Binary Options Fraud 2020 - Find Out Now!

Are binary options scams 2020: how reputable are the providers? Risk of over-the-counter trading in the current test Inform now & trade BO.

Binary option advertising is often criticized by consumer protection as dubious and misleading. In fact, unfortunately, at the moment it is increasingly to be seen that the positive aspects of the binary options are emphasized and are sometimes exaggerated, while the dangers, such as the complete loss of the deposit, downplayed or not even mentioned. But is that why all brokers are fraudsters or is it also possible to trade binary options seriously and perhaps also to make a good profit?

We have in the following article intensively and objectively dealt with the criticism of fraud and would like to show our readers how they can detect binary options fraud and against dubious providers and unnecessary losses Protect.

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Whether binary options are fraud depends on the broker

Binary options are not always automatically dubious. Many brokers are overseen by the world's strictest regulators and have to comply with high regulations. On the other hand, there are of course always dubious providers, so that a fraud is quite possible. Traders should therefore be very careful when looking for a suitable broker. The providers are not all equally reliable and some newcomers have fallen for dubious promises from bad brokers and lost a lot of money.

It helps to protect yourself from one Entry into binary options trading to provide comprehensive information about the different brokers. On the Internet there are many reviews by customers who report on their trading experience. However, caution is also required here: Some brokers also use the customer reviews, which can actually be given on independent portals, as advertising strategy. The positive review allegedly written by a customer was then commissioned by the broker. During our research, we even found hidden advertising from several providers in a binary options scam forum. So if a review is overly positive, potential customers should also question.

Binary Options Fraud 2020 - Find Out Now!

Only a few traders can continuously book profits

Binary options are considered a good entry for beginners into the world of foreign exchange trading, but not all traders are successful. The majority make losses in the long term when trading binary options, while only a small number of customers can make a profit permanently. This is also the case with brokers with a good reputation, where binary options can be traded seriously. Many beginners approach the trade with exaggerated expectations and often overestimate themselves. This quickly leads to losses, because an iron discipline and a constantly up-to-date comprehensive specialist knowledge are essential for lasting commercial success.

But also the professional ones Traders take a high risk, because binary options are a highly speculative form of financial trading, so that larger losses must be expected at any time, because within in a very short time the entire deposit will be lost. Professionals try to protect themselves from this with risk management, in which only small parts of the total credit are invested in each trade. However, due to the high volatility there is no absolutely secure protection against the risk, so that investors should always be aware that they are their capital Expose to high risk.

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The risk of over-the-counter trading

Binary options are not traded on a stock exchange, but rather through so-called over-the-counter trading. This means that here there is no intermediary, but the transaction is concluded directly between buyer and seller. This has the advantage, among other things, that there are no costs for the exchange and trading is therefore significantly cheaper than if, for example, shares or commodities were traded. There are also hardly any time restrictions, because over-the-counter trading is not tied to the opening times of the respective stock exchange and can therefore be operated around the clock and seven days a week by many providers , However, there is also a clear disadvantage, because in most cases the broker appears as a counterpart in trading. As a so-called market maker, the prices are specified by the broker. Manipulations are therefore quite possible, because the broker could manipulate the prices in such a way that he wins significantly more trades than his customers. Such a manipulation does not take place with reputable providers, because they usually secure their trading transactions through an opposite trade with another provider, so that the result has no influence on the broker's profit. Dubious brokers, on the other hand, could see an opportunity here to significantly increase their profit.

Again, it is easy to see that the question "Are binary options fraudulent?" not a blanket answer, because it always depends on the broker and his intentions.

Binary Options Fraud 2020 - Find Out Now!

Not all losses are due to fraud

Anyone who has ever looked for himself on the Internet after fraudulent cases involving binary options, will also become acquainted with numerous contributions from traders who have lost their entire deposit. Often the providers are accused of binary options fraud, but this only applies in a few cases. As a rule, such losses can be attributed to the fact that traders started trading with misconceptions and misjudged the risks.

Without appropriate risk management When trading with binary options, the deposit can be completely lost within minutes. Although the high profits so often advertised by brokers are possible, this includes a lot of luck. Lasting success with binary options is also only possible with extensive specialist knowledge.

