option is suitable for traders who want to make first trades and get to know the trading platform, as well as for traders who want to test new or particularly risky methods.

Binary.com demo account experiences 2020 - demo account tested

Our conclusion on the BetOnMarkets demo account:

The broker BetOnMarkets has been called Binary.com since mid-2013 - what has not changed, however, is the range of trading instruments. At the broker, customers can trade a wide variety of different types of binary options, using base stocks such as indices, foreign exchange or commodities. To facilitate entry into the world of trading, the broker offers a free and extensive demo account with which the user can get to know all functions of the trading application and place the first trades with virtual capital. The demo account is created in a few moments and you only need to enter your own email address.

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Binary.com demo account experiences 2020 - demo account tested

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