app 2020 - only web instead of app? To the test report! app experiences 2020: can you trade with the broker on the go? Current test report clarifies now to & mobile trading.

The app is unfortunately still not available. However, is available to iPhone users via web traders. The same applies to the Android traders. In the following guide, you can find out whether this is a successful alternative in view of the competition on offer or is more likely to be attributed to poor improvisation!

The most important information about " App" at a glance:

  • There is no app
  • relies on its web-based platform
  • The web-based platform can be operated on smartphones via the browser
  • The general login can also be done via iPhone or Android device
  • The webtrader from only requires a sufficiently large screen

What the mobile Trading brings with it!

At first glance, mobile trading seems to be the answer to all trader dreams. Place trades from anywhere at any time and earn money with them. Whether on vacation by the pool, at the doctor's in the waiting room or during lunch in the office, with the help of the mobile app, traders can monitor their trade at any time and intervene if necessary. This is the difference between the different brokers. Some enable active trading, others passive trading.

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But you shouldn't just see the advantages of mobile trading. Due to the possibility of being able to pursue trade continuously, there is a risk of addiction lapsing. The trader is constantly engaged in trading. As a result, it can also happen that clear thoughts are no longer taken and that rash trading is carried out. In addition, due to the tempting ease of use, traders can be tempted to open positions without having previously carried out an analysis.

The advantage of mobile trading is that you are not tied to a PC and that at any time Can watch activities. However, one should not underestimate the addiction potential. In addition, the permanent presence can make clear decisions difficult. app 2020 - only web instead of app? To the test report!

The iPhone and Android app

Because it there is no app, there is neither a iPhone nor a Android app. However, it is still possible to carry out a kind of iPhone trade, or Android trade. However, the smartphone should have a sufficiently large screen for this. The trading account can be opened and managed via the browser.

Most binary options brokers usually only offer the apps for iPhones or Android smartphones. These are the most widely used operating systems in the world. Only a few brokers also offer apps for Windows Phone or Blackberry. But since does not offer an app at all, you can also trade on the trading account via Windows Phone and Blackberry.

There is no app. As a result, neither users of iPhones, Android devices, Windows Phone nor users of Blackberry devices can use a app. However, all devices can access the web trading account via the browser. Secret Trading - $2683 made in 4Minutes 2020 Web instead of app

Generally there are three forms differentiated from platforms: the download platform, the web platform and the mobile platform. There is only one platform at, the web trader. had a revolutionary offering at the beginning of its career. Hardly any options broker was able to offer the platform as a web version and thus accessible from various end devices.

The web trader does not require a download. All data is saved on a central storage of Access is via the login. In the beginning, the web traders were usually equipped with fewer functions than the download versions. This is no longer the case. However, there are still numerous brokers who do without some details in the mobile app. The fact that does not offer any trading apps means that there are no impairments.

The web trader can also be used by smartphone. The webtrader enables the platform to be used via various accesses. These can also be used by smartphone and are also available without restrictions. app 2020 - only web instead of app? To the test report!

The trading platform offers binary options offered currencies, commodities and stock indices to the markets. You can switch between the different markets via the tabs. The terms range from 10 seconds to 365 days. offers more than most other brokers. The known instruments for binary options are available as market conditions. They are high / low, touch and the possibility to set limits.

At the beginning of trading in binary options there was only the possibility to set high / low. Over time, more and more variants developed. The highest return is paid to the positions with the highest risk. This means that a touch option is much more profitable than a high / low option. Payouts of the winnings can be instructed at in a range from 1 to 100,000 euros. can be traded via a trading platform, which on the one hand different markets with different trading instruments at terms of 10 seconds to 365 days. However, the platform has numerous competitors with a larger selection of trades. It is still completely sufficient for trading binary options.

Check the app

What are the minimum deposits?

The minimum deposit is 5 euros.

Which trading accounts are offered?

At a trading account is offered for all traders.

What deposit methods are there? allows you to deposit using 17 different deposit methods.

What happens before a withdrawal?

Before the first payment, the accounts must be verified using personal identification. Up to this point, only a deposit of up to 2,300 euros is possible.

What are the fees for withdrawals? does not currently charge any withdrawal fees.

Now on to our test winner IQ Option app 2020 - only web instead of app? To the test report!

That really offers

Even if the experience is initially a disappointment With regard to the trading app, the experience with the broker is positive overall. The educational center is particularly convincing. Here traders can learn strategies and test them on the demo account. An automatic trading program, such as a autotrader, is unfortunately not available at either. For this, new customers receive a bonus code. You can read how compares in the broker comparison on this page!

Conclusion: Trade on iPhone and Android even without an app

The trade is at possible on a web platform. However, it is not possible to use a trading app on the smartphone. This is still not offered by the broker. One could get the impression that the broker is still basking in the successes of the past. With its web-based binary options platform, he was one of the first brokers on the market. At the moment, however, he is still one of the last brokers who do not have their own trading app. However, the web platform is designed so that trading via smartphone is also possible at any time. Are you interested in testing the platform? Then open a trading account at! app 2020 - only web instead of app? To the test report!

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