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Binary Options or CFD 2020 - Which is Better?

Binary options or CFD 2020: which type of investment is more suitable for beginners? Our test clarifies Get informed now & start trading.

CFDs and binary options offer high chances of winning and are already tradable with relatively small bets. More and more private investors would therefore like to take the opportunity to earn an additional income with these very speculative investment options. The selection of online brokers has continued to grow in recent years, making it difficult for newbies to get an overview. The choice of the commercial product is also difficult, because both CFDs and binary options can quickly generate high profits, but both products are also high losses possible, which can go up to the loss of the complete deposit and sometimes even.

To potential newcomers an overview of the possibilities, but also about To give the dangers of various trading options, in this article we will deal in detail with the entry into trading in CFDs and binary options and the advantages and disadvantages Work out each product critically and objectively.

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Binary Options vs. CFD - The agony of choice

Those who have decided to invest a small part of their capital in highly speculative financial instruments and thus enter online trading face the question, with which financial product he should now trade. Since binary options and CFDs are usually offered by different brokers, this decision must be made before searching for a suitable provider for the planned trade. But it is possible to try trading with both products free of charge with a demo account and get a first impression of how the two financial instruments differ and what needs to be considered when trading.

In order to open a demo account, usually does not require a full registration. A verification, as required by law for a real trading account, does not have to be carried out for a free demo account. Users can therefore start trading with play money immediately after registering, which usually doesn't even take a minute. The demo account does not result in any obligations, so the customer is not bound to a specific broker if he decides to use the corresponding financial instrument to also trade in real money. If the decision for binary options or CFD has been made, a thorough broker comparison should be carried out before opening the account so that the provider with the best conditions can be determined and thus the Chances of winning and profit will be maximized.

Binary Options or CFD 2020 - Which is Better?

That's why professional traders prefer CFDs

Most professional traders would choose between binary options and Decide CFD for trading with contracts for difference. This is because the CFDs offer more options for actively influencing. While with binary options the times for start and end of the trade are fixed, the traders with CFDs can actively react to the market and thus have a higher influence on their chances of winning. With CFD, traders themselves decide when to exit trading. The profit or loss is then calculated using the rate at this point in time.

However, the fact that CFDs are preferred by most professionals does not mean that they are generally the better choice. It is true that the CFDs have significantly more options to improve the chances of winning and the level of profit through good decisions, but it also means that these decisions are made with the appropriate security must be taken. A bad decision would accordingly lead to a decrease in profit expectations, so that beginners here can also make more mistakes.

How can you spend a minute?

It is not necessary to stay with one trading variant for life

Although we advise you not to trade binary options and CFD permanently in parallel, but to commit to one of the two trading variants to fully focus on and maximize profit, but that does not mean that traders are committed to this financial instrument for a long time and a one-time decision for binary options or CFD sets the course for trading once and for all.

Trading in financial products is a fast-moving business and both the market, as well as the personal requirements of the trader can change, which may then happen makes the switch to another financial product sensible. Many professional traders have already gone through several financial instruments before they have arrived at their current trading variant.

The binary options represent a typical entry for beginners, because they are the easiest-to-use financial instrument and can already be traded with a small balance. Since they get along without leverage, there is also no obligation to make additional payments, which offers beginners additional security, since errors only affect the credit on the trading account, but not can affect entire existence. Many professional traders have also come to the binary options trading. Most switch with increasing knowledge and success to more complex financial instruments such as CFDs. Here they can have more influence on the probability of winning and thus make better use of their extensive specialist knowledge. But even with CFDs, traders do not have to linger for life. A typical further path for a professional trade career is, for example, the switch to futures, where a significantly higher capital must already exist, which many professionals have done before on their route via binary options and CFD.

The route shown is only one example of many different options. If the conditions are better for you personally with another financial instrument, you should not shy away from a change. Each trading variant has its own special features, which you should also deal with extensively before you invest money in a new trading variant. Luckily, newcomers do not have to learn trade from scratch, because the individual financial instruments also have a lot in common and whoever understands the market and is always interested in new information change to a variant that is currently more suitable for him without any major difficulties.

