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A autotrader is not offered. The desire to be able to trade automatically is very high. The signals should, if possible, be put together into a strategy in a program similar to Robot. Read how responds to this need in the following guide!

The most important information about " Autotrader" at a glance:

  • does not offer a conventional style autotrader
  • However, a demo account is offered and there are bonus options
  • There is currently no social trading function as an alternative
  • The broker offers a variety of options Indicators and tools for chart analysis at
  • There is an education center for creating your own strategies

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How can a binary. com Autotrader look?

An Autotrader should trade even in the absence of the trader. Ideally, traders can choose between ready-made strategies, semi-automatic or individualized strategies and their own strategies. However, this is rarely the case. The strategies are usually specified, as with the Binary Options Autotrader. It is an external program that sets, recognizes and implements trading signals.

There are also other auto traders who act as social traders. It does not use the strategies of a computer program that has been elaborated for years, but the strategies of other successful traders. The copied traders receive a monetary consideration. The copying traders, on the other hand, can adapt the strategies to their individual needs. This would also fit perfectly into the trading concept.

In order to be able to trade automatically at, it is also possible to use an external autotrader. However, a social trader would be even better suited to These are also available from external companies. would only have to make a decision.

Which signals are offered?

The signals must be recognized and evaluated, Basically, signals are certain patterns where the trader has to choose a specific trading option. There are brokers who make it possible to produce their own trading signals via an Expert Adviser and thus develop their own strategy. Unfortunately this is not possible at

The patterns can be recognized with the help of indicators in the charts. First of all, it is necessary to find the most suitable chart for you. The trader can choose between six different chart settings. These are candlestick, which is the most common, dot, line, line dot, OHLC and spline. You can also display a table form or download the chart. Everyone has to find the most suitable setting here.

Some of the indicators used for signals are the Average True Range, the Bollinger Bands, the Double Exponential Moving Average or the Kaufman´s Adaptive Moving Average. A total of 24 different indicators are made available. These are used as aids in the identification of signals. For example, the Bollinger Bands can be used to identify outliers that indicate a change of course. This is not always clearly visible to the naked eye, but with the help of the indicators you have the chance of a clearer picture.

Now on to our test winner IQ Option Signals can be recognized in the chart using various indicators. Signals are the detection of certain patterns that speak for a change of course. It is not only the choice of the right indicator that is important, but also the right chart setting. | Real Account Trading | 2020 Strategy.

Is there a robot?

No, there is currently no robot. Even though there are numerous external providers for autotraders in the Binary Option market, does not yet seem to have found the right cooperation partner. However, the well-known and successful programs such as Binary Option Autotrader should be kept in mind. Cooperation with the broker may occur in the near future.

Furthermore, cooperation with social trading providers cannot be ruled out. Even if some providers are currently running as an auto trader from other brokers, it is often a separate product that combines auto trading with social trading. It would be a suitable product for this options broker, who still seems to be looking for his optimal robot. has no auto traders or social traders on offer. But it only seems to be a matter of time before a cooperation with a trading provider for social and / or auto trading is possible.

Which advantages and disadvantages can Bring automated trading with you?

The advantages of automated trading are obvious: the trader can look forward to profits and successful trades even when they are absent. So it is possible for people working full-time to trade binary options without having to keep an eye on their smartphone or computer screen. Professional stock exchange traders can also benefit from the autotraders by continuing to run the programs while observing the market and still making money.

There is no really clear disadvantage to autotraders for binary options. Of course, no high-risk trades are made here, since the algorithm will go to the most likely event. Of course, this means that the return is not quite as high as would be possible with other trading options. Of course, you do not have to master the trade when using Autotrades, so that many ignorant people can achieve trading profits relatively easily. However, since binary options trading is not an elite community, this should not be a disadvantage.

The advantages of automated trading are primarily in the free capacity. The trader can trade without having to be mentally present and can devote time to other things and thoughts. However, the returns are not that high because Autotrades are at a risk-neutral level.

Five questions and answers about act automatically

Which markets are offered at

Traders can search for binary options on the commodities market, between currency pairs and on the stock market.

Which trading methods can be done at

Of course the classic high / low can be done at There is also the touch and the possibility to set limits.

What trading volumes are possible?

Trading can take place between 1 and 10,000 euros.

What is the minimum deposit amount?

The minimum deposit amount is 5 euros, which corresponds to five trading options.

The offers briefly introduced

Even if the experiences reveal that there is unfortunately no autotrader with which the company works, there are nevertheless good experiences with the broker. The broker offers new customers a bonus code and makes it very easy to use a demo account. Traders can get to know and develop strategies with the help of the training program. Find out whether other brokers offer a more customer-friendly concept on this page!

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Conclusion: There is no Autotrader

Even if there is an increased need for a auto trader on the part of the customer, the broker unfortunately does not meet this request. Sufficient training programs are offered to be able to develop your own strategies, but this is usually only successful in the long run. As the broker does not currently allow external robot programs, traders have to use their own skills. If you want to learn the trade of binary options trading from scratch, open a trading account at now!

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