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Binary Options Regulation 2020 - What Should Traders Know?

Binary options regulation 2020: Does a broker have to be regulated? What makes a good BO broker? Get informed now & open an account.
Many a trader fell for a supposedly unbeatable offer from a broker and was robbed of his money. Not all providers are always reputable and the same applies to binary options trading. A good guide to learn about a provider is the binary options regulation. A broker who reports to a supervisory authority will place great value on a clean offer and if a broker is not regulated, caution is always advisable. Below we provide information about binary options licensing and show how it is possible to find a good broker.

The most important information about binary options regulation at a glance:

  • Every reputable broker will supervised by a supervisory authority and has a corresponding license
  • The competent regulatory authority is that of the country where the broker's headquarters are located
  • A broker who operates internationally must also contact the regulatory authority report all relevant countries
  • If you do not find any information on the binary options regulation, it is advisable to keep your hands off the broker

What makes a good binary options broker from?

As binary options have become increasingly popular in recent years, the number of brokers offering this trade is also growing. But these are not always good or even serious offers. However, with the following tips you can carry out an extensive search for suppliers and recognize black sheep within a very short time.

If you want to go looking for a binary options broker, the product selection is one Provider an important criterion. So everyone should know which underlyings should be traded and whether a diverse selection is important.

Another point is the trading platform of a broker. Even if binary options are comparatively uncomplicated instruments, a trading platform should nevertheless be powerful, offer real-time prices and you as a trader have to be able to find your way around easily. A good way to get to know a trading platform is with a demo account. Most providers provide customers and interested parties with a trial version of the trading platform, with which they can familiarize themselves with all functions.

One of the reputable brokers is the transparency of your own conditions. A good provider wants to inform its own customers about all costs and regulations at all times and provides a complete price and service list. If such a list cannot be found straight away, you should contact the broker - maybe you have simply overlooked it.

Another characteristic of the quality of an overall offer is certificates and awards that the broker received. You usually don't have to look for such certificates for a long time, anyone who owns them will be happy to show them.

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Who regulates the work of brokers?

Every broker, no matter what Trading instruments it offers must be approved for operation by a regulatory authority, namely an authority in the country in which the company's headquarters are located. The same applies to binary options brokers, they also receive binary options licensing from a competent authority.

In addition, a broker must be registered with every regulatory authority in a country in which he is active is. In Germany, for example, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) is such a supervisory authority and in Cyprus it is the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

You can find the information in the rule for binary options regulation on the broker's website and if this information is not immediately visible, you should in any case ask and contact the broker's customer support. If you do not want to fall victim to fraud, you should definitely keep your hands off unregulated brokers.

We have compiled a list of some regulated binary options brokers on this page and you can get a good overview in this way, without having to do your own research.

Our conclusion on binary options regulation:

One of the most important features for the seriousness of a broker is its regulation. A reputable provider has a license that has been issued by the relevant supervisory authority in a country. Such an authority monitors the broker's work and thus prevents fraudulent acts. In addition to the regulatory authority of the country in which the head office is located, the broker must also be registered with the relevant authorities in the countries in which it operates.

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