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Binary Options or CFD 2020 - Which is Better?

Money management is important for successful trading

No matter whether you choose binary options, CFDs or another financial instrument: An overview of the capital available for trading and responsible handling with all variants is important if the trade is not a gamble but should be successful in the long term.

a total loss for speculative forms of investment such as CFD or binary options As exclusive, professional traders, however, reduce the risk through consistent money management. This means that the stakes are not simply selected according to feeling, but always depend on the available chapter and are not arbitrarily changed by the trader. The lower the stake compared to the total capital, the lower the risk of losing the entire trading balance.

For many traders, the limit is 5%: You use a maximum of 5% of your total credit at once. Losses therefore only affect a small part of the capital and can usually be well compensated for. If the capital decreases, for example because the user has to accept some trades at a loss or because he has paid something out, the stake must also be adjusted so that it again amounts to a maximum of 5% of the total balance.

The 5% mentioned are an example. If you want to take less risk, you can only put 1-2% of the total credit. If you only trade with a small capital, you should look for a broker for the appropriate money management, with whom small bets are also possible.

For binary ones It is sufficient to choose the bet in relation to the total credit. With CFDs, on the other hand, you should also work with a stop loss function, since otherwise money management can be ineffective and you could possibly make losses that exceed your self-imposed limits.

Binary options difference CFD

Which form of trading you ultimately decide on depends primarily on your preferences and your character from. Of course, one could say that all traders have to behave professionally and personal inclinations have no place in professionally executed financial trading, but the reality clearly shows that every trader has his own character, which cannot be permanently suppressed even when trading .

Most professionals end up sooner or later with CFDs, because these are somewhat more demanding and offer more options than the binary options. It is up to you whether you start directly with CFDs or choose the way via the binary options. If you want to start trading as soon as possible, binary options are probably the better decision, because they can be quickly understood and used. Nevertheless, you should of course not neglect that good specialist knowledge is required to trade binary options with long-term success. If you are always very interested in relationships and would like to find out more before you start something, it could also be a good option for you to directly with CFDs start. Here you will need significantly longer than with the binary options until you can use the trading software smoothly and after a good analysis can place your own trades. You will receive a financial instrument with which you can use the full possibilities of the market and not just individual selected aspects. With the lever you can move large amounts of money with CFDs. However, always be aware of the high risk of the obligation to make additional payments and take appropriate protective measures, such as consistent trading with the Stop Loss function.

Binary Options or CFD 2020 - Which is Better?

Conclusion: Binary options are easier to learn - CFDs offer more options

Which financial instrument you use to start online trading is up to you personally and depends to a large extent on yours 131>Preferences and Goals. Many traders get started with binary options, as these are easy to learn. However, it is unfortunately often forgotten that despite the simple structure of the binary options a lot of knowledge and discipline is required in order to be successful in the long term. Many beginners are looking for quick money and forget that binary options are a high-risk investment form with great variance and that total loss threatens at any time. Without solid risk management, the loss of the deposit is almost inevitable here.

CFDs are more complex, which is why it is a lot more difficult for beginners is to familiarize yourself with the operation of the trading platform and a first trading strategy and to place the first good trades. Here more commitment and interest in theory is required than when trading binary options. Even with CFDs, beginners can find a good start if they are not in a hurry and learn the more extensive theory first with a demo account before they are real Risk money. A problem with many brokers is the obligation to make additional payments, because it makes the already high risk unmanageable. Here, beginners should apply strategies that certainly limit the losses to a predetermined level, for example trading with the Stop Loss Order.

Regardless of whether you opt for binary options or CFD: With both financial instruments, is at risk of high losses and it the complete deposit can be lost. There are also differences among brokers, because not all providers work exclusively with serious methods. So be very careful when choosing a broker and compare the different conditions. Before you register with an online broker, please read the general terms and conditions carefully and only agree to them if there is no reference to dubious business practices.

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