Binary trading as an alternative to low interest rates in 2020? - For advice

Binary trading as an alternative to the low interest rate phase?. Guide for traders Possible prospects for 2020 Compare profit opportunities now.

Concerns about the threat of rising inflation are leading German savers to look for lucrative alternatives for their savings. Because many classic investment types simply no longer prove to be profitable. If you compare the underlying annual interest rates and the inflation rate against each other, in many cases investors have to witness how their capital actually shrinks in the event of an emergency. Even binary options appear more and more frequently in the recommendations of well-known trade magazines and normal daily newspapers. There are more than enough reasons why investors are looking for new opportunities. The looming asset levy, which the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been discussing more and more effectively in the media for some time, also saves savers and thinks about new ways to return

As can be seen, among other things, from a current report on investment issues in the Hamburger Wochenblatt and other portals, the situation on the capital market shows one thing at first: Investors do not have it easy. In many cases there is even talk of real expropriation of investors should there actually be taxation of investments in Europe. Binary options, as many insiders agree, can be a modern, if very risky, approach, not only for brave investors, with skilful planning. The statement that investing "with binary options becomes a financial adventure in its own right" can be acknowledged in two ways. Of course, traders run the risk of completely losing their deposits if they become active in this highly speculative area of ​​the market.

Brokers with loss protection reduce the risk

On the other hand, investors know it is all too good that binary options on stocks, foreign exchange, raw materials or indices are simply not suitable for securing your own savings. They are and will remain a risk business, but possibly a lucrative one. Therefore, recommendations are currently increasing that options trading can offer opportunities for returns. Provided that it is made with capital that savers will not need later in the event of an emergency. If there is a loss, depending on the broker, the deposits are now lost in full. However, this does not necessarily speak against trading binary options, but rather for a targeted comparison and the conscious selection of the right provider. There are a number of brokers where traders can get back at least part of their losses through risk protection. Even more important is undoubtedly the correct alignment of the options traded. Traders play it safe by opting for the most popular options, even if they bring average returns. Beginners in particular are well advised to first opt ​​for such options to familiarize themselves with the matter.

This is how to trade Binary Options Full Time!

Traders should never forego the broker comparison

The same experts who are currently Pointing out the opportunities of binary options as a modern investment does not tire of pointing out the proven dangers. These are usually shown in the form of the proverbial black sheep of the industry. Wherever large sums are moved, there are also dubious providers - in this case binary options brokers. Through an accurate binary options broker comparison, traders can avoid fraudsters. Customers should choose the path of an objective comparison as the right one because the selection of providers has increased massively within a few years. This harbors opportunities in the first place, because competition almost always works in favor of customers.

Insiders point out the importance of government regulations

In the specialist articles, the one in particular regularly appears Indication of the benefits of government regulation. Cope. If there are regular checks by authorities at the broker's home location, this brings security to traders. The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) or the British Financial Authority Conduct (FCA) are generally considered to be particularly strict. The majority of brokers are based in Cyprus or Malta. Cypriot brokers are often licensed and regulated by the CySEC. This supervisory authority is now also known to look much more closely at the business practice of regulated binary options brokers than before the international financial market crisis. Government agencies are undoubtedly no guarantee that brokers cannot nevertheless get into economic difficulties. It is all the more important that investors interested in binary options focus on the subject of deposit insurance in addition to regulation. Depending on the location, sums of between 20,000 and 50,000 euros per dealer account are considered to be secured should the provider become insolvent. This protection is sufficient for most traders.

Binary trading with ever new types of trading and demo accounts possible

The fact that so many specialist journalists now consider binary options to be a sensible alternative investment can also be explained by the fact that Brokers are constantly working out new forms of binary trading to complement their product ranges. For example, in many places over the years there was primarily classic call and put trading, in which traders only predict whether the price of an underlying will rise or fall at the end of a term. However, new types of trading such as one-touch trading or the 60-second trade intended for short-term traders have long been emerging. And the providers are also consistently expanding the number of tradable assets for reasons of better positioning in the competition. These developments, in turn, mean that customers should keep an eye on the comparison and consider changing the binary options broker again. Bonus models can tip the scales under otherwise similar conditions. Basically, all financial experts give an indispensable tip to the bloody beginners: The risk of loss can be avoided at least for a certain time by favoring brokers where traders can open a free demo account with a certain starting balance.

Afterwards there is still enough time to invest with real money. In any case, it is true that traders can find a reputable broker with a careful approach and objective selection, through whose trading model they can generate far better returns than with a day and time deposit account or the normal savings book. There have never been so many binary options brokers as currently.

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