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Binary.com demo account experience 2020 - start risk-free now!

Binary.com demo account experiences 2020: can you start risk-free? Test broker's test account now open to Binary.com & demo account.

In the meantime, it has almost assumed the status of a quality feature and is therefore also offered by this broker: The Binary.com demo account! The Binary.com demo account is one of the most important tools on the way to a good strategy. You can find out what it takes to open a Binary.com demo account and what other surprises the Binary.com demo has in store in the following guide!

The most important information about "Binary.com demo account" at a glance:

  • The Binary.com demo account is provided free of charge
  • The Binary.com demo account is charged with 10,000 euros play money
  • The Binary.com demo account is available indefinitely
  • It is not necessary to set up a live account
  • The demo account has a real-time chart

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The sense and purpose of a demo account

A binary options demo account makes sense for three reasons

1) Beginners can test whether this is for them Trading is

2) New customers can get to know the platform

3) Professionals can develop strategies without risk

Not everyone who is interested in binary options trading is really made for it. A stable nervous costume is required to make rational decisions even in stressful situations, as well as a healthy relationship to money. Because this can be lost as quickly as it can be won. Even if the loss of virtual credit is not so painful, the general trend can already be seen here.

New customers, on the other hand, use the demo account to get to know the platform. Only those who are very familiar with the platform can react quickly and intervene in an emergency. Sometimes it's about seconds. The transition from getting to know each other to developing a strategy can be fluid. Since the Binary.com demo account has exactly the same functions as the live account, it makes sense to first check the supposed regularities with play money.

A demo account is useful for beginners to risk-free their qualities Test as a trader, try out the platform for new customers and test developed strategies for experienced traders.

Binary.com demo account experience 2020 - start risk-free now!

Binary.com demo accounts made easy!

With hardly any other broker, opening a demo account is as easy as at Binary.com. To open a Binary.com demo account, you must first enter an email address. You will then receive a confirmation email from the broker with a link. Clicking on this link will take you to the registration form.

Now it is important to answer the questions truthfully. Otherwise there will be problems with the account verification at the latest. In the worst case, money that has already been deposited can no longer be withdrawn. At this point you can choose between opening a demo and live account. The demo account is filled with 10,000 euros and you can start trading.

At Binary.com it is not necessary to open a binary options account in advance or to activate it first, as other brokers like to do is required. This makes Binary.com one of the most customer-friendly brokers on the market with regard to the demo account. However, one should not hide the fact that this is also used by many traders who use the demo account from Binary.com, but are not interested in a live account.

For opening a binary. com demo account, all you need to do is enter your email address, click on the corresponding link in the email and fill out a registration form. A live account does not have to be opened or activated.

How To Open a Binary.com Account! Binary.com complete English tutorial 2018

The Binary.com demo account compared to the competition

The Binary. com demo account has a few things to offer that can easily beat the competition. First of all, there would be the virtual play money balance of EUR 10,000. There are brokers who only provide their customers with double-digit play money. The development of strategies is not possible here. In addition, the Binary.com demo account has no time limit. Customers of other brokers can only dream of it. In some cases there are time limits of four to fourteen days.

In addition, registration is extremely straightforward. There is no need to register or activate a live account. When registering, each customer is asked directly whether they would like to have a live or demo account. With other brokers, a demo account is only set up on request. The Binary.com demo account has a real-time chart and the full range of functions. Not only can strategies be developed, but they can also be subjected to a stress test.

The demo account from Binary.com is available indefinitely with a credit of 10,000 euros. Registration is straightforward and the range of functions is unlimited. Thanks to the real-time chart, the strategies can be tested under real conditions.

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Binary.com demo account experience 2020 - start risk-free now!

The rocky road from the Binary.com demo to live success

As already mentioned above, the strategies can be tested on the demo account under real conditions. Then how can it happen that the strategies on the demo account work properly and fail hopefully in the live account? Simple answer: The psyche of the traders!

When implementing the strategies on the live account, a very decisive factor changes: the virtual becomes real money! Suddenly there are inhibitions or greediness and the trader becomes unsure when it is best to close a position or for how long the positions can best be opened. The lack of your own courage can lead to wrong decisions that destroy the strategy.

There can be a difference between the demo and live account because the trader uses his money is more shy than with virtual money. This unconsciously leads to behavior changes that can influence the outcome of a trade.

Five answers to questions about the Binary.com demo account

Which markets can be tested on the demo account?

All markets that are also available on the live account can be tested. These include the stock market, commodities market and the currency pairs.

Which indicators can be used for the development of strategies?

A total of 24 different indicators can be used. These range from the Bollinger Bands to various averages and the change rate.

Which chart settings are available?

You can choose between six different graphics. Candle sticks are among the most popular.

What is the activation fee for live accounts?

The minimum deposit fee is 5 euros.

How much does a Binary.com withdrawal cost?

The withdrawals at Binary.com are currently free.

Binary.com demo account experience 2020 - start risk-free now!

The Binary product range.com

The Binary.com experiences with the demo account are consistently positive. Even if the developed strategies cannot be executed on a binary.com app, the broker can convince. The Binary.com webtrader can be operated from any device with internet access. New customers can receive the Binary.com bonus code and make deposits through 17 different service providers. On this page, you can read about the place the broker made in comparison with the competition!

Binary.com demo account alternative: IQ Option convinced

Unfortunately, came It is quite possible that brokers have changed their offer and deleted the demo account as part of it. For this reason, it can make sense to look for other demo account providers. The Binary.com test account is quite convincing, but if you have not yet finally decided on the broker or would like to look elsewhere for other reasons, you should take a look at the offer from IQ Option. In contrast to Binary.com, the broker only offers $ 1,000 virtual capital to test the trade, but that's still far more than some other providers.

Traders can also use the IQ Option demo account use indefinitely and do not have to register in advance or make a deposit. This makes this demo account suitable for traders. Like Binary.com, IQ Option therefore offers the opportunity to take the first steps in trading, to get to know the trading platform or to test methods without risking a real financial loss.

Binary.com demo account experience 2020 - start risk-free now!

Conclusion: Top offer for traders - new customers like professionals

The offer of a Binary.com demo account brings with it consistently positive reviews. Apart from the fact that the opening of the Binary.com demo account is very easy and uncomplicated, the virtual amount of 10,000 euros is not only sufficient to find your way around the Binary.com trading platform, but it also makes it possible Develop your own strategies. Thanks to the time-independent nature of the Binary.com demo, this offer is not only interesting for new customers, but also for professionals. If you are also interested in a Binary.com demo account, you can register now at Binary.com!

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