Binary Options Weekend Opportunities at Weekend - Trading Outlook

Binary Options Yield Opportunities on the Weekend: Valuable Tips for November 2012 Recognize Opportunities Act now strategically on the weekend

A turbulent trading week is behind us - so the last week's outlook didn't promise too much. As expected, the markets reacted to Obama's re-election with a cold face. In the downward drag of the US markets, the DAX loses more than 200 points and is currently trading below 7,200 points. The euro is not doing much better - at a rate of $ 1.2708, the EUR / USD currency pair also loses significantly over the course of the week. Although the markets take a break until Monday, traders of binary options do not get bored at the weekend - on the contrary.

Trade binary options at the weekend

You can also use binary options at the weekend get active - and with extreme return opportunities! Various brokers outperform with guaranteed returns on binary options on currency pairs, commodities and indices. On weekends, brokers such as

  • Banc de Swiss (weekend trading on Saturdays until 8:30 p.m.) and
  • anyoption

offer returns of up to 500%, of course with the corresponding risk. Most are one-touch options with a one-week term. The course goals are quite sporty and therefore relatively far from the current course. However, if you speculate on larger market movements, these options can be extremely lucrative.

Binary Options Weekend Opportunities at Weekend - Trading Outlook

450% return on Banc de Swiss on EUR / USD calls and puts

So Banc de Swiss currently offers 450 % Yield for a call option on Euro / USD with a target price of 1.3054. In return, there is also 450% for a put option with a target price of 1.2367. The euro is currently at an important support of around $ 1.27, as the chart clearly shows. At the bottom there is potential up to 1.2350. Should the support hold, 1.2850 would first have to be overcome to clear the way towards 1.3130.

This is how to trade Binary Options Full Time!

Facebook speculation at anyoption

Anyoption currently offers a 200% chance on Facebook puts. To realize the profit, the Facebook course must hit the target price of $ 17.67 (currently $ 19.21) within a week. With the performance of the still young stock so far, no impossibility - Facebook has been in free fall since the IPO.

Binary Options Weekend Opportunities at Weekend - Trading Outlook

Weekend trading: seizing opportunities

It can't hurt to go and check back with brokers who have weekend deals in their program. With these prospects for returns, Saturday work can be worthwhile!

Here are the brokerage reports:

  • BDSwiss
  • anyoption

Binary Options Weekend Opportunities at Weekend - Trading Outlook

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