Binary Options Risk 2020 - How Endangered is Your Capital?

Binary Options Risk 2020: Is Your Capital Really Endangered? The most important facts at a glance Now minimize risk when trading.

Binary options trading is still quite young and has only been pursued on a large scale by private investors since around 2010 - until now, private traders were only familiar with CFD and / or forex trading. Even today, not many traders can boast with extensive background knowledge about trading binary options and deal with their ignorance differently: Some traders see binary options as a risky fad and refuse to participate in this "trend" - Others want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the new trading model and either achieve great success or lose their capital in the shortest possible time. In order to protect you from such a fate, we provide you with important tips for responsible handling of the binary options risk.

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How do you reduce the binary options risk?

  • With extensive background knowledge
  • With the correct use of additional functions
  • With intelligent money management
  • By choosing the right broker

Binary Options Risk 2020 - How Endangered is Your Capital?

Why is binary options trading so risky?

In principle, not only binary options trading is extremely risky, but also CFD and Forex trading brings high loss risks, some of which are higher than those of binary options trading. However, if the trader has not acquired any background knowledge about binary options trading before opening the first position, he runs the risk of losing his paid-up capital within a short period of time - namely, binary options trading consists of more than just "call" or to click "Put". If you speculate on the wrong price trend, you have lost your entire stake within a few minutes - so binary options trading should not be taken lightly.

Many traders go about trading binary options in a similar way as close to the blackjack or roulette table in online casinos and rely on their 50:50 chance - typical beginner mistakes and high losses are the result. It is therefore important to acquire extensive background knowledge about binary options trading in advance and to develop a successful trading strategy as part of a free and non-binding demo account.

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How can traders minimize their binary options risk?

To minimize the binary options risk, traders should note the following tips:

  • A comprehensive background knowledge is essential!
  • One Proven trading strategy is crucial
  • The additional functions of brokers can be used to minimize risk
  • Intelligent money management should not be neglected, even when trading binary options
  • Finally, the right online broker is also crucial

If you approach the binary options trading wisely and , you should first acquire sufficient background knowledge. The educational offer of the favorite broker can be useful for this, but web forums and specialist literature can also prove to be advantageous when collecting information. Once the background of binary options trading is internalized, the first practical experience cannot hurt: Although only a few binary options brokers offer free and non-binding demo accounts, it is entirely possible to develop a successful trading strategy with virtual capital.

Alternatively, with a bit of training, simple "drying exercises" with pen and paper and a trading platform like MetaTrader 4 can be done. Before opening an account with a professional broker who can be found through advice from other traders or through binary options broker comparisons, an appropriate money management plan should be developed that the trader will follow absolutely has to hold in order to remain successful - if he gets too greedy here, it may be the end of his trading career after a few trades.

To avoid this fate, it is also worthwhile to use the additional functions of the To use brokers and to minimize the risk of loss by extending or prematurely ending the term.

In order to minimize the binary options risk, three factors should be taken into account: Extensive background knowledge and a proven one A trading strategy, which can be developed as part of a free demo account, lays the foundation for successful binary options trading. When trading through a professional online broker, their range of additional functions can be useful, while the right money management should not be neglected.

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Binary Options Risk 2020 - How Endangered is Your Capital?

The three best brokers for a low binary options risk

A broker with a low binary options risk is characterized by a high loss protection, a low minimum deposit and minimum trading amount, by useful additional functions as well through a free and non-binding demo account. We now present the three brokers that best meet these requirements:

Binary options trading with a large selection at anyoption

In particular, anyoption is characterized by a large selection of tradable financial products that the customer enables trading of 59 stocks, 9 currency pairs, 4 commodities and 31 indices. When trading Call / Put, OPTION +, One Touch and Binary 0-100, customers can benefit from a maximum return of up to 81%, through maximum loss protection of 15% and the additional functions Take Profit, Roll Forward and Profit Line

There is also a free demo account provided that the trader first contacts the provider's customer support. Under certain circumstances, customers may have to deposit the minimum deposit of € 200 in their trading account and can then trade with anyoption from a minimum trading sum of € 25 one day - as soon as they are familiar with the binary options risk.

customers from anyoption numerous financial products are available for trading

Trading for professionals at OptionFair

Due to its slightly higher minimum deposit of € 300, OptionFair is largely for experienced and advanced Traders who are already familiar with the binary options risk and can now trade for a minimum amount of € 25. In the past, traders were initially able to gain practical experience in binary options trading using a non-binding demo account, before finally benefiting from a maximum return of 85% and loss protection of up to 15% when trading via the TechFinancials platform

However, the provider's customers only have access to the Early Closure and historical price data, which can be useful when trading. The free demo account is no longer part of the OptionFair offering, but traders can instead use the demo account from IQ Option.

Now to the exclusive demo account from IQ Option

Last but not least: Our test winner IQ Option for traders with small capital

Last but not least, we would also like to recommend the test winner from our binary options broker comparison: IQ Option has been successful since its foundation in the year Win numerous customers in 2013 and expand its range to such an extent that customers can now follow call / put, one-touch and 30- and 60-second trading.

They benefit from one maximum return * of up to 92% - the low minimum deposit of only € 10 (alternatively USD / GBP) and the small minimum trading sum of only € 1 (USD / GBP), in turn, have proven to be particularly advantageous Traders can trade at IQ Option - in addition, here is a fee-free This unlimited demo account is available.

For successful trading, traders should rely on a high deficit hedge, useful additional functions, free demo accounts and a low minimum deposit as well as a small minimum trading amount. The Cypriot online brokers anyoption and IQ Option meet these requirements particularly well, which is why these providers can be regarded as brokers with low binary options risk.

Conclusion: The binary options risk does not have to be unnecessarily high

For successful trading, traders should first acquire extensive background knowledge, as the ignorance of traders in relation to binary options trading accounts for the largest part of the risk of loss. If the necessary background knowledge is available and the trader has been able to develop a proven trading strategy within a free and non-binding demo account, he should look for a professional broker, develop a suitable money management (depending on his financial status) and finally also make use of the additional functions of the providers, to minimize the risk of loss.

* Amount that the trader will be credited to his trading account if the forecast is correct.

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