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How they earn Binary Options Brokers

Each binary options broker has slightly different trading conditions, but most providers do not charge trading fees. The broker's earnings result from the differences between the payout for a won trade and the loss if the trader was wrong with his tip. On average, approx. per customer 50% of trades won. However, since the broker does not pay 100% of the stake as a profit, but with most providers 80 - 90%, the broker makes a profit here because he pays less money for profits than he does through the Losses.

By trading without additional fees, it is relatively easy for customers to calculate the cost of trading. They can also calculate what percentage of the trades must be won so that this broker can trade profitably in the long term. The lower this number, the better the conditions regarding the costs with this broker.

Since the brokers the continuous and good due to the difference between the costs for a lost trade and the payout for a won trade Make a profit, reputable providers have no need to cheat. They offer binary options seriously, which is also confirmed by the positive reviews of many customers.

Binary Options Fraud 2020 - Find Out Now!

The legal requirements when trading

To in To be able to legally offer Germany binary options, the broker must have a valid license. This does not necessarily have to be issued by the German BaFin, but can also come from another recognized regulatory authority in the country of the broker's headquarters.

The legal requirements for protection the customer and prevention of money laundering must be observed. For example, verification is required at the latest before the first payment, often immediately after registration. This is to ensure that the information on registration was correct and that nobody can log on with a false identity. For verification purposes, a copy of the ID card and a proof of address are usually sent to the broker's customer service.

Income from binary options gains are taxable. However, it is not necessary to tax every single trade won, it is sufficient to state the total profits with the next tax return when paying out.

For German customers it is in compliance with the applicable laws possible to trade binary options seriously and legally. Even if the state has an eye on which brokers offer their services to German customers, traders should also ensure that the provider they have chosen adheres to the regulations . Therefore, read the general terms and conditions of a broker carefully before registering with them. Many dubious providers have borderline clauses that make it better to look around for another provider.

Check the conditions for bonus promotions

Some brokers lure with additional credit, which new customers receive when they register. This is basically a good offer, which is not only used by beginners, but above all also by the more experienced traders. However, it also applies here that the brokers generally conceal the disadvantages or only mention them in passing. For all bonus promotions there are normally conditions, before which it is not possible to pay out the bonus credit. This must be invested in trades many times before it can be withdrawn. If a withdrawal is requested before the trader has fulfilled the bonus conditions, the bonus expires and all profits made with it. The customer is encouraged not to pay out credit but to continue trading in order to be able to pay out the bonus. The bonus offer thus fulfilled its purpose for the broker: The trader trades more than he would under normal circumstances and naturally also generates income for the broker. If the conditions for a payment of the bonus are finally fulfilled, the broker has made so much earnings by trading that the bonus can easily be carried.

That the deposited money up If fulfillment of the bonus conditions is of course also lost for many customers and therefore there is no payment of the bonus, of course will be for the consistently positive bonus offers concealed. Therefore, only use such a bonus if you wanted to deposit the money anyway and consider the bonus as a welcome additional offer. But never be encouraged to deposit more due to a bonus offer than you can easily do without, because the risk of a total loss is very high when trading binary options even with a bonus.

Binary Options Fraud 2020 - Find Out Now!

Conclusion: A deposit should only be made with absolutely reputable online brokers

Binary options have a special appeal for beginners, because trading is easy to learn and high profits are possible. However, all interested new customers should be aware that this is not a secure form of investment, but highly speculative financial transactions. Losing the deposit is not unlikely and can come very quickly. Therefore, you should only deposit money that can be dispensed with without problems and is not needed for other purposes.

To avoid binary options fraud, the choice of broker should be included done wisely. Pay attention to safe regulation by an EU authority and inform yourself about experiences of other customers with this broker. To keep the risk low, it is best to choose a provider with a low minimum deposit and not invest too much money. Before making a deposit, be sure to read the general terms and conditions of the broker and check whether there are any specifications that suggest a possible binary option fraud. Although trading with reputable providers is not free of risk, here, at least in the case of a win, the payment is guaranteed.

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